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Lazy Man's Demonic Gorilla Guide

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Demonic Gorillas are a pretty straightforward boss but I do see in the fc some people asking for tips or how to kill them/where to locate them so I'm making this guide to best cover all these questions in 1 locations! The main aim of this guide is to find the most efficient way to kill gorillas whilst minimizing the amount of switching you have to do. Personally I average upwards of 60+ kills/hour with little to no effort!


Helm: Full Slayer Helm (if black demon task), Nezzy

Amulet: Fury, glory

Cape: Comp cape > Max Cape > Range skill cape > any backpack

Body: Armadyl Chestplate > Karil's top > Black dhide body

Legs: Tassies > Verac's skirt (or any melee brother legs) > Dragon platelegs

Boots: Pegs/prims > dragon boots > snakeskin boots

Gloves: Barrows gloves > any RFD gloves

Ring: Ring of Wealth(i) > or archers/zerker ring

Aura: penance, vampyrism

Melee Main Hand: Arclight > Chaotic Rapier > any whip variant

Melee Off Hand: Dragon defender > Any defender you have

Range Main Hand: Toxic Blowpipe (dragon darts) > Armadyl crossbow > Rune Crossbow

Ammo (if using cbow): Diamond bolts (e)

*Other: I bring an Enhance Excalibur wherever I go that I'm not using a main spec, because the excal spec paired wither overload is really helpfull on food conservation.

*I also bring a unicorn as a yak is pretty much useless here





*with this setup I can average around 60+ kills/hr easily

*can easily fine tune this inventory to what best suits you.

Where are Demonic Gorillas?

1. Start off by typing ;;tp in chat and this should pop up and click the option "Search"


2. Once you've done that proceed to type in "Crash"



3. Once teleported click on the hole in the fence


4. Run northeast and you will see a cave entrance


5. This is probably the most important part, as soon as you enter the cave just a little down the path you will see a stair case that you can take, this will lead you to single combat gorillas.


6. Follow this path all the way until you see the gorillas!


Killing the gorillas is pretty much straightforward it's just a DPS dummy basically, but there are some things that you need to look out for.

The gorilla starts off praying a specific combat style above it's head and you have to use the style it's not protecting against.

*It will switch prayers once ~50 (500 on x10) dmg is done, so a pro tip is to figure out how much xp it takes to hit a 50 and then you can switch without wasting hits.

Demonic gorillas can also use all 3 combat styles +1 special attack (that you cant pray against but can avoid)

Example of Melee attack:

This is a melee attack pray melee until you see something different


Example of a Range Attack:

This is a ranged attack pray protect from range until you see something different.


Example of a Magic attack:

This is a magic attack pray mage until you see something different.


Special Attack

This special attack you'll see a giant boulder fall from the sky to avoid this simply just move away from the square you are on.


Ending notes:

Demonic gorillas can be very tedious at first, but if you follow this guide, and practice you should be a pro in no time and be swimming in zenyte jewelry.

*As always with any of my guides feel free to pm me in game at "Rq" or join the Onyx fc and ask there and someone will be more than happy to help you! 

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