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Found 19 results

  1. Hello All and Welcome to my Ironman G&A Introduction So after starting out this wonderful server and maxing in no time i made an expert for the harder grind, the exp rates were about right but it was still too easy just buying and selling geared so i opted for something a little juicier, I'm making this G&A as some motivation for myself and a place to track my accomplishments as i go. Updates Here i will be posting any updates i have as well as adding them to my thread via a new comment. Final Notes Thanks you for visiting, should anybody want a chat or have an questions ref my methods for acquiring items then feel free to contact me ingame on ~Zeus~ ~Zeus~
  2. Majesty

  3. Hopey

    Thank You!
  4. Good evening fellow readers i would like to suggest that a new rule be implemented! My question to you is don't you just get tired of bossing alone, you want to make a friend or two, make gp and, have a good time doing that. Picture the following scenario, you see somebody you've never met asking to duo a boss in yell or the server friend's chat and, you decide to join them. With hopes of gaining that rare drop that will not only boost your bank value but also theirs, In-addition friendship. you might have many reasons to want to join that person so you not only can afford better items to help you take part in higher tier pvm but to kill that boss longer and learn to do it better. so you set out and gear up and meet your new partner in the boss area potted and ready for action with loot share. everything is going well, half way into the trip your partner gets a drop and a little while longer gets another finally another and, the trip ends and it was agreed up-on to split those rare drops before starting like it should be but what happens next may or may not ruin that experience for you and rub you the wrong way and nothing will be done of it because nothing ever has been done if this kinda of situation has happened to you in runescape then you know exactly how it feels and it makes you think well maybe they have the items they do because of this thing they do well that action is not splitting the trip its just overall rude and damages no reputation because nothing will be done. Please skip the video to seven minuets and 50 seconds to just see how awful this can be! I ask you do you want this kinda of behavior carried over from Osrs/rs3? Because i sure the hell do not. Thanks for reading have a great day!
  5. Watch the video to learn how to enter the giveaway!
  6. Noobydude

    Below are my current stats. For now I am shooting for max and then eventually will be going after my comp cape and posting progress towards that goal. If anyone has tips/strategies for maxing the skills I have remaining feel free to drop your suggestions
  7. Zeneth

