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Found 10 results

  1. Good morning all, Two suggestions. I. Being able to Lock Exp in Certain skills by talking to the Onyx Guide, and Locking Exp. This would be a big one for skillers. This way it would take away from skillers submitting a trouble ticket just to be teleported to the skill alchemist to reset skills back to 1. (If they are not a donator) Credits: Tuna II. Being able to have a upgraded tool-belt. Example: If you have 61 Woodcutting you would be able to put a Dragon Hatchet in your tool-belt instead of a bronze hatchet. This would also help save an inventory space, and time from having to grab it from your bank if you're doing events like Evil Tree or Shooting Star. Credits: Everyone Thank you, -Rare Squared
  2. GUIDE "Messages like these mean the suggestion has been answered \ added to upcoming updates." "Messages like these mean the suggestion has been removed from the suggestion list." "Messages like these have been added into the game." SUGGESTIONS 1. Change \ add more dragons to the location of slayer tele for green dragons. 2. Change the thieveable stalls to be thieveable even if another user is thieving it at a different tick, user completes the animation but receives no loot \ exp. 3. Make it so you don't need inventory space to pick up coins with your coin pouch (unless in wilderness). Edit One [11:33AM AEST] {02/03/2019} 4. Remove or move the strange old man from Verac's barrows hill. [Messes attempting to click the spade and theres already one at the entrance.] 5. Make previous teleport a Right Click option for the Onyx Guide at Edgeville bank & for the Nexus Portal in the middle of Edgeville. [Life Improving] 6. Give the option to block trivia \ answer questions from yell. [Filtering game chat removes all announcements completely when some people would just rather it get rid of the spammed trivia \ answer messages.] 7. Change Grand Exchanges first interface to allow a first left click on item sale from the inventory. Also a button that could just immediately set the price to the Grand Exchange's auto buy price would be fancy. [Life Improving] 8. Add sharks to ::fishing teleport and\or add them to Catherby's fishing area. Only current spot to fish sharks is fishing guild. 9. Reduce the event announcement from pets, shits annoying. 10. Fix tick damage when a pest control event ends (the damage dealt on the same tick as the game ending inflicts damage after the game, I have and others have died to this, not sure if it would remove a hardcores hardcore but I wouldn't doubt it.) 11. Remove teleport controls from Onyx Guide, the main way to teleport should be spellbook \ Nexus Portal. Nexus Guide should just be a guide for new players. 12. Get rid of all options from the home tele in the spell book and just have it teleport home. 13. Remove pest control completion yell announcements. Edit Two [7:47PM AEST] {08/03/2019} 14. Introduce "Attack Options" - Left click only, Right click all levels, etc. 15. Add a "Wildy Task Teleport" tablet as a rare drop from wildy monsters while they're a players slayer task. (rare) 16. Make pets that should be able to change colour, change colour. (example : giving a coloured ore to rock golem - turns into the ores colour.) 17. Colour each "Crushed" ruby, emerald, diamond, etc to their respected colour. 18. Make thieveable items noteable (from the bank). 19. Introduce Brimstone keys, put a chest @ slayer masters and give all slayer monsters (on task) a chance at dropping each key. Keys can give similar drops as osrs, as in skilling supplies, dragon and rune items. Maybe some rarer items too. Edit Three [9:55AM AEST] {09/03/2019} 20. Stop rune pouch announcing runes used as each spell is casted, instead just announce when there isn't enough runes left to cast the selected spell. 21. Make cast-able spells show up as cast-able in the spell tab even when the runes are in the rune pouch. (Currently doesn't show.) 22. Allow bank tabs to be move-able throughout the bank tabs. 23. Introduce actual achievements \ (if this is something you'd take on-board I can make an entire list on beginner - intermediate - hard and elite achievements.) Edit Four [5:12PM AEST] {09/03/2019} 24. Introduce bone crusher, can be bought with vote \ loyalty points \ donated for the same price as fighter torso \ earned from a quest. 25. Give GodWars Wildy dungeon it's mark on the map. (Currently doesn't show up) 26. Add all aura examines, some just say what the item is, not what it does. 27. Add the option toggle show \ disable roofs 28. Show max hit at the bottom of the "Combat Styles" menu instead of in the quest tab. 29. Add in-game drop rate \ drop list (search \ ui). 30. Show how many players are in wilderness on quest tab. 31. Add treasure chest to home that you can add your cosmetic pieces into (mime set, princess set, etc.) Completeing each set can give a reward. (Similar to the Oldschool Runescape's home clue treasury.) 32. Make it possible to skip tasks instead of resigning them. 33. Add Blood Runes to mage bank shop \ Lunar Isle rune shop 34. Change "Your ring of wealth shines brightly" for items that are on the rare drop table to items that might be considered a deemed item to get. loading..
