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Skilling/Boss pets bonuses

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Hey guys ;)


Due to common request you'll find down below a guide listing all the buffs from our PvM/skilling pets. Please note that the bonuses only apply when the pets are following you.


Hope it helps you out!


Skilling pets

Heron 10% bonus Fishing experience

Baby chinchompa 10% bonus Hunter experience

Beaver 10% bonus Woodcutting experience

Rift guardian 10% bonus Runecrafting experience

Rock golem 10% bonus Mining experience

Rocky 10% bonus Thieving experience

Tangleroot 10% bonus Farming experience

Phoenix eggling 10% bonus Firemaking experience


PvM pets

Venenatis spiderling +2% Drop rate

Vet'ion Jr. +2% Drop rate

Scorpia's offspring +2% Drop rate

Callisto cub +2% Drop rate

Corporeal Critter +3% Drop rate

Nomad pet 4% Drop rate

Galvek +3% Drop rate

Onyx boss +5% Drop rate

General Graardor Jr. +2 Strength

Zilyana Jr. +3 Magic / +1 Prayer

Kree Arra Jr. +3 Range / +1 Range Strength / +1 Prayer

K'ril Tsutsaroth Jr. +3 Stab / +3 Slash / +1 Prayer

Kalphite Princess +1 to all Attack bonuses

Baby Mole +1 Strength

Pet Dagannoth Supreme +3 Range

Pet Dagannoth Prime +3 Magic

Pet Dagannoth Rex +3 Stab / +3 Slash / +3 Crush

Nexterminator +3 to all Attack bonuses / +2 Melee strength / +1 Range strength / +1 Prayer

Tz Rek Jad None

Shrimpy +1 to all Defence bonuses

Jal-nib-rek (Inferno) +1 to all Attack bonuses / +1 to all Defence bonuses

Queen Black Dragonling +2 Range strength

Prince Black Dragon Permanent Super Antifire

Vorki 5% bonus Slayer xp

Lil'Zik +2 Melee strength / +1 Range strength / +2 Prayer

Pet Snakeling 5% bonus Slayer experience

Hellpuppy 5% bonus Slayer experience

Pet Kraken 5% bonus Slayer experience

Hydra pet To be added

Barrows pets To be added

Wolpertinger pet Increases coin drops by 10%

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