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Onyx Monthly Staff Feedback Thread [December]

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Feedback in Regards to the month of December

Hello Everyone, hope all is well, today I would like to revive the system that we had in place a few months back which allowed our players to voice their opinions in regards to the staff team so we can better improve as we move into the future.

I invite you all to post your feedback on any and all current staff members listed below, compliments, suggestions, and improvement ideas are welcomed. I would just like to say real quick that we ask that you keep this respectful, but voice your opinion in a proper manner.

Lets get into the feedback thread for this past month, we look forward to hearing what the community has to say so that we can do better in the following months.


December 2018 Onyx Staff Roster:

  • 243db50349.pngDragonkk (Owner): 

  • 243db50349.pngZio (Co-Owner / Administrator): 

  • dKHeelE.png Omega (Global Moderator): 

  • dKHeelE.png Extremebtw (Global Moderator): 

  • dKHeelE.png Nick (Event Moderator): 

  •  Vpqw3Pt.png Blackmarket (Server Support): 

  •  Vpqw3Pt.pngTyler (Server Support): 

  •  Vpqw3Pt.pngSpilly (Server Support): 

  •  Vpqw3Pt.png Monk Bird (Server Support): 

  •  Vpqw3Pt.png MbnJuan (Server Support): 

  •  Vpqw3Pt.png Vincent (Server Support): 


Please copy the above format and provide your feedback down below.

Thank you all for your participation!

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  • 243db50349.pngDragonkk (Owner):  gg coder

  • 243db50349.pngZio (Co-Owner / Administrator): goat, paramount to the server

  • dKHeelE.png Omega (Global Moderator): epic should be admin

  • dKHeelE.png Extremebtw (Global Moderator): legend very very good staff member

  • dKHeelE.png Nick (Event Moderator): sensational, the perfect player and staff member

  •  Vpqw3Pt.png Blackmarket (Server Support): absolutely needs to be mod, goes above and beyond to help, a very gg guy

  •  Vpqw3Pt.pngTyler (Server Support): great staff member always on the ball

  •  Vpqw3Pt.pngSpilly (Server Support):  does a good job as staff ,solid

  •  Vpqw3Pt.png Monk Bird (Server Support): a great person and invaluable 

  •  Vpqw3Pt.png MbnJuan (Server Support): seem alright and doing good

  •  Vpqw3Pt.png Vincent (Server Support): a lot of potential to be a great staff member of onxy, very gg fella

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  • 243db50349.pngDragonkk (Owner): Pretty sick content

  • 243db50349.pngZio (Co-Owner / Administrator): Has a great presence in the server, very valuable.

  • dKHeelE.png Omega (Global Moderator): Exactly what you want on a staff team, wouldn't be surprised to see an admin crown next to his name.

  • dKHeelE.png Extremebtw (Global Moderator): Funny guy and a good staff member, haven't seen you around as much lately.

  • dKHeelE.png Nick (Event Moderator): Very active and communicates well with all the players

  •  Vpqw3Pt.png Blackmarket (Server Support): Very helpful, quick to respond to all questions

  •  Vpqw3Pt.pngTyler (Server Support): I don't get on the forums very much, nonetheless, always helping out in the fc when in game.

  •  Vpqw3Pt.png Monk Bird (Server Support) +Vpqw3Pt.png Spilly (Server Support): : I'm putting you two together because I think we may play at different times so I don't have much feedback to give. Sorry D:

  •  Vpqw3Pt.png MbnJuan (Server Support): Juan solo been slightly afk lately, but whenever you're around you're very helpful and a great face for the community.

  •  Vpqw3Pt.png Vincent (Server Support): I always hear him spam typing in discord whenever a question is in the onyx chat, so that must mean he's doing his best to help.

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