  3. I have alot to list so here we go. -full lunars spell book (mostly benefits iron men and QOL changes.) -Barbarian fly fishing for speed xp, -Bulk-general items such as jugs of water etc for wines (fast cooking exp) and so on. -Using other types of feathers (Such as from hunter) for fishing. -(Not sure if this is possible), but add in the osrs monsters to the in game skill guides. More to come later. Thanks, -Russ
  4. Good morning all, My suggestion would be to add a Combat Tutor at home, or in Lumbridge where they normally are. This way Skillers can claim a training bow whether they are an Ironman or not. It also allows for more fashionscape in game. If you couldn't add an NPC with the items, I would suggest that you could add it to the loyalty shop or vote shop. Thanks, -Rare Squared
  5. I feel a couple of the osrs features would be nice on here. 1. being able to hold control and zooming out further, I really struggle with the capped range of zoom. 2. With box traps osrs has had an update for quite a few months where you can right click it and reset the trap. I saw there was this feature however didn't seem to work for me? 3. I also like the idea of being able to transfer an accounts donator status towards your other accounts upgrade. So for example you have 2 emerald accounts but you want a ruby account, you could get the $40 emerald from your alt and class it as $40 towards your next upgrade. (I understand this is probably not going to pass and is merely for my own benefit) 4. A staff member in Europe. Theres a particular time zone roughly 4am-11am server time I struggle to see any staff online. (Not suggesting myself as i'm busy most weekdays now). These are the suggestions of the top of my head at the moment. Will add some more when I think of some.
  6. Just a few miscellaneous suggestions: - Untradeables (void, fcape, d defender, torso) are in your inventory upon death IN WILDERNESS ONLY and require a "repair" fee like OSRS. - Wilderness levels have summoning removed so it reads (126 + 12) rather than 138. - Barrow's doors less buggy. Sometimes you can't walk through them unless you spam click. - PC/Stealing Creation/PKing/Bossing events every weekend. Can be discussed at Onyx's discretion. - Official price guide compiled by Otter, Stuart, Onyx, and two or three seasoned veteran players (I'm sick of everyone knowing prices when they charge 200% what an item is worth or saying something isn't worth a specific amount). - Monthly double or triple drop rate events for an hour or two that Onyx hosts and can have meet and greets with the players (when he's not busy coding ofc). - Torso added to PC for 500 PC points because Giant Mole is the most annoying boss in game. - A voting shop to start spending the voting points we have (make the items obviously relatively expensive because we all have a shit load of VP). - Also, had NMZ or some way to imbue rings, helms, etc. Feel free to add things you would like to see! Thanks guys!
  7. ra_

    Some Suggestions

    Hello Onyx fellows. This is my first suggestions batch. Been arround for a week on Onyx now, so forgive me if any of this has already been suggested or if is already added. Skilling suggestions : Wall safes (good Thieving xp and also gives uncut gems) Lizards/Salamanders and Warlocks hunting (good Hunter xp) Pyramid agility (not much xp but as you tip the top you get cash) Req assistance (it's really useful for people with lower levels and prevents em from being scammed) Items suggestions : OSRS Skillcape and Max cape perks Imbued God capes Clue bottles, clue geodes and clue nests Updated OSRS methods to get medium clues Bonecrusher (auto burys droped bones) Herb sack (stores up to 30 of each of the grimy herbs) Coal bag (provides an additional 27 coal slots) Gem bag (can hold up to 60 of each uncut gems) Looting bag (I know you can obtain it already, but does not work atm) Magic secaterus (increase the crop yield by 10%) Super combat, stamina, anti-venom potions Amulet of the damned (provides extra buffs for barrows sets) Holy wrench (when drinking a prayer potion, super restore potion, or Sanfew serum, they will regain additional Prayer points, depending on their Prayer level) Bone sack (sends bones droped by monsters automatically to bank) Rune pouch (can store 16,000 of three types of runes) Jar Generator (generates impling and butterfly jars, comes with 100 charges, each impling jar takes 3 charges and butterfly jar takes 1 charge) Dwarven