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Onyx update #68: PvM World Boss Event, Bug Fixes, Quality of Life, and More!

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December 1st 2018

Hello Everyone!

Hello Everyone, first of all we'd like to apologize for the delay of this update, we'll keep the next ones more frequent but as you'll see this one has a lot of content/bug fixes. It features a New World Boss, Pet Additions, Quality of Life updates, Bug Fixes, and so much more! Let’s dive right into the patch notes:


New Onyx World boss

With this update we added a new World Boss event that will occur twice a day (6-18hr window). It has 100K hit points and will definitely be a challenge for small parties, therefore we recommend you to have at least 5-10 people to kill him! To get there, use the ::worldboss command when the announcement pops up ;)


All participants that deal at least 1K damage will receive 500k cash as well as a chance at the common/uncommon drop table.


The person with the most damage dealt will also have a shot at the rare/very rare/legendary tables.


Legendary: Partyhats (with the exception of white/black), Santa Hat, Halloween Masks, Collector's necklace (more detail below), Onyx boss pet (5% extra drop rate when summoned).

Very Rare: Chaotic Weaponry, Zenyte Jewelry, God Box.

Rare: Vine Whip, Tentacle, Trident, Visage, Mystery Box, Premium Mystery Box.

Uncommon: Large - Huge XP Lamps, Whip, Staff of Light, Dark Bow, 10m cash.

Common: Skilling Supplies. Herbs and their Secondaries, Steel Plate bodies, Papayas, Yak Hides, Cannonballs.

Always: 5m Cash.


The collector's necklace has stats equal to that of a fury + the blood necklace amulet effect (heals u 40 hp every 15 seconds for every monster around you) and most importantly it banks all your drops when equipped.


Extreme mode updates

  • Extremes can now loot share with other players


Quality of life updates

  • Added decanter to shops area, dz and vip zones
  • Halved Evil trees hitpoints (kept the same rewards)
  • Added thread to skilling guide at ::shops
  • Deposit all no longer unequips your aura
  • Deaths no longer drops your aura to the ground
  • Added an Onyx Guide at ::dung 
  • Added a warning upon using ::star if the star is in the wilderness
  • Added a ::events command for players to see upcoming events
  • Added more seeds to the master farmers' drop table (fellstalk and dwarf weeds)
  • The Dagannoth King teleport now teleports you to the ladder


Pet updates

  • Added Kalphite princess morph
  • Added Pet snakeling morph
  • Added Corporeal critter morph
  • Added Midnight morph
  • Added baby chinchompa morph
  • Added TzRek Zuk morph
  • Added all barrow pets (also made them obtainable via mystery boxes)


Bug fixes

  • Fixed barrows shop - all items can now be sold/bought.
  • Fixed a glitch with Nex on last phase causing her to not retaliate.
  • Fixed a bug with dung rewards trader dialogue
  • Fixed halloween twisted bow stats to make them on par with the regular version
  • Fixed some spelling mistakes
  • Fixed a null bug in Dominion Tower
  • Fixed crystal chest at home
  • Gilded pickaxes now work as intended
  • Fixed a GE bug when buying untradable items such as overload and retrieving them without sufficient inventory space
  • Akrisae robe skirt can now be repaired
  • Fixed crafting requirements for bracelet/amulet crafting
  • Fixed Dragith Nurn attacks/animations
  • Shilo Village smithing area can now be accessed
  • Fixed typo in Shanomi dialogue
  • Fixed typo in Stronghold of Security
  • Normal skeletons now benefit from the Salve amulet boost


Other updates

  • Removed the java download page opening when playing on safe mode (kept the warning though)
  • Made directx the standard display mode when logging in (if your computer supports it)
  • Removed Halloween event
  • Support staff members can now use the ::startevent command
  • Added draconic visage to frost dragon drop table
  • Improved the chance of hitting higher tables on god mystery boxes
  • Reduced god mystery boxes' price from $15 to $12
  • Updated our ::rules thread
  • Halloween event items are now tradable 
  • Stronghold monsters now drop a skull scepter instead of pieces
  • Onyx donators can now access Staff Zone with the ::sz command
  • Add Dragith Nurn drop table Mask of Dragith nurn + Reese's sword +Caitlin's staff + Helmet of trials
  • Dungeoneering accounts now have 1:1 xp
  • Atrocious rogue gloves now cost 100k ea (down from 200k)
  • Level 87 PvP weapons now cost 2m blood money


As always, we hope you enjoy this update!

See you all in-game! :)

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