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inferno practice

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Hi guys,


I heard onyx allows us to spawn from wave 66 in inferno. I'd like to use this to practice for OSRS. Let me know if any of this is not allowed because I'm under the impression that it is, from a comment in this thread.


How can I set F-keys? Is there a way to make the client look more like OSRS instead of RS3? Also what's the easiest way to get 43 prayer?


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Hey bud,


Lots of questions! First a foremost - welcome to the server! I apologize it too us so long to approve your thread. Shame on us. Anyway, to answer your questions:

  1. Yes! We do offer Inferno test mode! You can choose to start at wave 66 if you so choose to. Everything thereafter is a 1:1 OSRS, as well as everything up to that point as well! Knock em dead!
  2. To my knowledge, there isn't a way to modify F-keys. However, I believe we use similar (if not the same) F-key defaults as OSRS.
  3. You can make the client look more "OSRS" by typing the commands ::shl (lowers hitpoints to 99 or raises to 990), ::sil (changes armors to RS3 or OSRS), and by typing ::svl to disable/enable virtual levels. You can also lower the detail if you wish, for a more OldSchool look as well.
  4. The easiest way to get 99 prayer is by using the gilded altar at home (burning bones on it). However, the most efficient way to get 99 prayer is to use the "Chaos Altar" at 40 wilderness, which has a 50% chance to not consume a bone when used.


Any questions, pm me in game: Nickk/Ncik/Kcin/Nick


Thanks. And welcome again!!

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