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Events of the week - March 25th to March 31st

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March 18th to March 24th 

Hey guys ;)


Down below you'll find our scheduled events for this week, as found on our discord in the #events channel.


  • Monday 25th March : Stealing Creation hosted by Extremebtw at 5 pm EST
  • Tuesday 26th March : Pest Control hosted by Han at 7 pm EST
  • Wednesday 27th March : Bandos mass hosted by Monk Bird at 4 pm ESTT 
  • Thursday 28th March : Dungeoneering floors hosted by Alpha at 4 pm EST
  • Friday 29th March : 3v3 PvP hosted by Blackmarket at 4 pm EST - thread here
  • Saturday 30th March : Theatre of Blood hosted by Michelle at 4 pm EST
  • Sunday 31st March : Boss Bonanza hosted by Alpha at 4 pm EST


Hope you all enjoy ;) and feel free to leave feedback here and/or on discord/ingame.

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