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Found 1 result

  1. Taykiu

    Resignations/Demotions. Otter has resigned from the Administrator position, and left the Onyx staff team due to various reasons. 21-02-2018 Fletch has resigned from the Server Support position. 21-02-2018 Demeta has been demoted from Global Moderator to Server Support, due to inactivity. 21-02-2018 Dementa has resigned from the Server Support position. 22-02-2018 Promotions. Nick. 17-02-2018. Sam. 10-02-2018. Current Onyx Staff Team. Onyx. Founder & Developer. Stuart. Marketing & Security. Nick. Server Support. Sam. Server Support. Visit our staff team's profiles here. Click on the button below to open the spoiler.

About Onyx

Onyx strives to bring the best service and experience any RSPS can offer! Here at Onyx we offer triangle based equality, balanced combat, high-quality updates, a supportive staff team that will cater to your every need. We're driven by the suggestions of our valued player base. We want YOU to decide what we need to add next.

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