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Found 12 results

  1. RiddyP

    Venenatis Guide Requirements Getting there Gear Setup The Fight Rewards Good Luck!
  2. Glory Dayz

    currently the two ways to check drops is either to examine them or searchitem, searchitem feels pretty useless because it doesn't tell you chance of drop for the said item. plus sometimes the examine doesn't work (abyssal sire until last phase). I think it needs to be revamped or a new command like ::checkdrops (Name of monster) and it'll show the information of Examine. it's a simple and easy way to find out what mobs drop
  3. Glory Dayz

    Everyone has a task they'd rather do than some crappy one. Should add 5 slots for better roll chances for the task you want to do. favor task: cost 200 points task blocking should 10 slots/ pay slayer points to unlock more slots. Boss skips: once per day(3 times if don) is pretty harsh, you should be able to skip boss tasks 50-100 points. otherwise you might end up stuck on onyx task or something you'd rather not deal with. Slayer rare drop rate increase (5%): it can be a slayer perk unlock at like 10k-15k points.
  4. Glory Dayz

    Prayers: Torment (range) and Augury (Mage) for Curse book. Scrolls could be unlocked through Horde/Tob/Cox(when it comes out). y'know end game content. Slayer: Colored Slayer Helms: Cause they look cool and I think they'd be a fine addition Untradeables: Add an NPC because honestly no one wants to risk an infernal cape,mage cape imbued, defenders etc in wild. Unless you add like a keepsake scroll or a permanent keepsake imbue can have a spot in blood money shop or literally a gold sink. Fero/Dominion gloves: I think they should have no Defense req, just the attack level/str/range/mage lvl, make it more open to everyone includin pures (might be a tad op but its a suggestion) Ornament Kits for gear: Alternative looks are cool Blade of Saledor: Yes we have rapier, Llr, templar mace, but blade is pretty awesome and we do need a slash one hand option
  5. Hello All and Welcome to my Ironman G&A Introduction So after starting out this wonderful server and maxing in no time i made an expert for the harder grind, the exp rates were about right but it was still too easy just buying and selling geared so i opted for something a little juicier, I'm making this G&A as some motivation for myself and a place to track my accomplishments as i go. Updates Here i will be posting any updates i have as well as adding them to my thread via a new comment. Final Notes Thanks you for visiting, should anybody want a chat or have an questions ref my methods for acquiring items then feel free to contact me ingame on ~Zeus~ ~Zeus~
  6. Recommended Skills: 65+ Attack + Strength (130+ total of the 2 stats to Access) 43+ Prayer Recommended (to AFK moar) Choose Your Method: This guide will help you get just that in a few simple steps, but to speed it up... If you are patient, use ::vote for 6 days for 5 votes/day to have 30 votes. Then buy a Rune Defender from "Robin" at ::shops for 30 vote points. This will eliminate the need to grind 6 out of 7 defenders AND help the server. Required Armor: Get Tokens: Get Defenders: -Thomas
  7. BLACK SLAYER HELMET ALSO CAN BE IMBUED GREEN SLAYER HELMET ALSO CAN BE IMBUED RED SLAYER HELMET ALSO CAN BE IMBUED PURPLE SLAYER HELMET ALSO CAN BE IMBUED TURQUOISE SLAYER HELMET CAN ALSO BE IMBUED Head drop rates for vanilla KBD HEAD (Easiest ) KQ Head (The Most Annoying head not only for the helmet , but for the elite diary in general) Abyssal Head (The Hardest) DARK CLAW (FASTEST) Vorkath's Head (Most profitable to attempt/longest grind locked behind Dragon slayer 2) 5,000 slayer points required for the set
  8. Hopey

    Thank You!
  9. Sanctuary Sanctuary is a new and very active PvMing clan in the Onyx community. We are very active when it comes to bossing, whether it be GWD, ToB, ect. if you're looking to boss Sanctuary is the clan for you! Any one can join the clan (regardless of the gamemode/PvM Experience) as a 1 banana, there are however some ranks and requirements to pass the probationary rank. In order to be a full member (2 banana+) you will need the following: Max Combat Elite Void (or GWD Gear) Whip+ Polypore staff+ (Trident of Swamp will work aswell but not recommended) Dragon Defender *These are just minimum reqs more gear can aid in your application, and if you have better gear but lack in a area you could also get accepted it's best to just show a leader what gear you have.* How to Join: There are several ways for you to join Sanctuary. You can either pm one of the clan owners: Jeremy Rq Death Or you could guest in the cc by doing the following 1. Make sure you click on the guest tab highlighted in the bottom right of clan interface. 2. Click the join clan option highlighted in red. 3. Type in "Sanctuary" 4. Look for an admin+ rank to invite you to the clan Looking forward to Bossing with all you! #Sanctuary#1
  10. ----------------------------------------------------------------------Divine-------------------------------------------------------------------- Divine - PvM - Social Are you looking for a clan on Onyx to find groups for bossing, minigames and other activities? Then look no further, because we are, Divine. -------------------------------------------------------------------------Rules------------------------------------------------------------------- Always follow Onyx rules Don't disrespect anyone in the clan No advertising for other clans No begging for ranks ---------------------------------------------------------------------Requirements------------------------------------------------------------- None at the moment -------------------------------------------------------------------------Ranks------------------------------------------------------------------ Owners : MD / BP / SW ---------------------------------------------------------------------How to join---------------------------------------------------------------- Simply send a message to one of the key members, listed above to join the clan. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  11. As the the title asks. With the Removal of Pk Teleport with the replacement of the Pk Locator. What could Onyx added to the wilderness to make it more attractable to the common player?
  12. Welcome to the low requirement guide for crazy archeologist. 1.First of all the gear set up Red is recomended (ignore the shield I coloured it wrongly) - Im wearing proselyte armour for good prayer bonuses - it can be obtain from the old man at fally park Green is you can choose the best item for that slot (example: you could use dragons scim instead of a whip) -im using team cape, whip, anti-dragon shield, barrow gloves and rune boots Orange is optional - Im using ring of wealth which can be obtain in the G.E or crafted yourself 2. inventory setup I recomend 6-8 prayer pots. I bring along 12 food. You can use the highest healing food you have, it doesnt have to be sharks. I personally bring super attack and strenght potion, Dareeyak tele tab and another tele tab to teleport out in an emergency. Dareeyak tele tab bring you directly to the crazy archeologist and is available at donor zone. You could skip the super pots for some extra profit too. 3. Getting there For non-donor you could use this path Teleport to edgeville loadstone and walk all the way to the ruins. You may see green dragons on your way to there too. 4. The fight You must pray range and I recommend to use stat boosting prayer such as piety You have to pay attention to his moves, when he says "Rain of knowledge!", he will throw explosive books and is avoidable by moving away. 5. The loot I did a couple of kills and got some unique drops and rare drops along with the common drops I have gotten -Malediction shard 2 -Fedora -216 onyx bolt tips -75 dragon arrows -1k silver ores -151 anchovy pizza -189 red dragon hide -Estimated of 500k in coin drops I have sold some onyx bolt tips for 30k ea but prices may vary but it is still a good way to make money for beginner players dragon arrows go for 1k each in the grand exchange. Fedora was sold for 250k and the common drop + cash got me 595k (sold to general store). Thank you for reading this guide, please leave some feedback as it is my first time making guide. I would love to improve my guide making skill.

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