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Loot from 1 hour @ Barrows - [Ironman Black]

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I don't really have any goals on the server at the moment, so thought i'd just get random helpful information for other Ironmen (and non-Ironmen)
The idea is to just do multiple tasks for 1 hour, and share my final outcome. 
If you find any of this helpful and want me to do more/or a specific monster, let me know.


First... Barrows
*disclaimer - I am a ironman account, and onyx donator. I also will always show my gear setup, so take into consideration results will vary.


Starting gear and invent




- Teleport to barrows with drakans medallion

- My personal method when completing barrows is to not worry about killing each and every brother.
For example, if I find my tunnel from the first brother I attempt to kill - I instantly go in to continue to the chest
Killing just 1 brother, then looting.

- Repeat

Because of the prayer renewal and penance aura, I rarely need to worry about my prayer dropping.
And because I don't kill all 6 brothers all the time, I loot a lot more chests per hour.
If I need to heal (mainly because verac gets lucky hits through pray) I will flick soulsplit to get it back.



Starting Chest count: 60
Ending Chest count: 97




- I completed 37 barrows chests, averaging 1:38 seconds a run.

- 5 Barrows Pieces, averaging 1 loot every 7.4 runs.

- I also got 3 rare drops that weren't barrows pieces

- If I were to sell the runes gathered, I would get 6.3m Gp (selling to general store)

- If I were to sell the barrows pieces I obtained to the barrows shop I would get, 10.5m Gp

- Making my Total Loot: 16.7m

- Altogether I averaged around 451k gp per chest




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incredibly in depth guide, an exciting series that will be a lot of fun and very informative for us, really like the breakdown at the end, makes it interesting for anyone to read as we are all curious about these sorta things, nice job and very good idea my man gg

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