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Trivia Answers Guide

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Posted (edited)

Hi all.

As you may be aware, there's a trivia chat announcement that appears once every hour or so. Here's a list of the questions along with their answers. You gotta type ::answer (answer)  to solve it. The fastest person among all to answer will be grant the reward.

Good luck !


What is the name of the website for our forums? Onyxftw

What monster can you hunt at level 77? Grenwall

How many sites can you vote on to receive vote points? 5

What is the most powerful melee weapon? Annihilation

What is the lowest you can roll on a dicebag? 1

What combat level is the World Boss? 2760

What is the name of the blue dragon boss? Vorkath

What is the name of the Spider Boss within the wilderness? Venenatis

Who helped Zio construct the VIP Zone? Monkbird

Who is the Owner and Developper of Onyx? Dragonkk

What boss drops the trident of the seas? Kraken

What is the primary color of our forums? Red

Who was the first person to reach 5 billion xp on Legendary difficulty? Omega

What is the highest level slayer master available on Onyx? Kuradel

What minigame have teams that consist of Zamorak and Saradomin? Castle Wars

What drops the primordial crystal? Cerberus

What is the name of our worldboss? Onyx

What is the name of the dark beast boss in the Theatre of Blood? Sotetseg

How much exp do you need to achieve 120 in a skill (round to the nearest million)? 104m

What is the best melee cape in-game? Infernal

How many spins do you get per day if you're a diamond donator? 5

Who is the Co-Owner of Onyx? Zio

What is Zio's favorite color partyhat? Purple

What drops the Royal Crossbow? Queen Black Dragon

How many waves are there in the Inferno? 69

How many different potions do you need to make an overload? 5

How many different staff member icons do we have on Onyx? 3

How many offensive spells are there in the ancients spellbook? 20

Which boss drops the Divine sigil? Corporeal beast

What is the top donator rank on Onyx? Onyx

What is the rarest and most expensive partyhat on our server? Black partyhat

What is the best mage weapon on Onyx? Kodai Wand

What is the name of the wilderness boss that randomly spawns throughout the day? Galvek

How many mini-quests do we have on Onyx? 5

Who is our Graphics Designer? Central

What minigame allows you to obtain swift gloves? Dominion Tower

What level do you need to craft an amulet of fury? 90

What is the best ranged weapon in the game? Twisted bow

What summoning level do you need to summon a pack yak? 96

What chaotic weapon on Onyx is the fast hitting? Chaotic rapier

How many different color flowers are available from mithril seeds? 9

How many dungeoneering tokens do you need to buy a chaotic weapon? 2000000 (2m)

What is the name of the altar that allows you to switch to any spellbook? Altar of the occult

What fantasy monster is presented on our client background? Dragon

How many skills do we have on Onyx? 25

What is the command to get to our gambling zone? ::dice

Who is our Top Donator? Dropsrs

What monster drops Dragon Claws? Tormented Demon

What agility level do you need to access the advanced gnome course? 85

What is Zulrah's signature ranged weapon drop? Toxic Blowpipe

What boss drops torva, pernix and virtus? Nex

What does PK stand for? Player Killing

How many pieces arein the Jusiticiar armour set? 3

What is the name of the last boss in the Theatre of Blood? Lady Verzik

What is the name of the NPC that runs the vote point shop? Robin

What stall can you pickpocket at home if you have 60 thieving? Ruby

What spellbook has barrage on it? Ancient

When was Onyx officially released? September 23rd 2017

How many loyalty points do you need to buy a whip? 300

Which wilderness demi-boss has two phases? Vet'ion


Thanks for consulting this thread and feel free to notify me if I'm wrong in any answer/questions.


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(top donator)

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Posted (edited)

Very nice, easy to read, and clean guide. Thanks you for making this, Summer.

Edited by Demeta

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