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Monk Bird

Theater of Blood! [Raids class 101]

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Hello onyx, and welcome to raid school 101 where I, Professor Bird, will be instructing players on how to do raids with the help of a few experienced raiders!

Ok cringe aside; Let's do more raids. I have spoken to a few about your thoughts on raiding and understand that some people may feel overwhelmed that there are six individual bosses that have fully working mechanics similar to the live game and don't want to "hold anyone back" or "get in the way" 

I want you all to know that no one will be toxic to you for making mistakes as you learn, I made a munch myself and learned to do raids 2 from this server. 

Have I died on every boss? Multiple times but you do get more experience and we can teach you through our discord voice chat or type in game. Gear setups and inventory explained in more detail when you attend. 

I hope see new faces there, as we will be hosting this on Friday, March 8 6pm EST (server time)


Seeya there!

-Monk Bird

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