rock cake (lowers the player hp for dharoking) Saradomin's tear (creates the Saradomin blessed sword, which adds +18 to slash attack and +6 to strength bonus) Ring of wealth(i) (increases the chance of receiving clue scrolls in the Wilderness) Brawling gloves (drops from Revenants. When wearing the gloves in the Wilderness, the boost scales according to the depth the player is in, from 50% bonus to 300% (totaling 4× normal experience)) Imbued heart (dropped by superior Slayer monsters. Temporarily raise their Magic level by 2 to 10 levels (1 + 10% of the player's level, rounded down)) Add a herb box (very rare drop rate from any monster above lvl 60. Contains a small amount of random herbs) Add latest OSRS clue items for the fashionscape Make it so Oziach crafts the Dragon fire shield for a fee like in RS Add the colored Slayer helmets from osrs for the fashionscape Add the skilling outfits like graceful, prospector, lumberjack, rogue Add a method to enchant helms like Slayer helm, neitiznot helm, arma helm for extra bonuses NPC suggestions : Add Boss Slayer tasks Add Nieve's cave along with the bosses Add Catacombs of the Kourend and Skotizo Add Slayer superior monsters from OSRS Add the recent Slayer NPC drops rework from OSRS Add Jahaar at home (heals the player's hp, special attack and lowered stats) Add fire weakness for metal dragons (didn't seem to be added when i tried to fight em with fire spells) Add Shamans for dragon warhammer Other/Misc suggestions : Add HCIM mode Increase client render distance Add the newest Slayer perks from OSRS Add the rare drop table from Slayer Add the new silver jewelry crafting from OSRS Make Fighter torso and fighter hat obtainable from pest control Add Barrows chests count and clue scrolls count Add a option in the bank chest or a npc at home to decant all potions in your inventory Add a drops log in discord or forums (so players that were offline have the possibility to know which drops other players received) Make it so the noted Mole skins and Mole claws can be traded to Wyson the gardener for bird nests. Increase the ammount of teleports given from clue scrolls (currently only gives 1 of each teleport) Add the achievment diarys from OSRS, the achievment perks and items (it's really helpful) Add last man standing minigame (it's pretty fun) Add some random events like "loot crates" which will be dropped each 1-2 hrs and will contain few items like addy, rune, food, skilling supplies, etc. Remove or decrease auras from SoF, at some point players will have alot of the same auras which will be useless Change vote rewards from spins to vote points and create a shop where you can exchange the vote points for stuff like spins, herb sack, rune pouch, salve amulet, gem bag, coal bag, holy wrench, magic secaterus, bone sack, fighter torso, fighter hat, box of skilling supplies, etc...(also make the vote points tradeable to provide a money making method) Add a streaming system where if you stream atleast 1 hour each 24 hour you will receive an amount of vote points or any other type of reward Remove the welcome, voted and donated world messages (IMO, not everyone wants to know they joined/voted/donated and it also pollutes the chatbox) Drop formula rework. I have killed arround 2k (not a guess, calculated from xp gained) abby demons and haven't gotten a single whip drop, but 2 abby daggers on standard mode, however I got a whip in under 200 kc on an easy mode acc. I have never been so unlucky on rs nor any other rsps so I am pretty sure there's something wrong Make the Donate store less P2W. Just because the items are lucky, doesn't mean they aren't P2W. These items will still give a VERY BIG advantage over regular players and also will make it MUCH EASIER to obtain the non-lucky version of those items. A nice replacement would be buyable permanent perks that are not O.P. Also the donator ranks should be obtained by the total ammount donated. Why? Because follow the logic, if someone has already a donator rank and wants to upgrade it, they will just have wasted money for theyr previous donator rank, also this makes so accumulating a higher total donation ammount has a meaning, perhaps then, make the ranks a little more expensive. (this is constructive criticism) These are to increase the gaming imersion, to help each player's progression and also make the game more fair, most of the suggestions are inspired from OSRS. Would love to see the player's feedback on those. Thanks.
