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Official Onyx Price Guide

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Official Onyx Price Guide


Guide Key:

~  =  Around / Estimate

*  =  Best Guess / Estimate

M  =  Confirmed Price

X-X  =  Price Range

NA  =  Not In Game


Melee Weapons:

 Abyssal_whip.png?304fe Abyssal Whip: 2M-3M

 Saradomin_sword.png?efc9e Saradomin Sword: 2M-3M

 Dragon_2h_sword.png?e7f44 Dragon 2H: 1M

 Abyssal_dagger.png?dd051 Abyssal Dagger: 1M

 Abyssal_bludgeon.png?47377 Abyssal Bludgeon: 25M

 Dragon_warhammer.png?27308 Dragon Warhammer: 100M

Abyssal_tentacle.png?75cc9 Kraken Tentacle: 20M

 Whip_vine.png?9a7a0 Whip Vine: 30M

 Dragon_claws.png?8c7f3 Dragon Claws: 40M

 Elder_maul.png?d5e6c Elder Maul: 800M-1B

 Dragon_hunter_lance.png?2a155 Dragon Hunter Lance: 200M-300M ~

 Armadyl_godsword.png?2775a Armadyl Godsword: 20M

 Bandos_godsword.png?0f871 Bandos Godsword: 5M

 Saradomin_godsword.png?5356d Saradomin Godsword: 25M-35M

 Zamorak_godsword.png?5356d Zamorak Godsword: 5M

Zamorakian_spear.png?b34da Zamorakian Spear: 100M

 Ghrazi_rapier.png?7b872 Ghrazi Rapier: 1B

 Scythe_of_vitur.png?5672e Scythe of Vitur: 1B

Onyx Blood Scythe: 6B-7B ~

    Viggora's_chainmace_(u).png?917ad Viggora's Chainmace: 25M

Lightning Rapier: 2B-2.5B ~

Ultimate Lightning Rapier: 6B-8B ~


Magic Staves and Wands:

 Master_wand.png?b8687 Master Wand: 5M

 Mud_battlestaff.png?c5c00 Mud Battlestaff: 1M

 Smoke_battlestaff.png?bfb40 Smoke Battlestaff: 1-2M

 Staff_of_light.png?1a4b2 Staff of Light: 20M

 20160502063510!Polypore_staff.png?e835b Polypore Staff: 30M

 Staff_of_the_dead.png?bd403 Staff of the Dead: 50M

 Toxic_staff_of_the_dead.png?a473f Toxic Staff of the Dead: 80M

 Trident_of_the_seas.png?4d8db Trident of the Seas: 10M-15M

 Uncharged_toxic_trident.png?93aed Trident of the Swamp: 30M-35M

 Magic_fang.png?02a92 Magic Fang: 25M

 20121120220547!Armadyl_battlestaff.png?f Armadyl Battlestaff: 300M

 Kodai_wand.png?63eec Kodai Wand: 750M

 Sanguinesti_staff_(uncharged).png?10255 Sanguinesti Staff: 300M

Empowered Sanguinesti Staff: 1500M


Ranged Weapons:

 Dark_bow.png?05237 Dark Bow: 1M

 20160502070819!Royal_crossbow.png?0efe2 Royal Crossbow: 100M

 Dragon_crossbow.png?6d5a9 Dragon Crossbow: 20M-25M

Armadyl_crossbow.png?67fca Armadyl Crossbow: 75M-100M

 Dragon_hunter_crossbow.png?a35fa Dragon Hunter Crossbow: 250M 

Toxic_blowpipe_(empty).png?b7a64 Toxic Blowpipe: 300M

 Heavy_ballista.png?f6067 Heavy Ballista: 5M

 Light_ballista.png?3892c Light Ballista: 1M

 20110110174003!Zaryte_bow.png?fda02 Zaryte Bow: 75M

Twisted_bow.png?029ba Twisted Bow: 5B-6B ~

Twisted Bow Mkll: 9B ~

Infernal Blowpipe: 2B


Off-Hands and Shields:

