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Loot from 1000 Crystal Keys

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I'm going to open 1k crystal keys, that i will slowly acquire ingame.

Finally finished opening 1k Crystal Keys and this is the loot from 1k Crystal Keys in total, that you will get something close to if not more.


1925 Sapphires
1925 Emeralds
345 Rubies
460 Diamonds
1000 Dragonstones
35M in Gems


2250 Oak Planks

10950 Yew Logs
39750 Maple logs
2400 Magic logs

21.9M + 39750K + 8800K = 69650K

720 Blue Dragonhides
2675 Green Dragonhides
2880K + 5350K = 8230K

630 Battlestaves

Dragon Bones

196.1M + 35.5M + 4.5M + 69650K + 8230K + 4410K + 15M = 333.39M

1000 Crystal Keys cost on average 300-350K ea


1000 Crystal Keys cost on average 600-700K ea after Update 73

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