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Suggestions - September

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"Messages like these mean the suggestion has been answered \ added to upcoming updates."

"Messages like these mean the suggestion has been removed from the suggestion list."

"Messages like these have been added into the game."



1. Change \ add more dragons to the location of slayer tele for green dragons.

2. Change the thieveable stalls to be thieveable even if another user is thieving it at a different tick, user completes the animation but receives no loot \ exp.

3. Make it so you don't need inventory space to pick up coins with your coin pouch (unless in wilderness).


Edit One [11:33AM AEST] {02/03/2019}


4. Remove or move the strange old man from Verac's barrows hill.
[Messes attempting to click the spade and theres already one at the entrance.]

5. Make previous teleport a Right Click option for the Onyx Guide at Edgeville bank & for the Nexus Portal in the middle of Edgeville.
[Life Improving]

6. Give the option to block trivia \ answer questions from yell.
[Filtering game chat removes all announcements completely when some people would just rather it get rid of the spammed trivia \ answer messages.]

7. Change Grand Exchanges first interface to allow a first left click on item sale from the inventory. Also a button that could just immediately set the price to the Grand Exchange's auto buy price would be fancy.
[Life Improving]

8. Add sharks to ::fishing teleport and\or add them to Catherby's fishing area. Only current spot to fish sharks is fishing guild.

9. Reduce the event announcement from pets, shits annoying.

10. Fix tick damage when a pest control event ends (the damage dealt on the same tick as the game ending inflicts damage after the game, I have and others have died to this, not sure if it would remove a hardcores hardcore but I wouldn't doubt it.)

11. Remove teleport controls from Onyx Guide, the main way to teleport should be spellbook \ Nexus Portal. Nexus Guide should just be a guide for new players. 

12. Get rid of all options from the home tele in the spell book and just have it teleport home. 

13. Remove pest control completion yell announcements. 


Edit Two [7:47PM AEST] {08/03/2019}

14. Introduce "Attack Options" - Left click only, Right click all levels, etc.

15. Add a "Wildy Task Teleport" tablet as a rare drop from wildy monsters while they're a players slayer task. (rare)

16. Make pets that should be able to change colour, change colour. (example : giving a coloured ore to rock golem - turns into the ores colour.)

17. Colour each "Crushed" ruby, emerald, diamond, etc to their respected colour. 

18. Make thieveable items noteable (from the bank).

19. Introduce Brimstone keys, put a chest @ slayer masters and give all slayer monsters (on task) a chance at dropping each key. Keys can give similar drops as osrs, as in skilling supplies, dragon and rune items. Maybe some rarer items too.

Edit Three [9:55AM AEST] {09/03/2019}

20. Stop rune pouch announcing runes used as each spell is casted, instead just announce when there isn't enough runes left to cast the selected spell.

21. Make cast-able spells show up as cast-able in the spell tab even when the runes are in the rune pouch. (Currently doesn't show.)

22. Allow bank tabs to be move-able throughout the bank tabs. 

23. Introduce actual achievements \  (if this is something you'd take on-board I can make an entire list on beginner - intermediate - hard and elite achievements.)

Edit Four [5:12PM AEST] {09/03/2019}


24. Introduce bone crusher, can be bought with vote \ loyalty points \ donated for the same price as fighter torso \ earned from a quest. 

25. Give GodWars Wildy dungeon it's mark on the map. (Currently doesn't show up)

26. Add all aura examines, some just say what the item is, not what it does.

27. Add the option toggle show \ disable roofs

28. Show max hit at the bottom of the "Combat Styles" menu instead of in the quest tab.

29. Add in-game drop rate \ drop list (search \ ui).

30. Show how many players are in wilderness on quest tab.

31. Add treasure chest to home that you can add your cosmetic pieces into (mime set, princess set, etc.) Completeing each set can give a reward. (Similar to the Oldschool Runescape's home clue treasury.)

32. Make it possible to skip tasks instead of resigning them.

33. Add Blood Runes to mage bank shop \ Lunar Isle rune shop

34. Change "Your ring of wealth shines brightly" for items that are on the rare drop table to items that might be considered a deemed item to get. 


Edited by September

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On 01/03/2019 at 2:25 AM, Dragonkk said:

1. Will add 2 more green dragons. Black, blue & red are in different areas, not myth guild cave.

2. Done :). will be on next update.

3. Will look into it as well.


Updated! <3

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3 hours ago, September said:


Updated! <3

4. Not really too necessary as can just right click spade

5. Agreed

6. Trivia and ::type are not spammed as they are only broadcasted once per hour (for trivia) and once every 15-45 mins for ::type

7. Yea won't hurt

8. Agreed

9. Plans on it already I believe

10. Agreed

11. Only a few steps away but could be moved if people think its THAT necessary

12. Lodestones are quicker routes to specific places so would have to be a no for that + removing it doesn't really help anything so why remove it.

13. Not spammed too often and for those who log in recently see that PC games are running through those announcements (especially if the NPC ::event spam was reduced)

We always appreciate suggestions so thanks a ton (;

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3 hours ago, Phadedchaos said:

plox add a clue scroll hint thing for lazy people like me  :(


In-game cluescrolls are based off of osrs \ rs3 cluescrolls. You can easily just google the instructions the clue scroll gives and you can find out how to complete it.

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