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Onyx Update #75: Aerial fishing, Wings of wealth, Onyx Blood scythe, QoL and more!

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March 12th 2019

Hey guys ;) Hope everyone's doing alright :) 

It is my pleasure to present you the patch notes for today's update. It brings a couple of new features / quality of life features and bug fixes!


New activity : Aerial fishing




  1. This new fishing/hunter activity requires a minimum level of 43 Fishing and 35 Hunter. Players can hunt for various fish and salamanders with a Cormorant, much like Falconry where players hunt kebbits with a gyr falcon.
  2. This new activity features a handful of cosmetics such a fishing net and a brand new fishing set.
  3. Obtaining the full set is now a completionist cape requirement.



New item : Wings of wealth


Capture d’écran 2019-03-12 à 22.14.05.png


  1. These new wings, obtainable on our webstore in the form of an aura, will give you 10% extra drop rate when equipped (provided the aura also is activated - it has no cool down) and +5 prayer bonus.


New item : Onyx Blood scythe




  1. This new weapon is an upgraded version from the Scythe of Vitur. It features a 30% boost to all accuracy stats and a +5 strength bonus. You may also obtain the blood gem from the Onyx boss (very rare chance).


Donator store updates


  1. Added twisted buckler to the shields section on our store for $20.
  2. Lowered Avernic defender's price to $65.
  3. Lowered Arcane Spirit Shield's price to $50. 


Quality of life updates


  1. Changed the respawn tile so that finding gravestone is more obvious.
  2. Added a bonus agility xp multiplier on agile top and legs - 1% bonus experience for each of them, 3% if both are worn.
  3. Berserker necklace now buffs the Elder maul's stats - it was a pretty underused weapon not on par with the chaotic maul counterpart.
  4. Added ;;prices command that directs you to our price guide.
  5. Flowers can now be planted at home.
  6. Added coins / tokkul / Numulite collection to ring of wealth.
  7. Increased Squeal of Fortune cash rewards.
  8. Increased corrupt gear timer from 15 mins to 1 hour of wearing and non corrupt from 1 hour of combat to 3 hours of combat.
  9. Skotizo altars now spawn a bit slower.
  10. Should you donate/obtain a fire/kiln/inferno cape from our store you will be awarded 1 killcount for the corresponding mingiame. Please note that this effect will not stack (therefore still needing to kill 2 more for the trim completionist cape requirement).
  11. Improved spec orb to match latest osrs update.
  12. Added barbarian fishing teleport to ;;tp.


Bug fixes


  1. Fixed Hydra dungeon issue. The slayer requirements for all monsters now work as intended.
  2. Fixed the amount of dragon thrownaxes and dragon knives dropped by hydras.
  3. Disabled the vip shop for ironmen.
  4. Moved ;;smithing to the Edgeville furnace (which now also has an anvil) and ;;wilds layer to the right place.
  5. Made interface drop rate easier to read and fixed drop rate for hardcore ironmen (from 120% to 125%)
  6. Removed the School Girl from the Axe Hut in Wilderness, don’t ask me how she got there.
  7. Fixed the VIP Portal, allowing you to now travel around the world of Onyx once again!
  8. Fixed the Godwars teleport commands.
  9. You may now use lamps to gain construction experience!
  10. Fixed Corporeal Beast - it should properly eat your summoning familiars. Yum!
  11. Added Hosidious house cooking benefit to work anywhere in Vip Zone (5% chance of successfully cooking a raw fish/meat).
  12. Fixed a couple of typos in the ;;tp interface.
  13. Fixed World Map water not to be green.
  14. Twisted buckler now appears in Grand Exchange.
  15. Fixed Blood Scythe wear position.
  16. Fixed annihilation attack speed.
  17. Fixed Saradomin priest attack animation.



I hope you all enjoyed this update, get grinding, there’s new items to obtain!

See you all In-Game!

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