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Theatre of Blood Event

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Mass Boss Event: Raids


 The Onyx Staff team will be hosting a Raids event with the teams being picked by staff members. Raids Event will occur on Wednesday, March the 20th at 5pm Server time (EST).  This event is taking place to teach everyone who does not know how to complete the Theatre of Blood, as well as provides a drop boost while looting the chests afterwards.

Gear Used for Raids 2 requires all 3 combat styles. (Ancients for magic.)

Recommended: Max Combat, 95+ Prayer (Curses), and Barrows+ Gear (Not required).

Reward: 15% extra drop rate for the teams who participate in the raids event

Hope to see you all there!

Omega's Gear Setup:


5c0199c40fc40_Capturedcran2018-11-3021_09_36.png.0ca83cd32cba48818351915a4d38dc5e.png          5c0199c255ea1_Capturedcran2018-11-3021_09_43.png.8cab7f806885085ba2bbefef6e141ee3.png

Aura is supreme sharpshooter but vampirism/lower sharpshooter is fine

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