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Diamond Donator Zone Tour

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Our VIP Zone is one of the greatest perks of the diamond donation rank and is accessible in game by using the ::ddz or ::vip command.

The VIP Zone is designed 100% from scratch by our team and is broken up into three main segments, each consisting of their own unique benefits.

Main Hub and Woodcutting Area

Upon teleporting into the VIP Zone, you'll be brought to the Main Hub pictured below.


Notable Features in the Main Hub

  • Ornate Rejuvenation Pool (Slightly Northeast of the portal)
  • Altar of the Occult and Altar of Zaros
  • Sbott the Tanner and a bank chest
  • Sawmill Operator and a bank chest
  • Grand Exchange board and Clerk with two bank chests (North of the portal)
  • Onyx Guide for quick access to Account Settings etc.


If you move South from the main hub, you will find the Woodcutting area 


Included in the Woodcutting area:

  • 2 Magic trees
  • 4 Yew trees
  • 2 Mahogany trees
  • 4 Teak trees
  • 2 Ivy
  • A constantly burning fire for maximizing Firemaking experience
  • Bank Chest for easy banking


The East Wing

The East Wing of the VIP Zone features some of the greatest benefits the zone has to offer, the Mining area and Fishing area, which were both built with the user's needs as the priority.


The Mining Area


As one of the most used sections of the VIP Zone, the Mining area includes:

  • Red Sandstone Deposit and Robust Glass Machine
  • A Coal Deposit that never depletes 
  • A Gold Deposit that never depletes
  • 2 Runite ore rocks
  • 2 Adamantite ore rocks
  • 2 Mithril ore rocks
  • Furnace and Anvil
  • 6 Gem rocks
  • Bank chest for easy banking


The Fishing Area


Another one of the most popular sections within the VIP Zone, the Fishing Area features:

  • A Rocktail shoal
  • Anglerfish spot
  • Shark spot
  • Swordfish/Tuna spot
  • Lobster Cage spot
  • Water Obelisk for charging orbs
  • Cooking Range
  • Bank Chest conveniently placed by the range


The West Wing

The West Wing of the VIP Zone features two areas that make some of the hardest skills to train, a guaranteed 99 in no time. 


Runecrafting and Summoning Area


This area features one of the fastest ways to train Runecrafting which includes:

  • Death Altar
  • Blood Altar
  • Soul Alter 
  • Summoning Obelisk
  • Earth Obelisk for charging orbs
  • Air Obelisk for charging orbs
  • Bank Chest

(Utilizing this area is the cheapest method for obtaining the runes needed for Blood Burst and Blood Barrage Spells)


The Hunter/Thieving Area


This area includes some Thieving and Hunter resources:

  • 5 Grenwalls (Grenwall Spikes used for training Herblore)
  • 5 Black Chinchompas
  • Fire Obelisk for charging orbs
  • Diamond Stall for thieving
  • Onyx Stall for thieving
  • Gem Merchant to sell thieving loot
  • Bank chest


If you are interested in becoming a Diamond Donator, check out our store or use the ::store command in game.

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