    Name: Ibrahim Username: Zeneth Age: 23 Timezone: London Language: English Where are you from? UK (United Kingdom) How long have you been a part of Onyx? Almost a week now How many hours do you spend online daily? I try to get online as soon as I get back from work 5pm maybe 6pm and try staying up late until 12pm to play this game. Are you active on both our forums and in-game? Iv just been active on the game, however will soon to be active on the forum Why do you want to be part of our Staff team? I had a look at the reviews of this game and I think your doing an AMAZING job in comparison to other RSPS developers and how amazing you make RS look hence I moved away from OSRS/RS3 due to its dead, less supportive community, hence I would like to move away from that and be helpful to others when I can on this well done RSPS, so give the Onyx community something that I never had. How would you describe your strengths? Focused, dedicated, Motivated are the 3 short quick answers I can give. How would you describe your weaknesses? Don't have much to say. But don't like unfair people or seeing someone else having to go through the pain just does my nut in. What are some useful skills or qualities you possess outside of your strengths? Graduated from uni with a bachelors degree in Computer Systems engineers, possessing multiple programming languages, Python, Java (Intermediate), Also have had experience in the network sector, TCP, IP, UDP. Basically and IT Freak!. Why should we choose you over another member’s application? I think I can be fair and be the most helpful person in this game a player can ever be. I will not take advantage over anyone as I despise unjust people. Support to those you ask or assist those who I see need help. Bring in positive energy in the game (not make it like RS). Please describe any experience in leadership roles you have: (Either other servers, other games, etc) Runescape, I ran a clan of 30 members in clan wars along with my cousin guiding and advising the potions to be in and the required Mage, rangers, melee players to have as a tactic. Won 3/1 games. The members had added us hoping we could run another successful game for the next time round. In a short paragraph, please explain what you’ll bring to the server with this position: As mention previously. bring positive energy in this game to bring a better community with great experience to share with others. What do you hope the server as a whole to achieve if you are promoted? As I try, to be helpful to others as much as I can, for people to recognize who I am for this server with good experience to give and share. Do you understand that if you break rules, abuse powers, or turn out to be a horrendous Staff Member, you will be demoted and might have possible further actions taken against you depending on your actions? I understand, this is not in my nature to break the rules for a game I adore even not having played for very long I really appreciate you taking the time to read this and if I do not get promoted, I will not let you down in any way to be a good citizen of this game to reapply hoping I will noticed with good actions.
  8. ----------------------------------------------------------------------Divine-------------------------------------------------------------------- Divine - PvM - Social Are you looking for a clan on Onyx to find groups for bossing, minigames and other activities? Then look no further, because we are, Divine. -------------------------------------------------------------------------Rules------------------------------------------------------------------- Always follow Onyx rules Don't disrespect anyone in the clan No advertising for other clans No begging for ranks ---------------------------------------------------------------------Requirements------------------------------------------------------------- None at the moment -------------------------------------------------------------------------Ranks------------------------------------------------------------------ Owners : MD / BP / SW ---------------------------------------------------------------------How to join---------------------------------------------------------------- Simply send a message to one of the key members, listed above to join the clan. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. Update Patch 03-21-2018 In Game Updates: You can now do ::home instantly outside wild. You can only mine a particular section of the Lava Flow Mine 30 times before it depletes. f an IP is muted and a new account is created, a welcome message is no longer displayed. Added fossil island museum camp to city teleports. I on chat messages are now uppercase. ( I - i ) Toxic Blowpipe is now .6 seconds slower during pvp. Added in the following Granite Gloves Granite Ring Granite Ring (i) Granite Hammer Guardian Boots Black tourmaline core Fixed a bug where summoning familiars would transfer to different a different NPC while in wild. Fixed Fruit Bat special. Arclight now degrades 3x slower. Added a message when you close your client. (Incase you don't actually mean to close out your client) Added damage cap on dummies to 1000. (to prevent abusing ruby bolts (e). Fixed spirit spider special. Added Facebook Logins to forums. Changed forums required post verification from 5 to 1. Spin tickets no longer trigger lootbeam. Zamorak boss is now under greater demon tasks, instead of black demon. Added Granite Cannonballs. Dawn & Dusk are now considered Gargoyles slayer task. Barrows gloves are now 100k ea. instead of 500k. Dragon gloves are now 50k ea. instead of 250k. Ava's Alerter now costs 100k. instead of 300k. Climbing boots are now 12gp ea. Not 75k. Added Cosmic, law, soul, & astral runes to starter shop. Items being sold to TzHaar shops have had their prices reduced from 90% to 10%. Changed limit of accounts from 2 per ip, to 2 per computer. Reduced barrows gloves mining from 52 to 50, crafting from 50 to 40, wc from 50 to 36, herblore from 45 to 25. Disable dwarf cannon at cerberus/shaman. due to safespoting for instance. You can now use bear meat to make senew as well. Fixed barrelchest broken pickaxes drop. Added 10% slayer xp bonus while doing slayer at slayer tower. Improved Barrelchest drops for herblore. ::task no longer teles you if you are doing a wilderness slayer task. Added a skull sign next to home lever. Added ::edge command which teleports you to wilderness ditch. (North of Edgeville). Vengeance group now also works on the player who casted it. Iban Spell has been added. You can now use bones on altar at reduced rate at home altar instead of dz (200% instead of 350%). Fixed a glitch with wilderness chaos altar giving 400% xp boost instead of 350%. Once again huge S/O to Alex for all these awesome updates!
