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Offical Rules and Regulations of Onyx

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Listed below are the official rules set by the management team here at Onyx that every player and staff member alike are expected to follow.
These rules are subject to change whenever Zio or Dragonkk see fit.
In-Game Rules:

1. Communication and Conduct

A. The use of excessive disrespectful, inappropriate or offensive language towards another player. This can be regarding anything about him / her such as their gender, race, religion, morals, or opinions. We will allow minor cursing and bantering slide, so long as it is not excessive or offensive towards players. Here on Onyx we strive to have a community that is enjoying their stay, and thus this will not be tolerated under any means and will result in a mute under a staff members digression.
B. The state of toxicity. This can entail several behaviors, but has to do with overly verb abusing, constant flaming and / or flamebaiting, or spreading negativity to an extreme manner. The goal here is to have a positive community, not one constantly in a state of anguish. Throwing a rage fit in public will do nothing but get yourself muted.
C. Account names that contain inappropriate or disrespectful language or symbolism are strictly prohibited. Accounts made with these names will be forced for a name change or a ban.
D. The purpose of the Onyx Help chat is to help new or existing players with anything in regards to the game. You are welcome to stay, but avoid disputes and conflicts with fellow members. This is the first thing new players see, and thus keep any inappropriate language or bantering in another means of chat.
E. Harassment is strictly prohibited. This involves aggressive pressure or intimidation towards another player. If you are reported and caught for doing this to someone else, you will be muted immediately.
F. Spamming on Onyx is simply not allowed. This prevents us from having a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere. If you are selling an item, or just simply announcing anything, limit it to three messages at most. We as players constantly read the chat, we get your point, no need to spam it. Spamming will result in a mute anywhere from one hour to permanent depending on the amount of repeated offenses.
G. Luring a player to the wilderness in an attempt to kill them to steal their items is a form of deceptive behavior. This involves using scripts to convince a player to enter the wilderness whether it be in public chat or global chats. This will be taken very seriously and will result in a ban, removal of items from the lurers account, or at the very least a mute.

H. Abusing the PvP reward system (blood money/statuettes) via killing each others / alts is also forbidden and will result in a ban.
I. Playing over 3 accounts at one time with same computer will result in a ban (24h to permanent). This is not possible unless using proxies and as such should not be allowed as it's considered unfair advantage & exploit.
2. Advertising

A. The advertisement of another community that acts as a direct competitor to Onyx is strictly prohibited and will result in an instant ban. This punishment is permanent and all appeals for this will be ignored.

B. Common known links such as Youtube, Rune-Server, or anything along those lines are fine to post and permitted. If you question whether or not you are allowed to post something, contact a staff member for advice.
3. Misleading Links, Hacking or DDOS Threats

A. Misleading links are not allowed on neither our forums or our discord and should not under any means be advertised on our server. A phishing link or any redirectaries will result in an instant removal from our community.

B. Hacking or DDOS Threats should never arrive on our platform. If you are threatening someone with these, expect to get permanently muted if the action is severe. If you are looking to play games of sort, this is not the place to do so. We have skilled members within the management team and will take immediate action towards these remarks.

C. If you are being threatened on these lines, contact a staff member immediately. Remember, this is most likely a bluff, they have no way of obtaining your information throughout our platform unless they send you anything in private. Do not click links if you do not trust the person sending them.
4. Real Word Trading (RWT)

A. You are not allowed to trade any means of currency across other games in exchange for Onyx items. It is prohibited to use other means of trade for a benefit on Onyx. We strive to have a fair experience for everyone, and thus this rule implies to keep all things related to Onyx on here only. The management team on Onyx scans for this every other day to ensure no one is breaking this rule. If you think you are clever and attempt or do this action, you will be permanently removed from our platform.
5. In-Game Services and Trading

A. If you are buying a service from another player in exchange for Onyx GP, you are taking it upon your own risk. If you are scammed, just know that it is on you. Staff members will take action on the scammer if there is evidence to support the claim. It is heavily advised to buy services from very trusted members or staff members within our community to avoid this risk.
B. Trading an item in the form of a trust trade, loan, or future payment method is upon your own risk. Staff members will not intervene unless deceptive behavior was used to scam the other party, in which the item was gambled or stolen. If you loan out an item, that is your responsibility. Make sure to trust the recipient of the trade to minimize your risk. For trades based on future payment, the rule is simple, pay the loan whenever you can or an agreed upon date decided by both parties. Failure to do so will involve administrative intervention with both parties left punished. Also, feel free to require middleman services from our online Staff members (list in quest tab).
*Note: If you gamble an item that is not yours, it is a scam. We do not care if you won that gamble, that item is not yours to risk in the first place. If you win, we will take the reward and ensure the item is returned to its rightful owner.*
6. Scamming and Gambling

A. Scamming will not be tolerated under any means. If you take on a gamble and lose the bet, you must pay up. Failure to do so will result in admin actions that will end up in the removal of the scammed item, a ban from gambling, or perhaps a global ban.

