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Found 3 results

  1. Hi so today I hope you can all vote on this poll to outline the best ever Onyx update Thank you for your time All votes are anonymous.
  2. Update patch: 21-02-2018 Monster related updates: Lizardmen Shaman > You can now attack these monsters with Level 1 Slayer. The dragon warhammer drop is now a Global Announcement. Wyverns Dracnonic visage now announces on drop Fossil Island Wyverns. Ancient, Taloned, Spitting and Long tailed wyverns have been added. You can also get these wyverns as a slayer task. Northern & Southern wyvern caves have been added, You can also teleport there by using the blue portal at home. Brutal Black Dragons. You now require level 77 slayer to attack these monsters Skilling related updates: Willow logs. Before this update, items that came from a Willow Log were intantly nulled. This is now fixed. Karambwanji. You will now catch 2 Karambwanji at level 5 Fishing. Every 5 levels past this level, you will catch another additional Karambwanji. Fletching bug. Being able to craft 27 Short/Longbow(u) with one Bowstring got patched. Fishing spots. There were some spots players coudn't reach. This got fixed. Mining. Coal and Gold deposits at the Donator Zone now decay. Added 1 gold ore deposit to wilderness resourec area, which can decay aswell. Skill of the day. Skill of the day now displays as xp bonus. Wildy Resource Area. Skilling at wilderness resource area now yields extra 20% xp. Crate at home. The crate at home, now acts as a Level 1 Stall. Agility. The agility set now announces when drops the first time. Minigame related updates: Castle Wars. Both teams will be rewarded, whether you win or lose. Its game timer is now set to 10 minutes. Its waiting time was reduced, from 5 minutes to 1. castle wars now announce result when game finishes. You can now use the stepping stones inside this minigame. Pest Control. Pest control Arrows/Runes are unlimited now, due to high demand. & When winning a pest control game, it will be globablly announced. The stairs at pest control are now fully functional. Fight Pits. Tokkul drops have been boosted x20. New ossible reward: Uncut onyx. The Fight Pits winner will now be announced. Fight Kiln. Gilded, Infernal, 3rd age and stealing creation pickaxes now work on TokHaar-Ket-Dill too. Inferno Test mode. You can now enable a Test Mode for inferno, (Jad Waves+) Stealing Creation. Stealing creation now announces result when game finishes. Dominion Tower. Dominion Gloves are now globally announced on drop. Warriors guild. Increased defenders drop chance and decreased dragon defender drop chance. & dragon defender now announces on drop. Commands & Teleportation related updates. Task command. Ruby+ Donators can now use this command. Mode Command. Using the ::mode command, will tell you what command you're playing on. Duradel Teleport. Fixed the duradel teleport for Emerald+ Donators. Miscellaneous related updates: Imbue Rings. Changed from 10 Tickets to 50 Tickets. Dice zone. You can now use a Bank Chest at the dice zone. Request Assist. This feature is now turned off by default. Run Energy. This feature is now turned on by default, when making new accounts. Dwarf Cannon. Increased its attack speed. & Diamond+ Donators now have a 50% Chance of saving a cannonball, while using the cannon. Elder maul. The elder maul emote has been fixed. Shooting stars. Once the shooting star has been crashed, there will now be a global announcement with its location. Clue scrolls. All rare treasure trail rewards now announced & You no longer need a sextant in your inventory to dig for clue scrolls. Pk Tablets. Pk tablets now reveal target last location instead of teleporting. Gnome Stronghold Bank. fixed the gnome stronghold west bank, going up stairs used to get you stuck. This got fixed. Explosive Potions. Dropping explosive pots now deal damage. Rock Cake. "Rohan" under white wolf montain now sells dwarven rock cakes. Crate at home. The crate at home, now acts as a Level 1 Stall. Fossil Island Music. Added preserved music to fossil island Store related updates: Onyx Shop. Added the Anti-dragon shield. Added the Kinship Ring. Donator Store. Players can now purchase a Twisted bow from the Store. Thank you @Onyx for the great updates, once again!
  3. Buying GF

    Update #1

    Update List #1 Fixed Black screen/freezing in Lumbridge Cooked Chicken Fixed Added Ava npc to Draynor Manor Added more bats in game Mackerel fixed Burying bones on altar in Dungeoneering fixed Added even more music in game Unicorn drops horn now Fixed stairs under dwarf mountain More spades in game Brine sabre easier to get + Anim fixed Curing now works on Yak hide Fishing guild accessible Increased Slayer task points

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