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Onyx Update #77: Extreme mode updates, Infinity ring, PvM and QoL

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April 13th, 2019


Hey guys ;) Hope everyone's doing alright :) 

It is my pleasure to present you the patch notes for today's update. It includes a new ring, Extreme mode updates, PvM and Quality of life updates. Hope you enjoy!


New ring : Infinity ring



  1. This new ring combines the stats of all imbued versions of DKS rings/wildy rings/ring of suffering. It is not craftable yet but get grinding on these rings to be ready for next update ;) 


    Extreme mode update

    1. Extreme mode players can now trade with other players ! Will make the whole grinding/trading much easier on that mode overall ;)


    PvM updates

    1. Increased the drop rate from Theatre of Blood reward chest.


    Quality of life updates

    1. Stealing creation tools now give 3x more bonus xp than they previously did for extreme/ironman mode.
    2. Switched Dwarf cannon to use highest attack bonus instead of just range accuracy.
    3. Added noted jugs of water at Donator zone survival expert store.
    4. Added noted battle staves to the Varrock Staff store.
    5. Added noted uncut diamonds to Callisto drop table (they were unnoted previously)
    6. Added amulet of accuracy to the NPC in Wizard Tower.


    Bug fixes

    1. Fixed a glitch at Nomad when both the player and him died at the same time.
    2. Herb boxes from Dominion Tower can now be opened.
    3. Fixed a bug when creation looters soul amulet.
    4. Fixed picture herbs from Pest Control.
    5. Game filter no longer filters important stuff.
    6. "The creature infests you with its toxic message" from Polypore dungeon creatures can now be filtered.
    7. Fixed Zamorak Godsword special attack. It now only uses 50% spec and received a damage buff as it did in OSRS.
    8. Fixed typos in the teleport interface.
    9. Fixed ring of life effect - it will now teleport you to Falador Castle should your health reach 10%.
    10. Fixed a bugged clue.



    1. Added a new "Helper" role for new Staff applicants. This new role will have less permissions than Support ranks.
    2. Improved Support and Moderators commands.
    3. Added wings of wealth and infinity jewelry to mystery boxes.
    4. A new combat dummy pet will be awarded to our Top Donator for the past month aka Broskii. Enjoy it man ;)


    Stay tuned for our Easter event coming up next week ! And as always, have a good time on Onyx :) 

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