  10. Update Patch: 01-03-2018 Skilling related updates: Fishing whilst playing Dungeonering was bugged. This has been fixed. This feature will increase your chances of hitting the rare drop table, by 5% The money crate at home has been updated. The rates of being able to steal from it, have been improved. Store related updated. Shop NPC's at home have been relocated. As requested: The shop members have been placed in a single row. The Starter Guide (shop) at home has been updated. The store now contains better items & the price of monkfish has been changed to 600gp each. The Onyx Guide (shop) at home has been updated. The store now contains a higher quantity of food & Potions. Miscellaneous related updates. Harmony Island has been added. Increased the in/out zoom distances. New players will be experiencing a revamped cutscene on their first loggin. You should be attending live video cutscene and see others play the game. Death & Killcounts have been added to your quest tab. Player starter packages. New players now get a better Starter's Package, this will be a one time deal. when making a second account, this package will be reduced in size. The Looting Bag has been added. The droprate of the Abyssal Whip has been updated to be easier. We now have Dancing Knights at our gamble area, visit at ::Gamble. The mystery box rewards have been updated. You can now get a Polypore Stick & a Whip Vine from the box. (no items have been removed) New players can now choose the Hitslook/Itemslook settings at the first dialogue. We now have a new Client Icon. Even though this may seem like a small amount of updates. Some of them were quite tricky and complicated. Therefore it took some time to patch/update some of them. We hope you all appreciate @Onyx his hard work, and continue your amazing adventure on OnyxFtw.
  11. Heya, there will be two ways of doing this. Upload the video by copieng & pasting the url. Post the name of the song. I'll start this topic off by posting the song i'm currently listening to.
  12. Update patch: 21-02-2018 Monster related updates: Lizardmen Shaman > You can now attack these monsters with Level 1 Slayer. The dragon warhammer drop is now a Global Announcement. Wyverns Dracnonic visage now announces on drop Fossil Island Wyverns. Ancient, Taloned, Spitting and Long tailed wyverns have been added. You can also get these wyverns as a slayer task. Northern & Southern wyvern caves have been added, You can also teleport there by using the blue portal at home. Brutal Black Dragons. You now require level 77 slayer to attack these monsters Skilling related updates: Willow logs. Before this update, items that came from a Willow Log were intantly nulled. This is now fixed. Karambwanji. You will now catch 2 Karambwanji at level 5 Fishing. Every 5 levels past this level, you will catch another additional Karambwanji. Fletching bug. Being able to craft 27 Short/Longbow(u) with one Bowstring got patched. Fishing spots. There were some spots players coudn't reach. This got fixed. Mining. Coal and Gold deposits at the Donator Zone now decay. Added 1 gold ore deposit to wilderness resourec area, which can decay aswell. Skill of the day. Skill of the day now displays as xp bonus. Wildy Resource Area. Skilling at wilderness resource area now yields extra 20% xp. Crate at home. The crate at home, now acts as a Level 1 Stall. Agility. The agility set now announces when drops the first time. Minigame related updates: Castle Wars. Both teams will be rewarded, whether you win or lose. Its game timer is now set to 10 minutes. Its waiting time was reduced, from 5 minutes to 1. castle wars now announce result when game finishes. You can now use the stepping stones inside this minigame. Pest Control. Pest control Arrows/Runes are unlimited now, due to high demand. & When winning a pest control game, it will be globablly announced. The stairs at pest control are now fully functional. Fight Pits. Tokkul drops have been boosted x20. New ossible reward: Uncut onyx. The Fight Pits winner will now be announced. Fight Kiln. Gilded, Infernal, 3rd age and stealing creation pickaxes now work on TokHaar-Ket-Dill too. Inferno Test mode. You can now enable a Test Mode for inferno, (Jad Waves+) Stealing Creation. Stealing creation now announces result when game finishes. Dominion Tower. Dominion Gloves are now globally announced on drop. Warriors guild. Increased defenders drop chance and decreased dragon defender drop chance. & dragon defender now announces on drop. Commands & Teleportation related updates. Task command. Ruby+ Donators can now use this command. Mode Command. Using the ::mode command, will tell you what command you're playing on. Duradel Teleport. Fixed the duradel teleport for Emerald+ Donators. Miscellaneous related updates: Imbue Rings. Changed from 10 Tickets to 50 Tickets. Dice zone. You can now use a Bank Chest at the dice zone. Request Assist. This feature is now turned off by default. Run Energy. This feature is now turned on by default, when making new accounts. Dwarf Cannon. Increased its attack speed. & Diamond+ Donators now have a 50% Chance of saving a cannonball, while using the cannon. Elder maul. The elder maul emote has been fixed. Shooting stars. Once the shooting star has been crashed, there will now be a global announcement with its location. Clue scrolls. All rare treasure trail rewards now announced & You no longer need a sextant in your inventory to dig for clue scrolls. Pk Tablets. Pk tablets now reveal target last location instead of teleporting. Gnome Stronghold Bank. fixed the gnome stronghold west bank, going up stairs used to get you stuck. This got fixed. Explosive Potions. Dropping explosive pots now deal damage. Rock Cake. "Rohan" under white wolf montain now sells dwarven rock cakes. Crate at home. The crate at home, now acts as a Level 1 Stall. Fossil Island Music. Added preserved music to fossil island Store related updates: Onyx Shop. Added the Anti-dragon shield. Added the Kinship Ring. Donator Store. Players can now purchase a Twisted bow from the Store. Thank you @Onyx for the great updates, once again!
  13. Taykiu

