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Completionist Cape Req Update

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As someone who has a Completionist cape,
I feel like the task list we have is very outdated,
and could be more engaging with actually "completing" content on our server.

So I started writing up a newer updated requirement list, and open to others adding/discussing things to change with it...


Completionist Cape

  • All Skills 99
  • 120 Dungeoneering
  • All Quests
  • 300 Music Tracks Unlocked
  • All Skilling Outfits Obtained - (Golden Mining Suit, Lumberjack, Black Ibis, Master Runecrafting)
  • All Slayer Abilities Unlocked From Slayer Reward Shop (3450 Slayer Points)
  • *** All Hard Diaries Completed
  • Obtain Full Void Set
  • Obtain an Imbued Godcape
  • Obtain an Ava's Assembler* (Update so you get it 100% at 50 Kc and Rng for kills before and after 50)
  • Kill All Bosses x1
  • Kill All Slayer Monster x10
  • Obtain the First Book from QBD
  • Complete 1 of Each Tier of Clue Scroll
  • Fill At least 1 Godbook
  • Obtain a Rune Pouch
  • Obtain a Dragon Defender
  • Sell Mandrith a Statuette
  • Win One Game of Stealing Creations
  • Win One Game of Fight Pits
  • Win one Game of Castle Wars
  • Buy all Rewards from Puro-Puro (Imp Repellent, Magic Butterfly Net, Jar Generator)
  • Kill 50 Bosses in Dominion Tower
  • Mine a Shooting Star
  • Cut a Evil Tree
  • Win a Quick Reaction Challenge
  • Obtain Blisterwood Polearm (100 Vyre Corpse) *suggestion from summer

***Diaries - Adding Achievement Diaries to introduce the achievement diary rewards would be a great benefit to a lot of area around the server.
Ardougne Diary -  Cloaks, Better Chance of Pickpocketing/Stealing From Stalls
Desert Diary - Add shortcut to KQ, Add Zahur (A npc that allows you to pay to turn clean herbs + vials of water into Unfinished Potions / Works with notes)
Kandarin Diary - Helm acts as light source, 10% more likely chance of bolt spec activating, 10% increase yield in catherby
Karamja Diary - Access to Shilo Village Gem Mine, 1 Free Resurrection in Fight Caves, metal drags in brimhaven dung drop noted bars
Lumbridge Diary - A extra slayer block slot, ability to use fairy rings without dramen staff(as a non donor)
Morytania Diary - Bonus Slay xp in Slayer Tower, 50% more runes from barrows Chests
Varrock Diary - Chance to mine/smelt 2 ores at once
Western Province Diary - Access to a private hunter area, Increased slayer points from nieve, 1 resurrection at zulrah a day
Wilderness Diary - Wine of Zamorak can be collected at chaos temple (noted), ability to choose destination on obelisks

And this is just some of the osrs rewards, there could be custom benefits to more fit our server, these items can also serve as fashion scape to some players.


Trimmed Completionist

  • All Skills 110
  • ***All Elite Diaries
  • Obtain a Elite Void Set
  • Kill all Bosses x3
  • Fill all God Books
  • Complete a total of 100 Clue Scrolls
  • ***A Castle Wars Reward to Aim for
  • ***Catching X amount of implings in Puro-Puro (If a tracker can be added)
  • Kill 500 Dominion Tower Bosses
  • Get all rewards from Quick Reaction Challenges
  • Obtain a Boss/Skilling Pet
  • Obtain all Books from QBD


Feel free to leave feedback positive or negative

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