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Official Onyx Commands List

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Hey everyone ;)

Down below you'll find our commands list. Hope it helps you out !


Interface Commands (All Players)

Spoiler: Shows Interfaces (in order listed)

  • ::tp - Opens Teleports Interface
  • ::train - Brings up Combat Teleports Interface
  • ::searchitem - Displays a list of NPCs that drop an item
  • ::bosskc - Opens your Boss KC interface
  • ::slayerkc Opens your Slayer KC interface
  • ::compcape Checks the Normal/Trim/Elite Completionist Cape requirements
  • ::empty Empties your Inventory (upon Confirmation)




::tp   image.png.32d62c9798009689ce422d8d14ea04d3.png


::train   image.png.393c2dc33cc8c6a95f06f9c184c607c2.png


::searchitem   image.png.efa91f80016a0cdfb980bf010e1874c4.png


::bosskc   image.png.e16c45cd287632a323931bf8163f8381.png


::slayerkc   image.png.867daa85050167abe70cdaaf0162070c.png


::compcape   image.png.63e6848f075117d6f54d4385479d5fd9.png


::empty   image.png.094bf2d60db3c9d3f018bf7132a406c0.png




Miscellaneous Commands (All Players)

  • ::home - Teleports to Edgeville, universally called "Home" on Onyx
  • ::prev - Teleports you to your previous teleport
  • ::thread "id"/ ::topic "id" Opens thread with corresponding ID (IE: ::thread 1506 would open this thread)
  • ::prices - Opens Price Guide (::thread 1044)
  • ::commands - Opens Commands List, which you are reading! (::thread 1506)
  • ::highscores - Opens Hiscores (Onyxftw.com > Hiscores)
  • ::vote Opens Voting Page (Onyxftw.com > Vote)
  • ::guides - Opens the Guides Section (Onyxftw.com > Forums > Home > Community > Guides)
  • ::events Opens the Events Section (Onyxftw.com > Forums > Home > Onyx Official > Events)
  • ::shl - Toggles x10/x100 HP/Prayers
  • ::sil - Toggles 07/pre-EoC item models
  • ::svl - Toggle Virtual Levels
  • ::pk / ::edge - Teleports you to the the Edgeville Wilderness Ditch
  • ::skull - Skulls You!
  • ::funpk - Teleports you to Clan Wars
  • ::event Teleports you to the active Event
  • ::worldboss Teleports you to World Boss chamber (nothing there if no Event active)
  • ::resetfarm - Clears your Farming Patches
  • ::derank Sets your Game Mode to an easier one
  • ::reward - Used to claim your Vote Tickets (after Voting on 3+ different sites)
  • ::switchnotifications Enables/Disables notifications for Events, Trivia, etc


Skilling Commands (All Players)

  • ::agility or ::agil Teleports you to Gnome Stronghold Course
  • ::cooking Teleports you to Zeah Clay Ovens (No +XP though)
  • ::construction Teleports you to House agent in Zeah
  • ::crafting Teleports you to Flax Field south of Seer's Village
  • ::farming or ::farmingpatch Teleports you to Ardougne Farming Patch
  • ::fishing Teleports you to Draynor Village fishing spot
  • ::mining Teleports you to East Varrock mining area
  • ::slayer Teleports you to Edgeville Slayer Masters
  • ::herblore - Teleports you to Poletax (Taverley Herblore guide)
  • ::hunter Teleports you to Ayleth Beaststalker (Taverley Hunter guide)
  • ::summoning Teleports you to Pikkupstix (Taverley Summoning guide)
  • ::task Teleports you to your task (if assigned by one of the first 3 Slayer Masters)
  • ::thieving Teleports you to Edgeville gem stalls
  • ::woodcutting or ::wc Teleports to the Woodcutting Guild entrance
  • ::smithing or ::smith Teleports to the Edgeville Furnace


PvM Commands (All Players)

  • ::corp - Teleports you to Corporeal Beast (Corp) bank
  • ::tob - Teleports you to Theatre of Blood (TOB) bank
  • ::tds - Teleports you northwest of the Tormented Demons (TD's) 
  • ::hydra - Teleports you to the Alchemical Hydra (Hydra) door
  • ::cerb - Teleports you outside Cerberus' Lair (Cerb)
  • ::kraken - Teleports you outside the Kraken's Cove (Kraken)
  • ::dks - Teleports you outside the Dagannoth Kings (DK's) entrance
  • ::qbd - Teleports you to outside the Queen Black Dragon (QBD) entrance
  • ::thehorde - Teleports you to The Horde minigame bank
  • ::nex Teleports you to Nex (GWD) bank 
  • ::bandos Teleports you to Bandos (GWD) bank
  • ::zamorak Teleports you to Zammy (GWD) bank
  • ::saradomin Teleports you to Saradomin (GWD) bank
  • ::armadyl Teleports you to Armadyl (GWD) bank


Donator Commands



  • ::dz Teleports you to Donator Zone
  • ::house Teleports you to your POH
  • ::yak Teleports you to the Yaks at Donator Zone
  • ::blueskin Changes your character's skin color to blue
  • ::yell Sends a Yell (global message) to the entire server



  • ::star - Teleports you to active Shooting Star event
  • ::eviltree - Teleports you to active Evil Tree event
  • ::greenskin Changes your character's skin color to GREEN



  • ::slayer Teleports you to Duradel/Kuradel
  • ::task Teleports you to tasks assigned by Duradel/Kuradel
  • ::redskin Changes your character's skin color to RED



  • ::vip Teleports you to VIP zone
  • ::whiteskin Changes your character's skin color to WHITE



  • ::goldskin Changes your character's skin color to GOLD
  • ::pinkskin Changes your character's skin color to PINK
  • ::blackskin Changes your character's skin color to BLACK
  • ::sz Teleports you to Staff Zone ("Courtroom")
  • ::sz2 Teleports you to Staff Zone ("Dance Floor")
  • ::sz3 Teleports you to Staff Zone ("Castle Wall")
  • ::sz4 Teleports you to Staff Zone ("Castle Roof")
  • ::odz Teleports you to Onyx portal in VIP Zone, which provides access to:




Other Teleportation Commands


We also have a unique feature on Onyx which allows you to teleport to any place listed in the ::tp interface by using "::name". Ie for teleporting to Varrock, simply type ::varrock as that's what is listed under cities teleports.

Capture d’écran 2019-10-13 à 15.40.34.png

Following that logic, to tp to say Seer's village you can use "::seer'svillage". Make sure to use the apostrophes when specified in the teleport's name, without spaces.

Capture d’écran 2019-10-13 à 15.40.09.png



Feel free to leave a reply/like if this guide has helped you and/or if you feel there are any improvements/info missing ! Thanks for your time and have fun on Onyx ;)



Edited by Soulgazer
added ::searchitem

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