    Hey, I'd like to think that it would be nice to have a new section, dedicated to Skilling Guides. (Apart from the sections we already have) Skilling Guides are posted in the Miscellaneous section as of now, but in my opion that's a long stretch. The server is growing, this means that there will be more topics created in the future. Having a seperate Sub-Board to be able to post our skilling guides will improve the ability of searching for certain ones. Cheers!
  14. Taykiu

    Resignations/Demotions. Otter has resigned from the Administrator position, and left the Onyx staff team due to various reasons. 21-02-2018 Fletch has resigned from the Server Support position. 21-02-2018 Demeta has been demoted from Global Moderator to Server Support, due to inactivity. 21-02-2018 Dementa has resigned from the Server Support position. 22-02-2018 Promotions. Nick. 17-02-2018. Sam. 10-02-2018. Current Onyx Staff Team. Onyx. Founder & Developer. Stuart. Marketing & Security. Nick. Server Support. Sam. Server Support. Visit our staff team's profiles here. Click on the button below to open the spoiler.
  15. Taykiu

    Taykiu's Introduction, Name & Orgin. I'm Joop and I live in The netherlands. I speak Dutch & English Hobbies I love to Game, I used to play Runescape for about 7 years, before I quit. I quit because it took too much of my spare time, I started to get addidcted. Just got back yesterday, figured I'd give OnyxFtw a try. I'm also a sportsman, I love to play Hockey & Water Polo. Professions. I'm a planner for a employment agency in Groningen. Besides that, I work in a restaurant, as a cook. I also worked as a blog writer, for a political newspaper. I'm open minded and easy to connect with, so if you're looking for a friendly conversation, feel free to message me in-game or on the forums! With kind regards, Taykiu.
  16. styles

