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Corp Mass! [February 11th]

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Corporeal Beast Boss Mass!

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Alright its time to grind out some sigils on Monday, February 11th at 4pm EST.


Recommended Gear Setup:


Welfare Melee Gear Setup:

You can replace the Crystal Halberd with either a Dragon Spear or Guthans Warspear.


Welfare Range Gear Setup:


Recommended Inventory:

If you do not have a Dragon Warhammer replace it with a Bandos God Sword or just use Crystal Halberd special attack.



No Toxicity

Lootshare in the Onyx Friends Chat will be turned on.

Drops are FFA with lootshare. No complaining about who gets what drop.



Chances at the following rare drops : 

Holy Elixir

Divine Sigil

Arcane Sigil

Spectral Sigil

Elysian Sigil

Hope to see you there!


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