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Found 5 results

  1. A few other quick suggestions; If you have a task and the other player doesn't, you should be able to combine the tasks You should be able to keep duo-slayer when one player logs out/crashes This in particular because the Linux client crashes 1 in 5 ::home teles Other than that though this server is honestly great - but it kinda killed duo ironman for my friend when we couldn't do it together so I haven't played it since.
  2. Crowdy

    99 Slayer- You can request Elite slayer tasks from Nieve, consisting of difficult bosses and like nex, nomad, qbd etc, and if possible buff certain high level npcs that aren't normally farmed for anything to make use of them. Bosses to buff- Bork Bork is alittle too easy, and due to only being able to do once a day and the amount of charms he drops, a buff should be implemented anyways. (Higher dmg through prayers and higher hit accuracy) *More to be added* Monsters to add- Demonic Gorilla Black Demons (Buff and add 5m coin drop to the .2525% drop table) *More to be added* Elite Point shop High level items in point shop
  3. BLACK SLAYER HELMET ALSO CAN BE IMBUED GREEN SLAYER HELMET ALSO CAN BE IMBUED RED SLAYER HELMET ALSO CAN BE IMBUED PURPLE SLAYER HELMET ALSO CAN BE IMBUED TURQUOISE SLAYER HELMET CAN ALSO BE IMBUED Head drop rates for vanilla KBD HEAD (Easiest ) KQ Head (The Most Annoying head not only for the helmet , but for the elite diary in general) Abyssal Head (The Hardest) DARK CLAW (FASTEST) Vorkath's Head (Most profitable to attempt/longest grind locked behind Dragon slayer 2) 5,000 slayer points required for the set
  4. Getting Started Slayer Guide Hello Everyone, So as new players join, there is an increasing amount of interest in the Slayer skill, which also leads to an increase in questions asked about the skill, such as where masters are, level requirements, how to skip tasks, etc. So I decided it would be best to draft a guide containing all this information. 1. Starting Slayer / Masters To start slayer, your first master would be Turael. He can be easily accessed by typing the ::Slayer command, which opens an interface that allows you to teleport to different Slayer Masters around Onyx. I personally only had to do a single task before I switched to the next slayer master, I played on Legendary Mode (Hard), so I imagine all you would need is one task too. Turael Location: The second slayer master I personally used and recommend is Vannaka, you will need level 40 combat to use this master, he can be found in the Slayer tower. I recommend using him until you hit 50 slayer as I did. (Note: You can find a lot of his tasks around this area or in the tower itself.) All players have the ability to use the ::Slayer command and selecting the second option to directly teleport to this master. Alternatively, you can reach the slayer tower by using the blue portal at home and selecting the Dungeons & PVM Locations tab, go to page six, and hit Slayer Tower. (Donators can use the ::Tp command as a shortcut to open the blue portal teleport interface). Vannaka Location: Moving on, when you hit 50 slayer you can move onto Neive and Duradel. (Neive requires 85 CB, Duradel requires 50 slayer and 100 cb). I personally use these two as I feel like they assign the best tasks until level 75 Slayer. Easy access to neive is teleing to the gnome agility course with ::agility and running a bit south west. Duradel can be reached by using the blue portal at home, locations tab, and shilo village, or alternatively using the travel cart at home to teleport to Shilo Village. Both masters are in the same place as Runescape 3/Oldschool. I recommend these masters till 75 slayer. Players with the Emerald Donator Rank have the ability to use ::slayer to teleport directly to Duradel. Neive: Duradel: The last master you could use is Kuradal. I personally don't use her because of the trip needed to reach her, unless you are Ruby Donator. She is located in the Ancient Caverns. She can be reached by using a games necklace to teleport to barbarian outpost and running south to the whirlpool. Once inside, climb down the stairs and run to the south west corner of the dungeon, climb up the stairs and there you will find her personal slayer cave for most of her tasks. Alternatively, players with the Ruby Donator Rank may use ::Slayer to teleport directly to this master. Kuradal requires 75 slayer and 100+ cb. Ancient Caverns: Kuradal: Update: Players can now use the ::slayer command to teleport to slayer masters. If you are a donator you can teleport to more masters than regular players. Regular players can teleport to turael, vannaka, and neive using this command. Makes life easier , the rest of the slayer masters could be located in the pictures / descriptions above. 2. Skipping tasks Each slayer task gives a good amount of slayer points which can be used to skip or even block a task you don't particularly like. I recommend saving your points and using them to provide you with the ability to skip a task you absolutely hate. 3. Slayer points After the first slayer master, you will be receiving slayer points for every task you complete. These points can be used to purchase slayer gear (*Slayer helm!