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Onyx Monthly Top Voter Contest

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Onyx Monthly Top Voter Contest Thread!



Hello Everyone,

The Onyx Management team would like to dedicate this thread to offer our community rewards for their dedication to helping us escalate on the major RSPS Toplists. As you may have noticed, we now have a leaderboard at home which features the ability to check peoples vote couples for the month, along with a ton of other features. We would like to use this opportunity to award the top voters of each month with unique items as a means for us to say thank you for your combined efforts. You are part of the crowd that wants to see Onyx succeed, keep it rising, and your contributions have been noticed. Thank you all! So without further or due lets dive into this contest.

We are hosting a monthly contest to recognize those who put the most effort into voting for us across all Toplists. This will award the top 10 voters different amount of Store Credit and Mystery Boxes depending on vote ranking, as well as possibilities for donator ranks on the house! Note you can vote for us every 12 hours across 5 toplists by simply doing ::vote ingame or clicking on the vote tab on our forums navigation bar. Lets get into the rewards:


1st Place Voter: $30 Store Credit!

2nd Place Voter: $25 Store Credit!

3rd Place Voter: $20 Store Credit!

4th Place Voter: $15 Store Credit!

5th Place Voter: $10 Store Credit!

6th-10th Place Voters: Mystery Box!


In addition to these rewards, all players will receive cash and vote tokens upon voting. Check out our vote point shop by trading Robin at ::Shops!


Good Luck to Everyone!


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Rewards will be handed out in about 2 hours! If you have won but have not received a reward, contact me asap!

- Zio

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Paid off January about a month ago but forgot to post sorry!


Here are the following winners for Febuary:

1. Ext Stoner

2. Hc Zia

3. Pumbaa

4. Timon

5. Lucius

6. X0xry

7. Hc Nyxa

8. Woppy

9. H1ghenough

10. Lil Mermaid


See your name on this list? PM me for your rewards!


The voting contest for March has started, good luck everyone!


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The following members have won voter of the month. Please contact me if your name is on the top 1-10 list and you have not received your reward.




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