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Found 3 results

  1. Out Classed

    Summoning on Onyx RSPS is the exact same as Runescape leveling wise. You make Summoning Pouches by fusing a Regular pouch, Spirit Shard, Charm, and a specific secondary. These summons can be used alongside you in PVP, PVM, and more. Locations of three main summoning obelisks 1. ::Summoning 2. ::dz 3. ::ddz Pouches Gold Charms Secondary Level 1: Spirit Wolf Pouch Wolf bones Level 4: Dreadfowl Pouch Raw Chicken Level 10: Spirit Spider Pouch Spider Carcass Level 13: Thorny Snail Pouch Uncooked thin snail Level 16: Granite Crab Pouch Iron ore Level 17: Spirit Mosquito Pouch Mosquito Proboscis Level 40: Bull Ant Pouch Marigold Level 52: Spirit Terrorbird Pouch Raw Bird Meat Level 66: Barker Toad Pouch Swamp Toad Level 67: War Tortoise Pouch Tortoise Shell Level 71: Arctic Bear Pouch Polar Kebbit Fur Green Charms Level 18: Desert Wyrm Pouch Bucket of Sand Level 28: Compost Mound Pouch Bucket of Compost Level 33: Beaver Pouch 1 Willow Log Level 34: Void Ravager Pouch Ravager Charm Level 41: Macaw Pouch Clean Guam leaf Level 43: Spirit Cockatrice Pouch Cockatrice Egg Level 43: Spirit Guthatrice Pouch Guthatrice Egg Level 43: Spirit Saratrice Pouch Saratrice Egg Level 43: Spirit Zamatrice Pouch Zamatrice Egg Level 43: Spirit Pengatrice Pouch Pengatrice Egg Level 43: Spirit Coraxatrice Pouch Coraxatrice Egg Level 43: Spirit Vulatrice Pouch Vulatrice Egg Level 47: Magpie Pouch Gold Ring Level 54: Abyssal Parasite Pouch Abyssal Charm Level 56: Ibis Pouch Harpoon Level 62: Abyssal Lurker Pouch Abyssal Charm Level 68: Bunyip Pouch Raw Shark Level 69: Fruit Bat Pouch Banana Level 76: Forge Regent Pouch Ruby Harvest Butterfly Level 78 Giant Ent Pouch Willow Branch Level 80: Hydra Pouch Water Orb Level 88: Unicorn Stallion Pouch Unicorn Horn Level 93: Abyssal Titan Pouch Abyssal Charm Blue Charms Level 23: Albino Rat Pouch Raw Rat Meat Level 25: Spirit Kalphite Pouch Potato Cactus Level 29: Giant Chinchompa Pouch Chinchompa Level 34: Void Spinner Pouch Spinner Charm Level 34: Void Torture Pouch Torcher Charm Level 34: Void Shifter Pouch Shifter Charm Level 36: Bronze Minotaur Pouch Bronze Bar Level 46: Iron Minotaur Pouch Iron Bar Level 55: Spirit Jelly Pouch Jug of Water Level 56: Steel Minotaur Pouch Steel Bar Level 57: Spirit Kyatt Pouch Perfect Kyatt Fur Level 57: Spirit Larupia Pouch Perfect Larupia fur Level 57: Spirit Graahk Pouch Perfect Graahk Fur Level 58: Karamthulhu Overlord Pouch Empty Fish Bowl Level 66: Mithril Minotaur Pouch Mithril Bar Level 73: Obsidian Golem Pouch Obsidian Charm Level 76: Adamant Minotaur Pouch Adamant Bar Level 79: Fire Titan Pouch Fire Talisman Level 79: Moss Titan Pouch Earth Talisman Level 79: Ice Titan Pouch Air Talisman Level 83: Lava Titan Pouch Obsidian Charm Level 86: Rune Minotaur Pouch Rune Bar Level 89: Geyser Titan Pouch Water Talisman Crimson Charms Level 19: Spirit Scorpion Pouch Bronze Claws Level 22: Spirit Tz-Kih Pouch Obsidian Charm Level 31: Vampyre Bat Pouch Vampyre Dust Level 32: Honey Badger Pouch Honeycomb Level 42: Evil Turnip Pouch Carved Evil Turnip Level 46: Pyrelord Pouch Tinderbox Level 49: Bloated Leech Pouch Raw Beef Level 61: Smoke Devil Pouch Pile of Goat Horn Dust Level 63: Spirit Cobra Pouch Snake hide Level 64: Stranger Plant Pouch Bagged plant Level 70: Ravenous Locust Pouch Pot of Flour Level 72: Phoenix Pouch Phoenix Quill (Need completion of ‘In Pyre Need’ Quest.) Level 74: Granite Lobster Pouch One block of granite (500g, 2kg, or 5kg) Level 75: Praying Mantis Pouch Bunch of Flowers (Any besides black or white) Level 77: Talon Beast Pouch Talon Beast Charm Level 83: Spirit Dagannoth Pouch Dagannoth Hide Level 85: Swamp Titan Pouch Swamp Lizard Level 92: Wolpertinger Pouch Raw Rabbit and Wolf Bones Level 95: Iron Titan Pouch Iron Platebody Level 96: Pack Yak Pouch Yak Hide Level 99: Steel Titan Pouch Steel Platebody Methods to 99 My Preferred Method to 99: Level 1-4: Spirit Wolf Pouches Level 4-16: Dreadfowl Pouches Level 16-36: Granite Crabs Pouches Level 36-46 Bronze Minotaur Pouches Level 46-76: Iron Minotaur Pouches Level 76-86: Adamant Minotaur Pouches Level 86-95: Rune Minotaur Pouches Level 95-99: Iron Titan Pouches Note: This method takes a lot of Blue Charms Alternative Method: Levels 1-4 Spirit Wolf Pouches Levels 4-16 Dreadfowl pouches Levels 16-33 Granite Crabs Pouches Levels 33-46 Beaver Pouches Levels 46-64 PyreLord Pouches Levels 64-76 Stranger Plant Pouch Levels 76-86 Adamant Minotaur Pouches Levels 86-95 Rune Minotaur Pouches Levels 95-99 Iron Titan Pouch If Anyone has any other methods to 99, tips on charm gathering, or any advice for other people training summoning on the server please feel free to share them in the comments or pm me in game to add it to the guide. Thanks to Atazoth for helping out with the guide. Later!
  2. So, Alex, we can't craft granite 5kg and 2kg . We need it for summoning cuz we can make "granite lobster pounch" only with 500g granite stone . Thx . i offer fix or code Hunter traps, cuz net trap, deathfall trap is not working. . Puro Puro is to booring. So hunter dead now for my ;/. Gl .

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