*), abilities to make board arrows (Best Fletching XP), buy slayer items, skip and ban tasks. I definitely recommend saving up your points to learn how to craft broad bolts / arrows but definitely also get a slayer helm. 4. Getting to Slayer Tasks Once assigned a Slayer Task from one of the first three Slayer Masters, new players to the skill have the ability to use ::Task to teleport directly to the NPCs they are assigned to kill. When using the remaining Slayer Masters, players with the Ruby Donator Rank have the ability to use this command to teleport to any task from the higher level Masters. Otherwise, players will have to travel to their tasks using the blue portal teleport interface. Visit this post for a full list of all slayer monsters and their locations, go in-game and type ::Thread 511. Hope this guide helps new players wondering about the slayer skill. Till next time, - Zio
  5. Roan

    I've seen many new players asking questions about Slayer. I figured I'd make a guide with the information I know. Feel free to critique. Slayer tasks can be changed in two ways. By right clicking a slayer master for their rewards, going to the assignment tab, and clicking on the "Reassign current mission" option. This will give you a new slayer task which you can read in the chat box. You do not need to exit the slayer rewards and right click for a new task after canceling. By getting a new task from a different slayer master. For example, if you don't get the task you want from Kuradal, you can go to Nieve and get a task from her at no cost of slayer points. You can go back and forth between whichever slayer masters you prefer until you get the task that you want to do. Slayer points are rewarded after each task. The amount of points are the equivalent to the amount you would earn on the real game, multiplied by 5. The exact amount each master gives is talked about in the Slayer Master section of this guide. Important Slayer Rewards The Slayer Helmet can be unlocked for 400 slayer points at any slayer master. After unlocking the Slayer Helmet, you can make it by combining a Black Mask, a Face Mask, Earmuffs, a Spiny Helmet, and a Nose peg, requiring 55 Crafting. The Black Mask (10) (which can be uncharged via a right click option) is a drop from Cave Horrors, which can be found by using the Mos le Harmless Jungle teleport on the 4th page of Dungeons & PvM Locations and heading south until you reach the cave on the beach. You will need any light source, a Witchwood Icon (amulet slot), as well as 58 Slayer in order to kill Cave Horrors. The other items required to make the Slayer Helmet, as well as the Witchwood Icon, can be purchased at any slayer master. Both the Focus Sight and Hexcrest can be added to the Slayer Helmet to make it a Full Slayer Helmet. Doing this allows the accuracy and damage boosts, while on task, of the Slayer Helmet to also apply to both magical and ranged attacks. The Hexcrest can be obtained from Jungle Strykewyrms at 73 Slayer, while the Focus Sight can be obtained from Desert Strykewyrms at 78 Slayer. Both of monsters are found on the 3rd page of the Dungeons & PvM Locations teleport. The ability to deliver killing blows quicker can be unlocked for 400 slayer points at any slayer master. Unlocking this ability will allow you to automatically use the rock hammer to deliver the finishing blow to Gargoyles, instead of needing to right click smash every kill. Once this ability is unlocked, Gargoyles are a very nice and very afk slayer task. You are still required to carry the rock hammer in your inventory while on task, even after the ability is unlocked. The ability to fletch Broad Arrows and Broad-tipped Bolts can be unlocked for 300 slayer points at any slayer master. The tips for either can be bought from any slayer master, via the right click trade option. Fletch (the player) has told me that making Broad Arrows is the best way to train the Fletching skill. Although, unless you do a lot of Glacors, the headless arrows for the endeavor may take a while to obtain. Slayer Masters * Low Tier * Medium Tier * High Tier * Turael is the lowest level Slayer Master. He is located in Taverly and can be teleported to directly via the ::slayer command. He has no requirements and awards 0 slayer points per task. Krystilia is the Wilderness Slayer Master. She can be located in Edgeville and can nearly be teleported to directly via the ::thieving command. She has no requirements, but awards 100 slayer points per task. Her tasks must be completed inside of the wilderness and can range in difficulty from the low level Skeletons that roam the lowest levels of the wilderness to the bosses Vet'ion, Venenatis, and Callisto. Mazchna is the Canifis slayer master. He can be located in the north-eastern part of Canifis and is best reached via the Canifis teleport on the 3rd page of the Cities teleports. He requires level 20 combat and awards 10 slayer points per task completed. Vannaka