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Poor Consistency with Ironman...

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Light rant;

Choose Ironman due to it being a fun grind, 


Today I met up with a few players who wanted to get some XP tools from stealing creation, I grinded a good few hours collecting various tools, 


only planned on using the hammers on construction and smithing, pickaxes aren't worth using on an Ironman because you really want more ores than you do mining xp otherwise you'll have 99 mining 80 smithing etc, same goes for woodcutting & construction. Once I finished with the tools I noticed they didn't work... no warning, no rule pages or any information about Ironmen using these tools, the reason I was given was Ironmen 'stand alone' and you have to use players to help you to obtain them which isn't true, you just do a minigame, fight off the other team and make your own stuff?  


Now I fully agree that Ironmen should obviously have restrictions but what about void? pest control you NEED 5 players to start the boat, someone barraging and attacking portals to obtain probably the best pvm gear... Ironmen can get that! What if I took my nice void armour and go to DK kings and get myself a ring set? it would be nice to imbue it... castle wars! a team minigame, again Ironmen can do that! They're just mini-games that don't really affect the XP rates, 


What about dungeoneering? Ironmen can have up to 4 other people in different gamemodes in a dungeon for the highest and quickest XP rates, doing 5:5 larges with a good team is 3-4x quicker than soloing, but that's allowed? not an extra 260k bonus woodcutting experience? I mean there's a whole list of things Ironmen can do with other players but gaining some XP to devalue some people who are 'maxed' who don't even play anymore who probably have void, 120 dung etc which in essence is against the whole 'stand alone' mode. 


If you're gonna add restrictions make it consistent, we already have it hard enough not having half the secondaries spawns, missing herb seeds from masterfarmers and wrong drop rates for seeds etc


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