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Treasure Trails

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Hey everyone,

Just thought that it would be nice if you would get like a guranteed reward from treasure trails and then also get the current teasure trails rewards. Right now I feel like doing clue scrolls is pretty useless since 99% of the items are decoratives or just super low-level items like bronze-rune. Not to mention that 3rd age isn't even as expensive as on Runescape so you can expect to make a gigantic bank from getting lucky.

It would be nice if you got like 250/500/1000k for easy/medium/hard every time with the current rewards. That way it might be a viable money making method and most people would actually do their clues.

EDIT: Would also be nice if you could track how many clues you've done (Like 14 hard, 29 medium and 7 easy)

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Sounds a reasonable addition, the amount of gp would have to be a lot less than what you suggested though. Especially for how easy it is to obtain easy/medium clues (can easily get multiple per invent)

But either way, clue scrolls were made to introduce cosmetic/fashionscape items anyway, so don't see why it's much of a issue.

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