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Stealing Creations Guide

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Stealing Creations Minigame Guide


Introduction: Stealing Creations is a very nice minigame where you can either fight, skill peacefully, or both! Most people use this minigame to skill because doing so gets you the most points. These points allow you to purchase some really nice tools from the shop located outside of the stealing creations lobby. The tools give you DOUBLE experience for the amount of time the tool has experience left. For example each tool starts off with 244,500 XP. Each tool can only give you XP  for what skill the tool represents.


Rewards Obtained From This Minigame:

Sacred Clay Pickaxe - Mining

Sacred Clay Fletching Knife - Fletching

Sacred Clay Hatchet - Woodcutting

Sacred Clay Harpoon - Fishing

Sacred Clay Needle - Crafting

Sacred Clay Hammer - Both Smithing AND Construction

Sacred Clay Butterfly Net - Hunter

These Tools grant you XP only in the skill that the items represent.


Tool Trader Location:



How to get there:



Run West until you get to a divided path and run North.



Also in the Blue Portal under Minigames > Second Page > Clan Wars & Stealing Creations



Rundown of the minigame:

Stealing Creations contains 2 teams that will compete against each other to gather clay, process it into an item (weapon, armour, summon, etc.), and then deposit the clay back to your home base towards the end of the game for points. Points can be gained by not only gathering and depositing clay, but also both damaging and killing members of the opposing team. The team with the most points after 10 minutes wins.


Skilling Requirements during a match: 

Class 1 Clay - Any level can collect, process, and deposit class 1 clay.

Class 2 Clay - Levels 20 and up for the respective skill can collect, process, and deposit class 2 clay.

Class 3 Clay - Levels 40 and up for the respective skill can collect, process, and deposit class 3 clay.

Class 4 Clay - Levels 60 and up for the respective skill can collect, process, and deposit class 4 clay.

Class 5 Clay - Levels 80 and up for the respective skill can collect, process, and deposit class 5 clay.

This Clay will be used at a Creation Kiln.




Base that you deposit your items in towards the end of a game:



Possible skills used in a Stealing Creations Match:

* = Also a skilling patch that you can use in game to farm clay

Crafting - Most important skill - used to process clay into other items.

*Hunter - Gather clay using a Butterfly Net on a swarm. - Skilling Patch = "Swarm"

*Mining - Gather clay from a rock using a Pickaxe on a rock. - Skilling Patch = "Rock"

Summoning - Summon a clay monster that can be used to send clay to base.

(Kinda) Prayer - You can pray at Altars, I don't know the use for this though.

Thieving - You can pickpocket clay from members of the opposite team.

*Woodcutting - Gather clay from using a hatchet on a tree. - Skilling Patch = "Tree"

*Fishing - Gather clay using a harpoon on a pool. - Skilling Patch = "Pool"

Cooking - You can create food if you decide to start a pvp match.

Herblore - You can create potions.

Agility - You can jump over Rifts.

Fletching - You can create bows and arrows.

Smithing - You can create Armour.

*If I missed a skill please let me know.


Step by Step Gameplay of efficient point gathering - Non PVP:

Step 1: Scout the Stealing Creations  map first thing you enter the game, locate an area that has both a Creation Kiln and a mid to high tier skilling patch that you can collect clay from. 

Step 2: Find a Class 1 or 2 Fragments section and "collect" until you have 1 piece of clay in your inventory.

Step 3: Go to the creation kiln > Equipment > and make a tool that you can use on the mid to high tier skilling patch you previously located. For example if it was a rock then make a pickaxe.

Step 4: Use the class 1 or 2 tool on the skilling patch until you get a higher piece of clay then go back to the creation Kiln and make a high class piece of equipment to use on the skilling patch.

Step 5: Go back to the skilling patch with your higher level tool and keep gathering clay and processing into arrows, with a higher class piece of equipment the clay will be gathered way quicker.

Step 6: If the skilling patch runs out find another skilling patch and repeat the process.


Like always please pm me in game or let me know in the comments if I left anything out, Thanks!

*Thank you NGR for the help on the guide, much appreciated!*


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On 8/13/2018 at 11:01 PM, Piddlypop said:

Can you get the sacred clay armor for combat xp?

Yep, the armor gives bonus xp in either attack, strength or defense. Both Armor AND weapon raises combat xp.

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