 Mage's_book.png?b78ed Mage's Book: 5M

 Tome_of_fire_(empty).png?fca4e Tome of Fire: 30M

 Malediction_ward.png?114c4 Malediction Ward: 20M

 Odium_ward.png?114c4 Odium Ward: 20M

 Dragonfire_shield.png?408fb Dragonfire Shield: 40M

 Ancient_wyvern_shield.png?a1718 Ancient Wyvern Shield: 50M

 Blessed_spirit_shield.png?26c4a Blessed Spirit Shield: 50M

 Spectral_spirit_shield.png?c0161 Spectral Spirit Shield: 200M

 Arcane_spirit_shield.png?298a8 Arcane Spirit Shield: 400M

 Elysian_spirit_shield.png?e6bb3 Elysian Spirit Shield: 750M

 20100921041414!Divine_spirit_shield.png? Divine Spirit Shield: 1.1B

Catalyst Spirit Shield: 3B

Avernic_defender.png?5119c Avernic Defender: 650M


PvP Weapons

All PvP weapons can be purchased by Mandrith with blood money

Blood_money_10000.png?c47e2 Blood money: 700 gp ea

Vesta's_longsword.png?264b5 Vesta's longsword: 70M

Vesta's_spear.png?490a0 Vesta's spear: 20M

Statius's_warhammer.png?9e295 Statius's warhammer: 70M

Zuriel's_staff.png?4aa32 Zuriel's staff: 10M

Morrigan's_javelin.png?4a471 Moriggan's Javelin: 700k ea

Morrigan's_throwing_axe.png?362f7 Morrigan's Throwing Axe: 700K ea

Viggora's_chainmace_(u).png?917ad Viggora's Chainmace: 25M

Craw's_bow_(u).png?d20cd Craw's bow: 25M

Thammaron's_sceptre_(u).png?bff2f Thammaron's sceptre: 25M


PvP Armors

All PvP armors can be purchased by Mandrith with blood money

Blood_money_10000.png?c47e2 Blood money: 700 gp ea

Vesta's_chainbody.png?264b5 Vesta's_plateskirt.png?490a0 Vesta set (top/legs) : 200K blood money ~ 140M

Statius's_full_helm.png?362f7 Statius's_platebody.png?9e295 Statius's_platelegs.png?9e295 Statius set (helm/top/legs) : 350K blood money ~ 245M

Morrigan's_coif.png?4a471 Morrigan's_leather_body.png?63a2f Morrigan's_leather_chaps.png?116d6 Morrigans set (coif/top/legs) : 200K blood money ~ 140M

Zuriel's_hood.png?490a0 Zuriel's_robe_top.png?dfc58 Zuriel's_robe_bottom.png?dfc58 Zuriels set (hood/top/legs) : 200K blood money ~ 140M



Barrows token : 2-3 gp each

 Dharok's_helm.png?10653 Dharok's Helm: 3M

Dharok's_platebody.png?10653 Dharok's Platebody: 5M

 Dharok's_platelegs.png?10653 Dharok's Platelegs: 4M

 Dharok's_greataxe.png?10819 Dharok's Greataxe: 6M


 Guthan's_helm.png?c2a50 Guthan's Helm: 3M

 Guthan's_platebody.png?e4ebc Guthan's Platebody: 5M

 Guthan's_chainskirt.png?08776 Guthan's Chainskirt: 4M

 Guthan's_warspear.png?1cdc6 Guthan's Warspear: 6M


 Torag's_helm.png?3b048 Torag's Helm: 3M

 Torag's_platebody.png?e74a5 Torag's Platebody: 5M

 Torag's_platelegs.png?244bd Torag's Platelegs:4M

 Torag's_hammers.png?7c0af Torag's Hammers: 6M


 Verac's_helm.png?cba5a Verac's Helm: 3M

 Verac's_brassard.png?67363 Verac's Brassard: 5M

 Verac's_plateskirt.png?79ed2 Verac's Skirt: 4M

 Verac's_flail.png?5b5b7 Verac's Flail: 6M


 Karil's_coif.png?235e6 Karil's Coif: 3M

 Karil's_leathertop.png?e6074 Karil's Leather Top: 5M

 Karil's_leatherskirt.png?c622f Karil's Leather Skirt: 4M

 Karil's_crossbow.png?a5e09 Karil's Crossbow: 6M


 Ahrim's_hood.png?8c619 Ahrim's Hood: 3M

 Ahrim's_robetop.png?50b92 Ahrim's Robe Top: 5M 

 Ahrim's_robeskirt.png?88ade Ahrim's Robe Skirt: 4M

 Ahrim's_staff.png?e6127 Ahrim's Staff: 6M


 20120104224247!Akrisae's_hood.png?9caa7 Akrisae's Hood: 3M 

 20120104224248!Akrisae's_robe_top.png?61 Akrisae's Robe Top: 5M 

 20120104224247!Akrisae's_robe_skirt.png? Akrisae's Robe Skirt: 4M

 20120104224248!Akrisae's_war_mace.png?61 Akrisae's Warmace: 6M


God Wars Dungeon Gear:

 Bandos_chestplate.png?712ae Bandos Chestplate: 150M-200M

 Bandos_tassets.png?1d9cb Bandos Tassets: 150M-200M

20130813112612!Bandos_gloves.png?25450 Bandos Gloves: 30M-35M

Bandos_boots.png?82211 Bandos Boots: 30M-35M

20160502012038!Bandos_warshield.png?3dd3 Bandos Warshield: 30M-35M

20130704181407!Bandos_helmet.png?09b1e Bandos Helmet: 30M-35M


Ultimate Bandos Chestplate: 500M-600M

  Ultimate Bandos Tassets: 500M-600M

Ultimate Bandos Gloves: 125M-150M 

Ultimate Bandos Boots: 125M-150M

Ultimate Bandos Warshield: 125M-150M

Ultimate Bandos Helmet: 200M-250M


 20080218134636!Armadyl_helmet.png?5be87 Armadyl Helmet: 30M-35M

 20080219111433!Armadyl_chestplate.png?cc Armadyl Chestplate: 150M-200M

 20090303000814!Armadyl_chainskirt.png?2c Armadyl Chainskirt: 150M-200M

20160502005744!Armadyl_gloves.png?4d542 Armadyl Gloves: 30M-35M 

20120906222112!Armadyl_boots.png?23888 Armadyl Boots: 30M-35M 

20160502005715!Armadyl_buckler.png?ab2ce Armadyl Buckler: 30M-35M


Ultimate Armadyl Helmet: 250M-300M

  Ultimate Armadyl Chestplate: 500M

 Ultimate Armadyl Chainskirt: 500M

Ultimate Armadyl Gloves: 100M-150M

Ultimate Armadyl Boots: 100M-150M

Ultimate Armadyl Buckler: 100M-150M


 20160502043525!Hood_of_subjugation.png?c Subjugation Hood: 30M-35M

 20160502035451!Garb_of_subjugation.png?c Subjugation Garb: 60M-75M

 20160502040008!Gloves_of_subjugation.png Subjugation Gloves: 30M-35M

 20160502035451!Garb_of_subjugation.png?c Subjugation Gown: 60M-75M

 20160502014957!Boots_of_subjugation.png? Subjugation Boots: 30M-35M

 20160502090702!Ward_of_subjugation.png?c Subjugation Ward: 30M-35M


Ultimate Subjugation Hood: 200M

Ultimate Subjugation Garb: 375M-450M

 Ultimate Subjugation Gloves: 100M-150M

 Ultimate Subjugation Gown: 375M-450M

 Ultimate Subjugation Boots: 100M-150M

 Ultimate Subjugation Ward: 100M-150M


Nex Gear:

 20120307182844!Torva_full_helm.png?44fdc Torva Full Helm: 750M

 20120307182146!Torva_platebody.png?02e8a Torva Platebody:  1500M

  20120307182926!Torva_platelegs.png?59e72 Torva Platelegs:  1250M

20160502084643!Torva_gloves.png?42ceb Torva Gloves: 250M

20160502084625!Torva_boots.png?b8f8f Torva Boots: 250M


Ultimate Torva Helm: 1.75B

Ultimate Torva Platebody:  2.5B

 Ultimate Torva Platelegs:  2.25B

Ultimate Torva Gloves: 1.25B

Ultimate Torva Boots: 1.25B


20120905194436!Pernix_cowl.png?e3950 Pernix Cowl:  750M

  20120905194426!Pernix_body.png?6c3d0 Pernix Body:  1.5B

20120905194346!Pernix_chaps.png?cb9f8 Pernix Chaps: 1.25B

20160502062558!Pernix_gloves.png?9b904 Pernix Gloves: 250M

20160502062538!Pernix_boots.png?9b904 Pernix Boots: 250M


Ultimate  Pernix Cowl: 1.75B

Ultimate  Pernix Body:  2.5B

Ultimate Pernix Chaps: 2.25B

Ultimate Pernix Gloves: 1.25B

Ultimate Pernix Boots: 1.25B


 20120905213736!Virtus_mask.png?88aec Virtus Mask:  500M

 20120905213737!Virtus_robe_top.png?5f485 Virtus Robe Top: 1B

 20120905213737!Virtus_robe_legs.png?4a8a Virtus Robelegs: 750M

20160502090407!Virtus_gloves.png?5ce24 Virtus Gloves: 250M

20160502090400!Virtus_boots.png?5ce24 Virtus Boots: 250M


Ultimate Virtus Mask:  1.5B

 Ultimate Virtus Robe Top: 2B

 Ultimate Virtus Robelegs: 1.75B

Ultimate Virtus Gloves: 1.25B

Ultimate Virtus Boots: 1.25B


Mage and Ranged Gear:

 Infinity_hat.png?ad06d Infinity Hat: 2M

 Infinity_top.png?ad06d Infinity Robe Top: 5M 

  Infinity_bottoms.png?6a89d Infinity Robe Bottoms: 5M 

 Infinity_gloves.png?6a89d Infinity Gloves: 2M

 20131206213324!Infinity_boots.png?9def8 Infinity Boots: 30M


 Robin_hood_hat.png?ad573 Robin Hood Hat: 20M 

 Rangers'_tunic.png?6fa50 Rangers' Tunic: 20M

 20150330172642!Ranger_boots.png?23af3 Ranger Boots: 40M-65M ~


 20160502070830!Royal_dragonhide_coif.png Royal Dragonhide Coif: 1M

 20160502070825!Royal_dragonhide_body.png Royal Dragonhide Body: 3M

  20160502070844!Royal_dragonhide_vambrace Royal Dragonhide Vambraces: 1M

 20160502070827!Royal_dragonhide_chaps.pn Royal Dragonhide Chaps: 2M


Accessories and Other Gear:

20120306193140!Dragon_full_helm.png?39e9 Dragon Full Helm: 5M

20090802033436!Dragon_platebody.png?1449 Dragon Platebody: 5M

20160502030702!Dragon_kiteshield.png?3ec Dragon Kiteshield: 5M

Dragon_boots.png?e6499 Dragon Boots: 1-2M

 20131115221536!Black_mask.png?7c034 Black Mask: 1M

 Serpentine_helm.png?81846 Serpentine Helm: 40M-50M

Basilisk_jaw.png?e32ce Basilisk Jaw: 50M

Ultimate Slayer Enchantment: 225M 

 20150903194749!Pegasian_boots.png?899cd Pegasian Boots: 100M 

 20150903194748!Eternal_boots.png?21260 Eternal Boots: 50M-60M

 20150903194749!Primordial_boots.png?899c Primordial Boots: 90M-95M

 Pegasian_crystal.png?899cd Pegasian Crystal: 30M-35M

 Eternal_crystal.png?944ec Eternal Crystal: 25M

 Primordial_crystal.png?41a92 Primordial Crystal: 90M-95M

 Smouldering_stone.png?df657 Smouldering Stone: 10M

 20160501213709!Glaiven_boots.png?ab885 Glaiven Boots: 20M-25M

 20160501213710!Ragefire_boots.png?c430c Ragefire Boots: 15M-20M

 20120911193617!Steadfast_boots.png?8146a Steadfast Boots: 20M-25M


  20100218163628!Fighter_hat.png?48847 Fighter Hat: 5M

 20100119211357!Fighter_torso.png?3b258 Fighter Torso: 25M-30M


Raids Gear:

 Justiciar_faceguard.png?7871a Justiciar Faceguard: 125M-150M

 Justiciar_chestguard.png?d988d Justiciar Chestguard: 175M-200M

 Justiciar_legguards.png?15702 Justiciar Legguards: 175M-200M



Ring_of_wealth_(i).png?4f1c0 Ring of Wealth (I): 15M-20M

Ring_of_stone.png?a930b Ring of Stone: 10M

Warrior_ring.png?138d3 Warrior Ring: 15M

 Seers_ring.png?fd42c Seers' Ring: 25M

Archers_ring.png?e1aeb Archers' Ring: 25M 

 Berserker_ring.png?d82d8 Berserker Ring: 30-40M

 Ring_of_the_gods.png?475f4 Ring of the Gods: 150M-200M

Treasonous_ring.png?30835 Treasonous Ring: 50M-75M

20181113195146!Tyrannical_ring.png?cef54 Tyrannical Ring: 50M-75M

 Zenyte_shard.png?3be69 Zenyte Shard: 300M

 20160506110857!Ring_of_suffering.png?542 Ring of Suffering: 300M

 20160506110857!Tormented_bracelet.png?8d Tormented Bracelet: 300M

20150512020542!Amulet_of_fury.png?3e14a Amulet of Fury: 10M

20150512020544!Berserker_necklace.png?19 Berserker Necklace: 10M 

Occult_necklace.png?30b38 Occult Necklace: 15M

   20160506110856!Amulet_of_torture.png?590 Amulet of Torture: 300M

20160506110856!Necklace_of_anguish.png?5 Necklace of Anguish: 300M

 Wings of Wealth: 500M-600M

Imbue Scroll: 5M

 Looters Amulet: 350M-400M

Infinity Necklace: 1.1B-1.3B

Infinity Ring: 1.2B-1.4B

Soul Necklace: 55M-60M

Tools, Skilling, and Supplies:

 20140803064549!Dragon_axe.png?5cf4a Dragon Hatchet: 25M

 20190124113551!Dragon_pickaxe.png?408c3 Dragon Pickaxe: 5M



 Cannonball.png?06286 Cannonballs: 2K each

 Zulrah's_scales_5.png?93aed Zulrah Scales: 500GP

 Crystal_key.png?5e6ec Crystal Keys: 750K

20160503051928!Ganodermic_flake_5.png?cd Ganodermic Flakes: 10K


20110216070655!Maple_logs.png?87db5 Maple Logs:  1K 

 20091013062455!Yew_logs.png?e4eba Yew Logs: 2.5K

 20090304155321!Magic_logs.png?69204 Magic Logs: 5K

  20160602210118!Redwood_logs.png?80eea Redwood Logs: 20K 


 20130821163328!Gold_ore.png?a99ea Gold Ore: 3K 

 Gold_bar.png?05c77 Gold Bar: 1K 

 20140101071414!Coal.png?76658 Coal: 300 GP 

 20130301023027!Adamantite_ore.png?c4648 Adamant Ore: 1K 

 Adamantite_bar.png?06d1e Adamant Bar: 30K 

 Runite_ore.png?ae8da Runite Ore: 5K 

 20130301155732!Runite_bar.png?29635 Runite Bar: 50K


20110216075134!Infernal_ashes.png?62deb Infernal Ashes: 20K

 20090303015516!Dragon_bones.png?ac1a7 Dragon Bones: 25K 

 20090303015451!Dagannoth_bones.png?e4f55 Dagannoth Bones: 30K

20080330171735!Wyvern_bones.png?86abf Wyvern Bones: 25K

 Superior_dragon_bones.png?105c4 Superior Dragon Bones: 60K 

 20090303015626!Ourg_bones.png?d333e Ourg Bones: 35K

 20100719152911!Frost_dragon_bones.png?01 Frost Dragon Bones: 65K

 20090112170930!Raw_monkfish.png?c1f37 Raw Monkfish: 2K EA

20090112170928!Monkfish.png?6ccb4  Monkfish: 2K EA

 20100215214441!Raw_shark.png?65ad5 Raw Shark: 2K EA

  20080330164534!Shark.png?513e9 Shark: 2K EA

 20111127142500!Raw_manta_ray.png?18714 Raw Manta Ray: 3K EA

 20111125185547!Manta_ray.png?b2c7b  Manta Ray: 3K EA

 20100126222407!Raw_rocktail.png?dffce Raw Rocktail: 5K EA

 20140210171203!Rocktail.png?1d356 Rocktail: 5K EA

 20170126233728!Raw_dark_crab.png?33c13 Raw Dark Crab: 5K EA

 Dark_crab.png?3f3f9 Dark Crab: 5K EA

 Raw_anglerfish.png?2fc0e Raw Anglerfish: 5K EA

 Anglerfish.png?2fc0e Anglerfish: 5K EA


20121020140319!Extreme_magic_(4).png?e5d 20151219001419!Extreme_strength_(4).png? 20151219001354!Extreme_attack_(4).png?7f 20121013150449!Extreme_ranging_(4).png?4 20151219001400!Extreme_defence_(4).png?f Extreme Potions: 55K

 20121013030557!Overload_(4).png?56b8d Overloads (4): 375K 20160502061708!Overload_flask_(6).png?09 Overloads (6): 575K

                                                                                20111127071753!Prayer_renewal_(4).png?19 Prayer Renewals (4) : 35K & 20160502063939!Prayer_renewal_flask_(6). Prayer Renewals (6): 50K

                                                                                  20121013032614!Adrenaline_potion_(4).png Recover Special (4) : 65K20160502003903!Adrenaline_flask_(6).png? Recover Special (6): 100K


Rares and Donatables:

