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Sorceress'S Garden Guide

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Hi all ! 

This is a simple and hopefully a complete enough guide to help you play Sorceress garden minigame !


Sorceress Garden


I. How to get there

1. Click on the blue portal at ::Home or simply do ::tp.
2. Click on ''Search'' at the bottom of the interface.
3. Enter ''Sorceress'' and click on the option that appears on top of the interface.
4. When you arrive in an Al-Kharid house, find the Apprentice NPC and right-click it to teleport.


II. How it works


The Sorceress Garden represent 4 seasonal maze in 1 area; Winter, Spring, Autumn and Summer gardens. Each of those have a fruit tree in the middle which earns you Sq'irk fruits when you manage to get to it. Your goal is to reach the middle tree by avoiding getting spotted by the seasonal elementals. If they do, they will send you back at the start of the seasonal maze. You can either make your way to the tree and get 1 sq'irk or reach the herb patch and obtain random grimy herbs. Picking up the fruit teleports you out of the maze with it. Here are the level requirements to access every single one:

  • Winter garden -- 1 Thieving
  • Spring garden -- 25 Thieving
  • Autumn garden -- 45 Thieving
  • Summer garden -- 65 Thieving


III. Rewards


Everytime you complete a maze, you either get 2 grimy herbs with the farming xp along with them OR 1 Fruit Sq'irk along with Farming xp aswell. You need to make Sq'irk juices for Osman in Al-Kharid in order to obtain some JUICY Thieving experience. To make those juices, you need to left click the fruits while having empty beer glasses in your inventory. You can obtain beer glasses by purchasing beers at Falador pub, or glassblowing for them.

Amount of fruits needed for 1 juice and the exp rewarded. (Exp was calculated while the Well was inactive, 1590% skill xp rate and Onyx Donor bxp w/ votes. on Legendary mode)

  • Winter garden -- 5,567 xp
  • Spring garden -- 21,475 xp
  • Autumn garden -- 37,383 xp
  • Summer garden -- 47,722 xp


IV. Paths to every maze


Winter maze



Spring maze



Autumn maze



Summer maze



Hope it helped !



Edited by Summer

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