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Kraken Guide

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Kraken Guide by Pvm M4st4


Kraken is a larger and stronger version of the Crave Kraken and can be found at the Kraken Cove. It can only be attacked by players with 87 slayer or above. 

The Cave Kraken is known for dropping the Kraken tentacle that can be added to an abyssal whip in order to create a Tentacle whip, it also drops the Trident of the seas. 

The Kraken is very weak to Magic, even though it uses Magic as its attack style. It is highly resistant to Ranged and immune to Melee, due to the fact that it cannot be reached by Melee attacks. Due to these mechanics, Magic is the recommended way to kill the Kraken effectively.


Recommended skills:

75+ Magic-icon

87+ Slayer-icon

75+ Defence-icon

80+ Hitpoints-icon


Recommended Gear:

NOTE: The better the magic weapon or spell you use the faster you will kill the boss. 

You can choose to go with a high magic defence setup or a high magic attack setup. A good magic defence setup is recommended

Also keep in mind that it is recommended to bring a bow and arrows when awakening the Kraken. 

These setups are only examples of what type of gear you can use when killing Kraken. 


 Cheap magic attack version:                                             Expensive magic attack version:




 Cheap magic defence version:                                          Expensive magic defence version:




Also note that the ring of recoil would have been replaced by a Seer's ring but at at the making of this guide i did not have one. 


Inventory setup:



It is recommended to bring 1 (4) dosed Magic or Extreme magic potion.

1-3 (4) dosed Prayer potions (Depending on how many kills you can get in one trip).

Or 1-2 (4) dosed Prayer Potions 1 (4) dosed Prayer renewal potion. 

Runes to cast spells against the Kraken (unless using Trident of the seas - Kraken  or Toxic Trident - Zulrah



Keep in mind: Your inventory setup is optional and i suggest you try out different ones to find out which suits you the most. 



Getting there:

The fairy ring code a k q will bring the player just east of the Cove - Here's a link for non-donors on how to get the dramen staff in order to use the fairy ring (CLICK HERE).



Using a Piscatoris teleportscroll (Obtained from clue scrolls) - After using the teleport simply run south-west to the Kraken cove. 


















Once inside simply walk north and enter the crevice to reach the location for the boss fight. 




The Fight:

To start the fight, the four whirlpools around it must be disturbed; this will release a level 112 Enormous Tentacle, which attacks with Magic.



When all four whirlpools are disturbed, the larger one can be disturbed, which will result in the Kraken popping out. Both the Kraken and its tentacles attack with magic; the Kraken can hit hard, but often misses, while the tentacles are much more accurate but deal less damage. 


Be aware: Protect from Magic does not reduce any damage the minion tentacles deal to you (nor does it reduce their accuracy). However it does protect you from the main boss attacks. Soul split is a good addition with high level gear to use in order to heal yourself up against the damage taken from the boss and its minions. 

Fighting the boss itself is fairly easy since it has no special mechanics to be afraid of. However it is recommended to keep your health above 40 at all times. 


This guide should be enough to prepare you for the ultimate Kraken experience.

Good luck with your kills and enjoy the loot. 


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