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Dag Kings

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When getting a boss task you are assigned one of the DK's such as rex ect.

I think it'd be a better QoL for the task to just be switched to Dagganoth Kings instead of one.

- This allows the task to be done w/out crashing someone camping a specific boss (mainly rex)

- This will also allow the slayer helm to have more of an effect/usefulness on the boss task itself.

- And would speed up the task (I understand not necessarily a pro but I think it is because I personally skip dk tasks if i'm not in the mood for a long camping trip)

- I know DK's are already easy as is, but just thought it would be a nice QoL 

- Also another QoL would be to maybe add a 2nd tele to tele closer to DK's and still have a waterbirth tele for those who want to barrage slayer task instead

- Buff drop rate of water talis since they are one of the main sources, and they're so rare, and increase avantoes from 1 to like 3 or 5 since once again they are another main source and are pretty uncommon

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edited with more suggestions that i've received from others


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