is the slayer master that I would recommend starting with. He is located in two different locations. I would not recommend using the location in the north-eastern most section of the Edgeville Dungeon. The other location is just inside the Slayer Tower near Canifis. This location can be reached via the Slayer Tower teleport option on the Slayer Ring, which can be purchased at the Onyx Black Market, located next to the bank chest at home, for 150 gp. He requires level 40 combat and awards 20 points per task completed. Chaeldar is the Fairy slayer master. She is located in Zanaris, which is accessed via the fairy ring at home. Once you enter Zanaris, walk north east through the wheat field and walk south where the ground path forks. She requires level 70 combat and awards 50 points per task completed. Nieve is the Gnome Stronghold slayer master. She is located in the Gnome Stronghold and is best accessed via the ::agility command and running west. Her location is just north of the Tree (not Fruit Tree) Farming Patch inside of the Gnome Stronghold. She requires level 85 combat and awards 60 slayer points per task completed. Sumona is the Desert slayer master. She is located in Pollnivneach and can be teleported to directly via Sumona's Lair option of the Slayer Ring. She requires level 85 Combat and 35 Slayer, and awards 60 slayer points per task. Duradel is the Shilo Village slayer master. The best teleport to reach him is the Shillo (that's how it's misspelled inside of the game) teleport on the 4th page of the City teleports. He can then be found by running east and then going up the stairs of the fishing shop in Shilo Village and walking across the bridge. He requires level 100 combat and 50 Slayer, and awards 75 slayer points per task. Kuradal is the Ancient Cavern slayer master. The best way to reach is is by using the fairy ring code BJQ, running south, and then up the stone stairs. She requires level 110 combat and 75 Slayer, and awards 90 slayer points per task. If you are assigned Hellhounds, Greater Demons, Blue Dragons, Gargoyles, Abyssal Demons, Dark Beasts, Iron Dragons, or Steel Dragons by Kuradal you can slay them inside of her dungeon, the entrance to which is next to her. You can not use her dungeon if you have one of these tasks from a different slayer master. Important Slayer Monsters and their Unique Drops Cave Horrors at level 58. They drop the Black Mask (10), which can be uncharged via a right click option. Skeletal Wyverns at level 72. They can drop the Draconic Visage, but you're probably better off at Steel Dragons or the KBD. Their bones should give the same experience as Dragon Bones. Credit to Fletch for this: The bones can be crushed at the ectofuntus and used to make Super Prayer Potions at level 94 Herblore. Jungle Strykewyrms at level 73. They drop the Hexcrest, which is the magic equivalent of the Black Mask and can be added to a Slayer Helmet, along with the Focus Sight to create a full Slayer Helmet. Gargoyles at level 75. They drop the Granite Maul, as well as a decent amount of gold ore, gold bars, and steel bars for Smithing and Crafting training. Desert Strykewyrms at level 77. They drop the Focus Sight, which is the ranged equivalent of the Black mask. Nechryaels at level 80. They drop Rune Boots, not the best reward, I know. Spiritual Mages at level 83. They drop Dragon Boots, you can expect a few per task. The best place to kill them is in the Zamorak camp of the GWD, you will only need a Zamorak item for protection. Abyssal Demons at level 85. They drop the Abyssal Whip and the Abyssal Dagger. Abyssal Sire at level 85. It can drop the unsired which can be used to obtain the Abyssal Whip, the Abyssal Dagger, a Jar of Miasma, the Abyssal Orphan pet, a full Abyssal Bludgeon (it doesn't drop in pieces), and presumably an Abyssal Head. Mutated Jadinko Guards at level 86. They can very rarely drop the Whip Vine. Kraken at level 87. It can drop a fully charged Trident of the Seas, the Abyssal Tentacle, a Jar of Dirt, and the Kraken pet. Dark Beasts at level 90. They drop the Dark Bow. Mutated Jadinko Males at level 91. They can drop the Whip Vine. Cerberus at level 91. It can drop the Primodial Crystal (melee), the Pegasian Crystal (ranged), the Eternal Crystal (magic), the Smouldering Stone (which can be added to the Dragon Hatchet, Pickaxe, or Harpoon (yet to be released)), a Jar of Souls, and the Hellpuppy pet. Primordial and Pegasian boots are best in slot, but the Ragefire boots from Glacors outclass the Eternal Boots from Cerberus. Smoke Devils at level 93. They drop the Occult Necklace. Thermonuclear Smoke Devil at level 93. It can drop the Occult Necklace, the Smoke Battlestaff, the Dragon Chainbody, and the Thermy pet. Ganodermic Beasts at level 95. They can drop the Polypore Stick, which can be turned into the Polypore Staff by using 3k Polypore Spores and 15k Fire Runes on it. Ganodermic Beasts clearly hate me, as it took until 1249 kill-count to receive my Polypore stick. This guide will clearly be subject to later edits.

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