  8. Death & myself have come up with a few suggestions that could help overall quality of life. Below you will find our 15 suggestions of wonder. 1) Fix Falador to Taverly dungeon shortcut https://www.runehq.com/image/cityguides/falador/westshortcut.png 2) Allow players to obtain the Armadyl pendant from Lucien in Ardougne 3) Access to the werewolf agility course 4) Ability to add better tools to toolbelt (such as rune) 5) Add the ability to open oysters 6) Fix magic dart spell (slayer dart) 7) Fix looting bag 8) fix Insert item interface in bank 9) Remove owner/youtuber's from highscores (that were given max xp) 10) Add sawmill operator to DZ 11) Add concentrated gold to DZ 12) Add a ::FAQ command. (can help come up with ideas on what to put here if need be) 13) Possibly add the different clicking options like OSRS; for example, left click to thieve 14) Add a boss KC list - like RS3 has & also OSRS's slayer gem shows boss KC 15) Auto break vial after potion is finished
  9. This is a rather sad topic to make, and I'm not entirely sure it will be kept on the forums. I'm going to be bluntly honest from the standpoint of a regular player. When I first joined this server I was reassured by Onyx himself that this server was not going to be p2w, and upon joining this was honestly true, I felt like there was a fine balance between the two worlds of people who donate for benefits, and people who play the game regularly and casually - The donation store has lucky items as to not effect the eco, and still have a relatively "fair" amount of benefit for your buck. During this time we all were reassured that partyhats would never be in the game, yet they were on the donation page for ridiculous prices for no apparent reason? Alright so maybe it was just laziness to remove them - or possible greed in case someone did buy one or two. I also don't understand why the prices are so few and far between, ranging from $100 for a purple to... a random $756 for a white? Why aren't they all the same price? Kind of hard to take all of this seriously, and now that someone has already donated for a partyhat, what are you going to do about it? That aside is only the donator store. As time continues on, I understand a bit more of what this server is, and what it is to become. I do appreciate the work that's put into it, and the consideration from the development team, but at the same time it's hard to take things seriously when they promise one thing, and deliver something different. It was so exciting to join a server where everyone had to work for their own things, it was a brand new economy which promoted player trading, there were no clear disadvantages - you get what you put in to it. Over the past week there seems to have been a common theme - Donators receive benefits. This is understandable to a degree, they donate and help keep the server running, and so they should be rewarded in kind. At the same time I believe these benefits have become skewed to the point of unfair advantage. The benefits when I joined were as follows: (The red with strikes weren't here when I joined) 10% xp boost 10% drop rate boost 1 Daily spin 10% Grave time boost 10% Aura time boost 600 Bank Slots available Ability to teleport almost instantly with lodestone Ability to reach godwar bosses after 25 kills (12 zaros) Ability to mine extra 25 red stand stone per day Ability to create extra 5 rooms in your house Ability to stack extra 5 planks during sawmill Ability to use fairy ring without dramen staff Ability to automatically pickup all coin npc drops Ability to imbue rings for 5m coins. Ability to yell Ability to do bork twice per day Ability to do shooting stars twice per day Ability to get extra rewards during crucible Acess to donator zone (includes gilded altar, and many other small benefits) And quite a few more benefits Now this in it's self does not look very impressive to say the least. I've color coded these according to how fair I think they are. Green being acceptable/small, Orange being a slight disadvantage - maybe slightly out of balance, and Red being a clear disadvantage, about as p2w as it gets. Small xp boost - Same as a vote bonus, don't see any problems with that. Drop rate - is relatively small, but does give a slight advantage over normal players through means that I don't respect. Spins - aren't particularly good on this server, so that's fine Grave timer - who cares you can get to your items in under that time very easily. Aura's - who even has those right now? Instatele - saves a few seconds, nothing game breaking. Kc at godwars - minor time save, doesn't change trips at all. Red sandstone - 25 extra flasks per day when a standard player gets 75 okay, still not too bad. 5 extra rooms in a house - who cares. Sawmill - anyone in their right mind won't do - that's what a butler is for. Fairy ring - Meh it's a very easy side quest anyways - saves 1 bank space, and avoids a small mini-quest. Coin drops - it's not much but it does add up, a few thousand here and there from slayer tasks - you'll probably get an extra 1-2m more from 99 slayer possibly. Imbued rings does bother me - as since they're not tradeable it gives donators clear advantage over those who can't obtain as such. Maybe it would make sense if there was a way for non-donators to get imbued rings in the first place, but that seems a bit off in it's self. Yell - who really cares, everyone uses the friend's chat anyways. Bork - Double the amount of a normal player, this npc has amazing drops, and as such to get twice the amount eh... Seems a bit out of balance to me also, as with shooting stars. Crucible - who really cares. I was fine with these benefits for the most part when I joined. None of them seemed too terribly over powered. Now onto the updates that have happened since I joined. 