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Herblore/potions quality of life

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Yo, guys so on discord there has been a couple of suggestions around potion making so I thought I would add some of those ideas and some of my own ideas to the forums incase not everyone is on discord while hasn't seen them.

Especially as an Ironman I know that potions are one of the biggest bottlenecks in game. You can spent hours collecting ingredients for potions like brews, restore and ovls etc for them all to be used up in no time bossing. So here are a couple of suggestions that will hopefully help take a little bit of the pain out of the grind.

1) it's been suggested a couple of times for a secondary ingredient shop to be added. Personally my suggestion for this could be to add both herb random crates and secondary ingredients random crates and possibly other skilling random crates to the slayer point shop.as We know apart from skipping and cancelling tasks slayer points don't have any use. The crates woodwork simply by purchasing them from the rewards tab from a slayer master and then opening them and getting a random selection of different tier items.

2) having an NPC (Bob) being able to decant 4 dose potions. This is something I seen on discord being suggested recently it's not something I have personally had an issue with but I can see this would be annoying if you use potion flasks.

3) being able to pay an NPC (Bob) a sum of money to make unfinished potions for you. To balance this the cost would be high but worth it. As an Ironman making a buttload of unfinished potions to then have to make a buttlaod of Sara brews just to go bossing in a pain. 

4) again on discord I have seen it suggest to increase the timer on ovls to 7mins. This is not my suggestion it would be nice I guess but would not be upset if it was not added.

5) quick idea I just had would be to add the skilling reward create (suggestions 1) to mini games. I know pest control already have something similar but I feel the rewards when I tried buying where pretty underwhelming. So even I buff would be nice but I overhaul would be better . 

Would do you guys think about these suggestions?  

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1) A secondaries resource shop & a slayer shop for slayer points would be pretty decent additions. :). Theres already a npc to mix poison for oyu and you can use 4 dose for anything as for 2). as for 3. may be considered in the future :). 4) Not happening. Overload time boost is part of onyx rank benefits.

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