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Onyx Update #72: New ingame Donator store, Kebos Lowlands, Hcim fixes, New slay master and more!

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January 28th, 2019
Hello Everyone,
Hope you all are doing well, I am pleased to announce that we have updated the server today bringing you some pretty sweet new content. This weeks update brings a new ingame donator store, a new Zeah region (Kebos Lowlands), couple hcim fixes and much more!
New Ingame donator store & boxes rework : 
  1. This brand new store will replace our previous online store. You may access it by trading the donating guide at ;;shops and purchase the donator shards through our ;;store.
  2. Increased mystery boxes cash rewards for the lower tiers.
  3. Improved god boxes even further (no more god bows or illuminated books).
Zeah updates & new Kebos Lowlands:
  1. We have added the new Kebos Lowlands from Old School Runescape. Map below ;)
  2. The Zeah fairy rings are now also available.
  3. Added fog and musics to new Zeah maps.

Capture d’écran 2019-01-28 à 22.05.58.png
New Slayer Master:
  1. A new slayer master - Konar - has been added and can be found northeast of the farming guild teleport with skills necklace.


Capture d’écran 2019-01-28 à 23.25.21.png


    Quality of Life and Bug Fixes:
    1. Grotesque guardian and Godwars teleports now function as intended.
    2. The ;;task teleport command has been fixed for the green dragon task.
    3. Hastas/spears/lances now give correct xp (shared / defensive).
    4. Deaths in Theatre of Blood now affect your drop chance (individually).
    5. Added Farming guild tp to skill neck + support for over 5 options to item teleports.
    6. Lucky items are now on tradeable on ge, renamed to end with item name + (d) from donated instead.
    7. Added a zenyte stall at level 99 thieving. It can be found at home next to the onyx one.
    8. Added ectophial and drakan's medaillon to Fidelio at ;;shops.
    9. Added barbarian rod under barbarian's bed.
    10. Crashed star stardust cap has been doubled, meaning you can expect double rewards from it ;)
    11. Evil tree cash rewards are now trippled.
    12. Fixed slayer master assigning boss tasks you dont have the level for.
    13. Increased crystal chest coin rewards & made them more common.
    14. Barrow/vote/blood shops now show item prices on interface.
    15. Logging out / teleporting away no longer resets damage dealt to npc.
    Hardcore ironman updates:
    1. Random events now happen during combat.
    2. Theatre of Blood is now unsafe for hardcores.


    Other updates:
    1. Added coupon support to store.
    2. Replaced login screen music with osrs classic one.
    3. Added Dragon hasta / Dragon hunter lance / Dragon knives.
    4. You can now poison Dragon hasta & Dragon knives.
    5. Added brimstone ring / brimstone boots.
    6. Added ferocious gloves.
    7. Added bone crusher necklace.
    8. Added boots of stone to slayer shop.
    As always, we hope you all enjoy our update. Please leave your comments down below.
    We have a lot of big things planned for the near future, stay tuned!
    See you in-game ;) 

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