  Mystery Box: 65M 

 Super Mystery Box: 100M

 God Mystery Box: 150M

 Donator Shard: 85K-100K 

 20140710115211!3rd_age_bow.png?dd6f4 3rd Age Bow: 150M

 20140710115212!3rd_age_wand.png?d788f 3rd Age Wand: 150M

 20140710115211!3rd_age_longsword.png?953 3rd Age Longsword: 200M

 20150606163704!3rd_age_cloak.png?86128 3rd Age Cloak: 150M

 20091228142208!Third_age_full_helmet.png 3rd Age Full Helmet: 100M

 20141217225056!3rd_age_platebody.png?b22 3rd Age Platebody: 100M

 20141217225224!3rd_age_platelegs.png?fc3 3rd Age Platelegs: 100M

 20141217225351!3rd_age_kiteshield.png?41 3rd Age Melee Kiteshield: 100M

 20141217225008!3rd_age_mage_hat.png?3ebc 3rd Age Mage Hat: 100M

 20141217225121!3rd_age_robe_top.png?a77f 3rd Age Robe Top: 100M

 20141217225244!3rd_age_robe.png?a5dc8 3rd Age Robe: 100M

20141217225029!3rd_age_range_coif.png?25 3rd Age Range Coif: 100M 

20141217225201!3rd_age_range_top.png?194 3rd Age Range Top: 100M

 20141217225321!3rd_age_range_legs.png?a0 3rd Age Range Legs: 100M

 20141217225407!3rd_age_vambraces.png?309 3rd Age Vambraces: 25M

 20100808084307!Third_age_druidic_wreath. 3rd Age Druidic Wreath: 1000M

 3rd_age_druidic_robe_top.png?c26e5 3rd Age Druidic Top: 1000M

 3rd_age_druidic_robe_bottoms.png?e1a6a 3rd Age Druidic Bottom: 1000M

 3rd_age_druidic_cloak.png?86c68 3rd Age Druidic Cloak: 1000M

 3rd_age_druidic_staff.png?c26e5 3rd Age Druidic Staff: 1000M


 Easter_egg.png?422bd Easter Egg: 1M

 Pumpkin.png?c878f Pumpkin: 1M

 20130807111149!Santa_hat.png?b8acc Santa Hat: 250M-300M

 Black_santa_hat.png?d605a Black Santa Hat: 550M

 20131119214909!Blue_halloween_mask.png?9 Blue H'ween Mask: 200M

 20130629091542!Green_halloween_mask.png? Green H'ween Mask: 200M

 20131119215113!Red_halloween_mask.png?c2 Red H'ween Mask: 200M

 Yellow_partyhat.png?b5730 Yellow Partyhat: 500M

 Green_partyhat.png?beac9 Green Partyhat: 500M

 20130707135256!Purple_partyhat.png?4b3c1 Purple Partyhat: 500M

 Blue_partyhat.png?153ee Blue Partyhat: 500M

 Red_partyhat.png?b5730 Red Partyhat: 500M

 White_partyhat.png?b5730 White Partyhat: 500M

 Black_partyhat.png?28b80 Black Partyhat: 1.2B-1.5B ~


  Sapphire Ticket: 150M (3000 Donator Shards)

Sapphire To Emerald Ticket: 300M (5250 Donator Shards)

  Emerald Ticket: 450M (8400 Donator Shards)

Emerald To Ruby Ticket: 650M (11,000 Donator Shards)

  Ruby Ticket: 1.1B (19,000 Donator Shards)

Ruby To Diamond Ticket: 1.3B (25,000 Donator Shards)

  Diamond Ticket: 2.4B (48,000 Donator Shards)

Diamond To Onyx Ticket: 2.6B (72,000 Donator Shards)

  Onyx Ticket: 5B (119,000 Donator Shards)

Onyx To Zenyte Ticket: 3.5B (60,000 Donator Shards)

 Zenyte Ticket: 8.5B (180,000 Donator Shards)


Shoutout to the contributors of this price guide:

Nick - Made the Original Price Guide.

Raj, Madoc, Ext Stoner, Nev3r - reported up to date prices for listed items.

Monk Bird - Mediates price discussion/edits list accordingly

Zio - Created up to date thread, added new items and updated values.


We recommend you all use this price as a guide when determining item values.

Prices are subject to change and variation.

Hope this helps!


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would it be possible to add infernal ashes to the price guide? prob around 30k ea since wyvern is 25k ea and gives less xp 

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On 31-1-2019 at 8:26 PM, Blackmarket said:

i would add them but they're not actively traded, therefore i don't know their current prices. @Mrbadluck

2k for monkfishes

And add looters necklace please

Edited by Mrbadluck

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