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A poem for someone special again <3

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I wrote another poem for someone special, please enjoy:


Always wishing, when I look at the sky,
Learning the lessons "Life sucks, then you die."
Everyone wanting, nothing's ever enough,
Xylophones playing a sweet song so soft.

Where do I go? I've run out of options,
Heading down the road of unfounded adoptions.
Each way I turn, a new path surprises,
Reluctantly taking the one that first arises.
Endless pain in my mesentery,

Running through rivers to sanctuary.

Mostly minding my own business,
Yelling at kids who seek no forgiveness.

Nobody listens, my words I condense
Under the covers I jack off my penis.
Did that catch you off guard? Where you surprised what I said?
End it all, take a gun to your head
So what I'm a pedophile and want kids in my bed?


Thanks for reading.

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