600 Bank Slots available Acess to donator zone (includes gilded altar, and many other small benefits) And quite a few more benefits Let's break this down again shall we? 600 Bank Slots Available - When this was first announced I was under the impression that bank expansions would be for all those who played - not just donators. Since finding this out I've become pretty disappointed as this gives the game even more of an rs3 feeling to it - Soloman's Store! Donate for extra bank space! Okay who really cares but still, that's a bit of a low blow. Piscatoris Fishing Colony - When I heard this was a donator only area, I was outraged. This is cheap, fast experience, and easy to obtain fish that I have NO understanding of why would be made purely donator in the first place. You've completely blocked off mid level content from low/med level players. It's not a huge benefit, so much as it is just infuriating. Also not sure about the validity of this last one - but from what I heard this is true, and I don't see a reason for a random fisherman to lie about something such as this. Donator zone - Not sure what your definition of "small benefits" are, but this zone from what I've heard is really over powered. Gilded altar - Regular players have to not only pay 1m (or 2m with the burners) to create their own in their house, but have to grind for the construction level to make it themselves. Sure 75 construction isn't hard, and if you really wanted to, finding someone with a gilded altar to host shouldn't be too hard - but alas is still annoying. Recharge fountain for dragonstone jewelry - Okay sure, it saves a few minutes compared to those who have to go to the hero's guild to recharge, but considering how much dragonstone jewelry is in the game right now - saves a lot of time in the long run. Gem rocks! This wouldn't bother me nearly as much if the short cut to Shilo Village worked, that aside still would bother me as it's a LOT closer to the bank. Donator zone store - 2k per cooked shark sure there's only 20 in stock, but at the restock rate, you can buy an inventory of sharks to go do whatever you want without worry of banking come back and repeat. Aso devalues the price of sharks for those who decided to actually fish them themselves. Now I haven't even been to the donator zone, but from what I've heard, these "benefits" are rather demoralizing for the common players such as myself. I'm not entirely sure of the validity of these things, as I've never been there, and haven't experienced it myself, but they do bring cause for concern. According to rank 1 miner: Kojy - They recieved about 100 Diamonds via 99 mining through gem rocks. I for one have recieved: http://prntscr.com/gx0bgh 156 diamonds already from my 45-81 grind at gem rocks. Even if I had used a stealing creation pickaxe, I would only be 87 mining maximum having mined more than what he has. Sure he's a diamond donator, but if these statistics are correct he also has more than twice the experience rate than a normal player, once again I feel like this is quite a disadvantage, especially for the beginning of a server. How is one to compete with this? This is a lot to read, but unless something changes about these concerns soon - I will no longer be playing this server. My mother is a elementary school teacher, and no matter the age of her students, the first thing she teaches them is the word "Integrity": in·teg·ri·ty in?te?r?d?/ noun The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness. @Onyx when I joined you made many promises which so far I've yet to see you keep. You've been a nice guy for the most part, and sure you've been putting out plenty of QOL updates, but do you have any Integrity? I'm not trying to call you out, I'm just disappointed with the amount of falsity that has come thus far. In my last suggestion's post you did: https://prnt.sc/gx07cc As in to undermine my intelligence - basically telling me someone had already said this and yet... http://prntscr.com/gx0912 If you look at the creation date mine came first. Why show me that link as if I'm some sort of idiot? Yes I've seen the post since I've posted, but that's besides the fact that it was humiliation for no reason. Thank you for reading.
  10. Adding placeholders would be great, its a huge draw on p servers as most do not have it and it such a convient feature. Fix the insert option on bank as only swap works. Add the right click of jewelry equipped to see teles, e.g duel ring to show c wars for a 2 click tele instead of 3. Make an option to Pay 1k (not set price just placeholder suggestion) to insta tele instead of having to watch animation of loadstone, this is like vis wax in rs3. Make the ectophial a faster tele animation, as a 1 click tele this is for last second moments in pvm situations, would be good for it to insta tele or atleast faster as u can still get hit whilst doing the animation. I feel none of these in any way make the game op its just convienence that alot of rsps players play rsps's in general for.

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