B. Intentionally giving another player false information such as a value of an item in an attempt to benefit yourself. This will result in a return of the scammed items, and a removal of equivalent wealth from the scammers bank.
C. Gambling another player's item that is not titled to be as yours is seen as a form of scamming. That is not your item to take the risk upon, you shall not receive benefits from it, and another player should not lose their own items on someone else's gamble.
D. When Gambling using dice, we want to enforce fairness amongst our community. In doing so, we would like everyone to use fair, even 50-50 ratio when taking part in Gambling. For example, we would like players to use 50x2 instead of 55x2 to ensure fair odds. Please note taking other ratios is a risk, and you are at a disadvantage. 
7. Bug Abuse
A. If you have found a bug that will give you an advantage in our game such as safe-spotting an end game boss, it is your duty to report the bug instead of abuse it. Failure to do so will result in either a temporary ban or permanent.
B. Skull tricking a player in an attempt to steal their items kept on death is considered a bug abuse and will result in removal of that item from your bank and a ban.
8. Macroing
A. The use of a macro, an auto clicker, or a script that allows you to do an action effortlessly while AFK is strictly against our rules. All forms of macroing will be dealt with in a severe manner and will result in temporary to permanent ban, as well as removal of bank wealth / resetting of stats if deemed necessary.
9. Staff Authority

A. If a staff member contacts you and tells you about a violation of a rule which is not on that list, you are expected to follow their word. They are highly trained and dedicate their time to moderate the server and the community within it.

B. You are expected to respect each and every staff member, while setting aside any conflicts or differences for the good of the server.
10. Donations

A. If you choose to buy a product from our store, that product is strictly NON-REFUNDABLE! This means that you knowingly and acceptingly agree to purchase an item from our shop knowing there will be no such refund if requested.

B. If there is however proof of ingame loss due to server issues or a failure of receiving items ingame right away, contact an administrator. All chargebacks will be denied and disputed with evidence of your purchase and received items.
Forum Rules:

5 warning points = 3 days restricted from posting
10 warning points = Forums ban (12 days) 
15 warning points = Forums ban (Permanent)
1. Communication

A. Use of Inappropriate Language. This is similar to our In-Game rule regarding communication. Any topic, post, or private message directed to a member or group within our community in an attempt to flame them, or insult them is prohibited. Absolutely no harassment or intentional disrespect is allowed.
2. Post Etiquette

A. Spamming with the intent of gaining post count for any reason is not allowed. This can involve giving an irrelevant reply to a topic. Posts containing little to no word will be rendered as a spam. Will result in a penalty of 5 warning points.

B. Grave digging is the act of posting in what is considered to be a "dead thread" or a thread that has not been active in over 20 days. Exceptions for this will be made in bigger threads such as community feedback, suggestions, or updates. Will result in a penalty of 5 warning points.

C. Make sure to post your thread in the correct section! This is to be followed at all times, it is very annoying to have to manually move threads just because you did not spend 30 seconds finding the right section. This will result in a penalty of 1 warning point per thread, which will get removed after a month of following the rule.

D. Use of misleading link is strictly prohibited. Links to well known sites are alright such as Youtube. Otherwise misleading links are not allowed and can result in a removal of our forums.

E. Discussion or public creation of a thread involving but not limited to inappropriate images or pornography is strictly prohibited. This involves inappropriate avatars, signatures, or anything along the lines that can be used to showcase such things. Failure to follow this rule will result in a permanent ban.
3. Forum Accounts

A. The act of giving a self-repping or giving yourself a thumbs up will be dealt with by simply removing all your reputation. If this is repeated, it will result in a suspension of our forums.

B. Requesting reputation, likes, or support for your thread is not allowed. Incentivizing players will result in a permanent denial of your thread. If a player feels like leaving a comment on your behalf, that is their decision, do not try and force the issue.

C. Inappropriate forums usernames are not allowed. Similar to our rule ingame, we do not tolerate inappropriate names that contain vulgar language, hate, or anything along those lines. This will result in an immediate removal off our forums.

D. Evading bans by making a new account will result in a longer ban and a mac ban to prevent this action.

E. Staff impersonation will not be tolerated by any means. It will be dealt with harshly if a player is proven to have done so in a serious way. If you do not see a staff icon / user bar under the posters reply, then they are not an Onyx staff member.
4. Advertisement

A. You can advertise your thread in-game, if it is deemed appropriate, however you are not allowed to advertise any form of game or community that is a direct competitor of Onyx. This will result in a permanent removal from both our forums and our server.
5. Threats and Leaking Information

A. Making a thread of a DDOS or Hack is strictly prohibited and will result in a removal from our forums either temporarily or permanently.

B. If someone has shared information with you regarding their personal lives, and do not approve of your sharing it, it is illegal to do so. It will result in a permanent removal from our platform.
In-Game and Forums Agreement

By being on our forums or playing our server, you hereby understand and accept our rules and regulations we have set forth. You understand that you are responsible for your own actions and failure to follow our rules will result in a punishment of sorts. Your in-game and forums account are property of ours, while you are merely allowed to play on it. You understand that your account will be subject to a form of punishment if you are caught breaking these rules. If you have a question regarding our rules, please contact a staff member. If you accept these rules, then we welcome you with open arms and hope you enjoy our game.

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