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Official Onyx Commands List

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Hey everyone ;)

Down below you'll find our commands list. Hope it helps you out !


Skilling commands (all players):

::agility or ::agil Teleports to Tree Gnome Stronghold Course

::cooking Teleports to Zeah Cooking spot

::construction Teleports to House agent in Zeah

::crafting Teleports to flax field south of Seer's Village

::farming Teleports to farming patch north of Ardougne

::fishing Teleports to Draynor Village fishing spot

::herblore - Teleports to Taverley herblore shop

::hunter Teleports to Taverley hunting spot

::mining Teleports to East Varrock mining area

::slayer Teleports to first 3 slayer masters

::summoning Teleports to Taverley summoning guide

::task Teleports to your task (if assigned by one of the first 3 slay masters)

::thieving Teleports to men in Edgeville

::train - Lists training areas for combat

::woodcutting or ::wc Teleports to woodcutting Guild

::smithing or ::smith Teleports to Zeah smithing area


Miscellaneous commands (all players):

::tp - Opens teleports window

::home - Teleports to home

::shl - Toggles x10/x100 hitpoints/prayers

::sil - Toggles 07/pre EoC item looks

::svl - Toggle virtual levels

::guides - Opens the guides section on forums

::prices - Opens price guide thread on forums

::commands - Opens the commands list thread on forums (you're on it right now!)

::highscores - Opens highscores

::pk / ::edge - Teleports to the the Edgeville Wilderness ditch

::funpk - Teleports to Clan Wars

::event Teleports to the active event

::events Opens the events forums section

::worldboss Teleports to Onyx World boss

::bosskc - Opens your boss killcount

::slayerkc Opens your slayer killcount

::compcape Checks the completionist cape requirements

::empty Empties your inventory (2nd window confirmation)

::upgrade Sets your game mode to an easier one (Extreme > Ironman > Legendary > Hero)

::vote Opens the vote window 

::reward - Used to claim your vote rewards (after voting 2+ times)

::thread "id"/ ::topic "id" Opens thread with corresponding id consisting of numbers (the id for this thread is 1211 - can check in address bar, you could open it using ::thread 1211)

::searchitem Searches what monsters/bosses drop a certain item


Donator commands :

::dz Teleports you to donator zone (Sapphire +)

::yak Teleports you to the yaks at Donator Zone (Sapphire +)

::blueskin Changes your character skin color to blue (Sapphire +)

::yell Sends a yell message (Sapphire +)

::star - Teleports to active shooting star (Emerald +)

::eviltree - Teleports to active Evil tree (Emerald +)

::greenskin Changes your character skin color to green (Emerald +)

::slayer Teleports to Duradel/Kuradel (Ruby +)

::task Teleports to tasks assigned by Duradel/Kuradel (Ruby+)

::redskin Changes your character skin color to red (Ruby +)

::vip Teleports you to VIP zone (Diamond +)

::whiteskin Changes your character skin color to white (Diamond +)

::goldskin Changes your character skin color to gold (Onyx +)

::pinkskin Changes your character skin color to pink (Onyx +)

::blackskin Changes your character skin color to black (Onyx +)

::sz Teleports you to Staff zone (Onyx +)

::nex Teleports you to Nex bank (Onyx +)


Dungeoneering mode commands :

::overload - Spawns an overload

::curses - Switches your prayers to regulars/curses prayers



Feel free to leave a reply if I've forgotten any ;)

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