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Onyx Update #62: Revenant Weapons, Reworked DZ, Raid Fixes, Teleport Interface, and $1000 Contest!

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August 13th, 2018


Hello Everyone!

Today brings an update that involves some new content in the wilderness, while at the same time improving the quality of life we have here on Onyx. We bring love to revenants by adding new tier 78 items and more blood money to their drop table, making them more worth the risk involved. We have fully reworked our normal donator zone for all our sapphire + donors we have. Edited our teleport interface to include a ‘previous teleport’ option, and introduced a contest where players have a chance of winning $1,000 as we would like to give back to our community! This isn’t our biggest update, but it is surely a good one, hope you all enjoy.


Revenants, Wilderness, and PK Shop Changes:

1.       Added Craw’s Bow to revenant drop tables, scaling on the difficulty of the revenant. Powerful bow to use against wilderness npcs. Will announce when dropped.

2.       Added Thammaron’s spectre to revenants drop table, a powerful staff to use against wilderness npcs. Will announce when dropped.

3.       Added Viggora’s Chainmace to revenants drop table, a powerful mace to use against wilderness npcs. Will announce when dropped.

4.       Added the Amulet of the damned and the amulet of avarice to the PK shop.

5.       Removed brawling gloves from revenants since they are not coded.

6.       Revenants have received a major buff in the amount of blood money they drop, scaling on their difficulty.

7.       Added the revenant caves as a teleport option under the wilderness section of our blue portal.

8.       Added Wilderness GWD and Gilded Altar to the wilderness section of our blue portal.

DZ Rework:

-          Our old Donator Zone has been aging since its release over a year ago, with todays update, you will be given a newly organized dz, featuring the same content as before with some nice unique add-ons to give a better feel for this awesome zone ?

1.       Added a private Yak island to the reworked dz, available with the command ::yak until we code the stepping stone.

2.       Added a thieving section to the dz, alongside the god statues for easy access to the mage capes.

3.       Added more gem rocks, and an additional fishing spot.

Other Changes:

1.       Patched an exploit in theatre of blood which allowed trading between different gamemodes.

2.       Patched the bug allowing you to attack verzik while you are dead.

3.       Specs now restore after every boss in the raid.

4.       Packed the latest osrs data.

5.       You can now double click the squeal of fortune button to skip that annoying animation.

6.       Fixed a bug that made several items untradeable on the last update.

7.       You are now able to pick up the baby aquanite and freezy if you have them as pets.

8.       Added the sled to afk man dan shop, very unique!

9.       Fixed steel minotaur xp given per pouch to be higher than iron.

10.   Fixed piscatoris teleport typo in the interface.

11.   Readded current staff online to the quest list.

12.   Added the $1,000 Giveaway Contest! More information available on the specified thread.


Hope you all enjoyed this update, more to come in the near future!

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