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Hello everybody, i just made a forums Q & A (Questions & Answers) this guide will helps you with using the forum


*Question: I have a weak password and i want to change it, how? 

Answer: You have to click on the arrow next to your name in the top of the forums page, and then click on "Account settings, after that click on "Password" 




Make sure to make your password unique and strong! 


* Question: I can't login into my in-game account, it says error, what should i do? 

Answer: You can fix your problem by trying this ways: 

1- Delete your client cache and re-download it 

2- Re-download java 

3- Try using a chrome when you download the client 


* Question: My in-game account got banned, how can i solve that? 

Answer: You have to make an appeal in Here and you have to wait at least 24 hours to get a reply on it! 


* Question: I saw a bug/glitch in-game and i want to report it but how? 

Answer: First thing make sure to not tell anyone else about it only admin+ about the glitch and then you have to report it in Here


* Question: Someone has broke one of the rules, how i can report him/her? 

Answer: Report him/her by making a thread in Here


* Question: Where can i see our rules? 

Answer: Click Here make sure to read the rules very well!


* Question: I have a problem and i need a help, where should i post/ask?

Answer: You can message one of the online staff members or you can make a thread in Here


* Question: How can i upload a picture into my thread/post? 

Answer: You can use "Tinypic" to upload a picture 





* Question: How can i add a link to the word? 

Answer: You can copy the link and then click on this: 2v0lvro.png 

And then paste it: 11ca9zb.png


* Question: How do i mention someone in my post/thread? 

Answer: @ name of the player (without any space ;) ) for example @Alpha









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