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Found 6 results

  1. OtakuHorizon

    I personally really like the idea of the "Expert Capes of Accomplishment". It creates this nice middle ground between Lvl 99/120 Skill capes as the low point and Comp/Max Capes as the high point. They function as mini group of achievements and these said mini groups have capes for them. To explain further, taken directly from the wiki: Artisan's Cape, requires 99 Cooking, Construction, Crafting, Firemaking, Fletching, Herblore, Runecrafting and Smithing Combatant's Cape, requires 99 Attack, Constitution, Defence, Magic, Prayer, Ranged, Strength and Summoning Gatherer's Cape, requires 99 Divination, Farming, Fishing, Hunter, Mining and Woodcutting Support Cape, requires 99 Agility, Dungeoneering, Slayer and Thieving Now I know that this server might not have Divination as a skill but maybe could add the other capes. I don't know. Or maybe down the line you may add Divination and to that I say come back to this post and think about adding the capes. Just a minor suggestion, but I really like the idea of a mastery cape middle-ish ground. So yeah. Artisan's Cape: Combatant's Cape: Gatherer's Cape: Support Cape:
  2. Rare Squared

    Good morning all, quick suggestion. Add Constitution to the Skill Alchemist, and set the lowest level to 10. Thanks, -Rare Squared
  3. Rare Squared

    I am suggesting adding a new position on the website. Forum Mod. I understand that we have a Support Team and Global Mods that take care of both in-game and Forum properties. A Forum Mod would be someone who would strictly regulate the Forums and make sure everything is appropriate and follows the Code of Conduct. Plus they would have the ability to give the proper forum awards and titles to new and old players. Keeping this up to date at all times makes us look better together. Thank you for your time, -Rare Squared
  4. Death & myself have come up with a few suggestions that could help overall quality of life. Below you will find our 15 suggestions of wonder. 1) Fix Falador to Taverly dungeon shortcut https://www.runehq.com/image/cityguides/falador/westshortcut.png 2) Allow players to obtain the Armadyl pendant from Lucien in Ardougne 3) Access to the werewolf agility course 4) Ability to add better tools to toolbelt (such as rune) 5) Add the ability to open oysters 6) Fix magic dart spell (slayer dart) 7) Fix looting bag 8) fix Insert item interface in bank 9) Remove owner/youtuber's from highscores (that were given max xp) 10) Add sawmill operator to DZ 11) Add concentrated gold to DZ 12) Add a ::FAQ command. (can help come up with ideas on what to put here if need be) 13) Possibly add the different clicking options like OSRS; for example, left click to thieve 14) Add a boss KC list - like RS3 has & also OSRS's slayer gem shows boss KC 15) Auto break vial after potion is finished
  5. Z O R L I G

    Greetings, fellow Onyxians. When You get a defender drop it just pops on the ground among other things, and You might not notice it. Would be nice if the defender drop would : Have a pointer on it Or have one of them loot beams Have a notification for the player in the chatbox Also.. Are the big bone drops supposed to be noted? Usually people pick up the bones. But can't see the bones well because they're noted. That's why it made me think that there should be something that makes it easier to see the defender drops. Also.. Would be nice if the cyclopes would be aggressive all the time. I went there at a pretty high combat level, so I don't know if at a certain level they stop being aggressive. Thank You.
  6. Doctor Robert

    Yes so I think visitor messages should be allowed on any person's wall/profile. This means more socialising between players in a more relaxed way as opposed to secretive PMs or the openness of discussion on the shoutbox. Spices up the profiles a bit too and also I just wanna publicly abuse @Pvm M4st4 Many thanks.

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