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Barrows Guide

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  • This guide is Melee based but it Ranged or Magic gear can be substituted and is viable.
  • In this guide, you will learn the approach of taking on the barrows minigame.
  • Barrows is a very popular minigame and is well-known for its great rewards for low-level players.
  • Each full set of a brother grants you a special ability.



Stat Requirements


Attack Attack-icon.png 60+

Strength Strength-icon.png 60+

Defence Defence-icon.png 60+

Prayer Prayer-icon.png 43+



Gear & Inventory


Barrowsgear.png.de28bfaa0e7349600862a97f565ebeb4.png               Barrowsinv.png.e55dd716810163d05315025639dde554.png 


  • You can easily substitute the gear for rune armour, and the weapon to a dragon scimitar.
  • Barrows is more common within the newer players so it is not expected that you attempt it with high end gear. 
  • The image is only an example of what can be worn. 
  • Bring along a super set, a lot of restores, a drakan medallion (can be bought at the Onyx NPC at ::home) and a few pieces of emergency food. You will not be using or needing a lot of food because you will be protected by your prayers/curses.
  • You can experiment with different setups to find out what's best for you.



The Process



  • To start, use your Drakan's medallion and teleport to barrows.
  • This teleport item can be bought from the Onyx NPC found at ::Home or ::Dz for donators.  
  • Once there, proceed to any hill and click the spade on the hill to enter that brother's chamber.
  • The following is the patterns you should follow to take minimal damage.


Dharoks (Melee Protection)

Ahrims (Mage Protection)

Karils (Ranged Protection)

Guthans (Melee Protection)

Torags (Melee Protection)

Veracs (Melee Protection) 

  • Caution: Verac is able to attack through defence and protection prayers!
  • As you kill brothers and go to different hills, you will discover that one of the coffins will lead to a tunnel. It is advised you do not enter the tunnel until the remaining brothers have been slain. Once in the tunnel, follow the following map to help you navigate through the tunnels. NOTE: The path to the chest room can be different each time so this is only an example. 



On the way there you can choose to either ignore all and any monsters and just follow the paths or get a K/D of 6-15+ monsters to increase your chances of getting a rare item when looting the chest. 

Once you've finally entered the chest room, click on it and the last brother should spawn. It should be the one you haven't killed already. Once the last brother is slain, click on the chest again to obtain the reward.

As stated above, the reward can include any of the various armour pieces, some runes, and other miscellaneous items. To go for another run, activate the Drakan's Medallion, and teleport back to the hills.

This exact guide can be used for various tactics when doing Barrow-runs including setups with magic or ranged armour. To find your go-to tactic i suggest playing around with different setups until you find whats most efficient for you.





Ahrim's_staff.png Ahrims Blighted Aura - Reduces targets strength on successful magic attacks.

Dharok's_greataxe.png Dharoks - Wretched Strength - The lower the player's hp is, the harder it can hit.

Guthan's_warspear.png Guthans Infestation - Heals the amount of damage the player gives upon successful melee attacks.

Karil's_crossbow.png Karils Tainted Shot - Reduces targets magic on successful ranged attacks.

644?cb=20120813025021 Torags Corruption - Reduces targets run energy on successful melee attacks.

Verac's_flail.png Veracs Defiler Chance of hitting through targets defence and prayer on successful melee attacks.

 latest?cb=20120630003254 Akrisae The Doomed - Gives the chance to drain a player's prayer in a similar manner to the full Guthans set. 

Note: The set effects are listed. You must equip the entire set to get these benefits.





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2 minutes ago, Rush My Hp said:

Great work Pvm this is very detailed and very good +1 from me ?

Cheers, hoping it will come to good use in the future. 

Just now, Otter said:

great guide my friend, very much appreciated

Thank you 2 otternan, now get ze barrows gains. 

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7 minutes ago, Beyondlegends said:

Nicely done :] Sooner or later ill be on a barrows grind :] This will help those who haven't done it this way LIKE ME

I'm glad you like it, enjoy the barrows grind and gl with the loot :D

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