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Donator Zone Tour

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Sapphire Donator Zone Tour


Hello Everyone. Today I will be posting a tour of the sapphire+ donator zone for anybody who would like to see one of the best features of our sapphire donation status. The Donator Zone was designed by the Staff team and can be accessed ingame simply through the ::dz command. 

Combat Dummies:


Each consisting of 50k hitpoints these are very useful for safe and fast training given their low defense and high HP.

Furnace and Anvils: 


Located just slightly North-West of the main bank the furnace and anvil provide fast and easy Smithing and Crafting Gainz.

Fairy Ring, Spinning Wheel, and Obelisk:


The fairy ring is very useful for getting around the map quickly and efficiently. 

Use the spinning wheel to create balls of wool, crossbow strings and bow strings as well.

The obelisk can be used to train summoning, either renew your summoning points or gain XP by creating pouches.

Grand Exchange:


Buy and Sell any goods through the Grand Exchange.



Recharge prayer, change spell books, and switch prayers at these 3 altars. Can also use dragon bones on the Altar to the left for prayer XP.



Use the Rug Merchant for quick travels to Shantay Pass, Uzer, Bedabin Camp, Pollnivneach, or Nardah. Use Captain Errdo to glide across the map as well.



These are the thieving stalls in the donator zone area, like the stalls at home they rank from Sapphire to Onyx, increasing in GP / hour for the higher stalls you steal from. Sapphire > Emerald > Ruby > Diamond > Onyx

God Capes


Free God Capes north of the thieving stalls. Zamorak, Guthix and Saradomin capes for bonus magic stats.



The Mining area consists of 8 gem rocks, gold mineral deposit, coal mineral deposit, Robust glass station (For making flasks) and scattered Iron, copper, and tin ores.



The Hunter zone consists of Grenwalls, unlocked at 77 hunter this is the fastest Hunter XP in game. Gainz.



The fishing stream is very beneficial weather fishing for profit or for food. Available fish are lobsters, swordfish, tuna, monkfish, bass, and shark.



Tan hides at Sbott.


Gear up at the Survival Expert.


Supplies found at the Onyx Guide.


Purchase negative experience at the Skill Alchemist.



 Cut all the maple tree's your heart desires.



By using the ::Yak command you can teleport to a nice flock of Yaks. These are very useful for both combat training and collecting Yak hides which can be used for summoning.

Hope you all enjoyed the tour. Once again this is one of the primary benefits of the Sapphire donation rank ($15). See you all later!


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