    Name: Tom Username: Styles Age: 20 Where are you from?: Nebraska, United States Timezone: Central Time, USA How many hours do you spend daily ingame?: Minimum of 5 Per day. Why do you want to be part of the staff team?: I want to become a member of the staff team because I enjoy helping other players gain knowledge to the game. I've played Runescape for 10 years, I know a lot about the game itself. Sometimes with my time zone, when I am online and there is not a staff member online, and someone needs help with something Ex: teleporting after being stuck, I can't help them, nor can a moderator because sometimes they are not online. Onyx has great potential and I would love to do all I can to help improve and make this server grow. I feel like I am a great fit to help the staff team grow, as well as the server as a whole. Why should we choose you over others: I am a very active player in Onyx. I have had previous staff experience before. Like i said above, I have played the game for a long time and I like to think I have a well Known idea of how the game works. I try my best to keep the community chat (in game) as clean and respectful as possible. What are some useable skills you have?: Runescape knowledge, Onyx rules, can speak some spanish. Very active in the community. Staff Experience: Yes, I was a Support rank on the server Gamblerscape. Owned by "xxGamblerr". I played GS for about three to four months, then I was awarded support rank. which I had for a month, then I was promoted to Global Moderator in December of 2015, until the server was shut down due to funds. What are the qualities you have?: A fair amount of Runescape knowledge. I am active on Onyx for at least 5 hours a day. I can understand people and help them with my experience. How long have you played Onyx?: A couple weeks, Played Corruptionx for three and a half years. In a short paragraph, explain what you'll do with your position: I will use the position I could possibly be awarded by helping other players, using more of my free time focusing on helping onyx grow positively as much as I can. I will stop whatever it is that I am doing in game to help others when they need help with something. I will do my very best to keep the chat clean and respectful. What do you hope to achieve if you are promoted?: I hope to achieve greatness in Onyx. I want to help other players achieve that as well. I want this server to grow and grow and achieve as many players as we possibly can because Onyx deservers 100+ players for how well coded this server is. Onyx deserves the best, and I believe I can help us get to the top. Do you understand that if you break rules, or turn out to be a horrendous Staff Member that you will be demoted?: Yes: I (Styles), understand that if I break the rules, or turn out to be a horrendous Staff Member, I will be demoted immediately with no warnings. Yes. Sincerely, Styles
  17. Legacy

    Hello! I do have an suggestion about the pvp armour, vesta's, statius etc. If you equip vesta's for an example it becomes (deg) and it does degrade into dust fast so what about making the pvp armour usable for 48-72 hours then it degrades into dust so you can actually wear it for a good amount of time and have fun with it because it's not that fun to grind for vesta's for hours and then it degrades into dust in no time !
  18. Z A F I R G

    This is a rather sad topic to make, and I'm not entirely sure it will be kept on the forums. I'm going to be bluntly honest from the standpoint of a regular player. When I first joined this server I was reassured by Onyx himself that this server was not going to be p2w, and upon joining this was honestly true, I felt like there was a fine balance between the two worlds of people who donate for benefits, and people who play the game regularly and casually - The donation store has lucky items as to not effect the eco, and still have a relatively "fair" amount of benefit for your buck. During this time we all were reassured that partyhats would never be in the game, yet they were on the donation page for ridiculous prices for no apparent reason? Alright so maybe it was just laziness to remove them - or possible greed in case someone did buy one or two. I also don't understand why the prices are so few and far between, ranging from $100 for a purple to... a random $756 for a white? Why aren't they all the same price? Kind of hard to take all of this seriously, and now that someone has already donated for a partyhat, what are you going to do about it? That aside is only the donator store. As time continues on, I understand a bit more of what this server is, and what it is to become. I do appreciate the work that's put into it, and the consideration from the development team, but at the same time it's hard to take things seriously when they promise one thing, and deliver something different. It was so exciting to join a server where everyone had to work for their own things, it was a brand new economy which promoted player trading, there were no clear disadvantages - you get what you put in to it. Over the past week there seems to have been a common theme - Donators receive benefits. This is understandable to a degree, they donate and help keep the server running, and so they should be rewarded in kind. At the same time I believe these benefits have become skewed to the point of unfair advantage. The benefits when I joined were as follows: (The red with strikes weren't here when I joined) 10% xp boost 10% drop rate boost 1 Daily spin 10% Grave time boost 10% Aura time boost 600 Bank Slots available Ability to teleport almost instantly with lodestone Ability to reach godwar bosses after 25 kills (12 zaros) Ability to mine extra 25 red stand stone per day Ability to create extra 5 rooms in your house Ability to stack extra 5 planks during sawmill Ability to use fairy ring without dramen staff Ability to automatically pickup all coin npc drops Ability to imbue rings for 5m coins. Ability to yell Ability to do bork twice per day Ability to do shooting stars twice per day Ability to get extra rewards during crucible Acess to donator zone (includes gilded altar, and many other small benefits) And quite a few more benefits Now this in it's self does not look very impressive to say the least. I've color coded these according to how fair I think they are. Green being acceptable/small, Orange being a slight disadvantage - maybe slightly out of balance, and Red being a clear disadvantage, about as p2w as it gets. Small xp boost - Same as a vote bonus, don't see any problems with that. Drop rate - is relatively small, but does give a slight advantage over normal players through means that I don't respect. Spins - aren't particularly good on this server, so that's fine Grave timer - who cares you can get to your items in under that time very easily. Aura's - who even has those right now? Instatele - saves a few seconds, nothing game breaking. Kc at godwars - minor time save, doesn't change trips at all. Red sandstone - 25 extra flasks per day when a standard player gets 75 okay, still not too bad. 5 extra rooms in a house - who cares. Sawmill - anyone in their right mind won't do - that's what a butler is for. Fairy ring - Meh it's a very easy side quest anyways - saves 1 bank space, and avoids a small mini-quest. Coin drops - it's not much but it does add up, a few thousand here and there from slayer tasks - you'll probably get an extra 1-2m more from 99 slayer possibly. Imbued rings does bother me - as since they're not tradeable it gives donators clear advantage over those who can't obtain as such. Maybe it would make sense if there was a way for non-donators to get imbued rings in the first place, but that seems a bit off in it's self. Yell - who really cares, everyone uses the friend's chat anyways. Bork - Double the amount of a normal player, this npc has amazing drops, and as such to get twice the amount eh... Seems a bit out of balance to me also, as with shooting stars. Crucible - who really cares. I was fine with these benefits for the most part when I joined. None of them seemed too terribly over powered. Now onto the updates that have happened since I joined. 600 Bank Slots available Acess to donator zone (includes gilded altar, and many other small benefits) And quite a few more benefits Let's break this down again shall we? 600 Bank Slots Available - When this was first announced I was under the impression that bank expansions would be for all those who played - not just donators. Since finding this out I've become pretty disappointed as this gives the game even more of an rs3 feeling to it - Soloman's Store! Donate for extra bank space! Okay who really cares but still, that's a bit of a low blow. Piscatoris Fishing Colony - When I heard this was a donator only area, I was outraged. This is cheap, fast experience, and easy to obtain fish that I have NO understanding of why would be made purely donator in the first place. You've completely blocked off mid level content from low/med level players. It's not a huge benefit, so much as it is just infuriating. Also not sure about the validity of this last one - but from what I heard this is true, and I don't see a reason for a random fisherman to lie about something such as this. Donator zone - Not sure what your definition of "small benefits" are, but this zone from what I've heard is really over powered. Gilded altar - Regular players have to not only pay 1m (or 2m with the burners) to create their own in their house, but have to grind for the construction level to make it themselves. Sure 75 construction isn't hard, and if you really wanted to, finding someone with a gilded altar to host shouldn't be too hard - but alas is still annoying. Recharge fountain for dragonstone jewelry - Okay sure, it saves a few minutes compared to those who have to go to the hero's guild to recharge, but considering how much dragonstone jewelry is in the game right now - saves a lot of time in the long run. Gem rocks! This wouldn't bother me nearly as much if the short cut to Shilo Village worked, that aside still would bother me as it's a LOT closer to the bank. Donator zone store - 2k per cooked shark sure there's only 20 in stock, but at the restock rate, you can buy an inventory of sharks to go do whatever you want without worry of banking come back and repeat. Aso devalues the price of sharks for those who decided to actually fish them themselves. Now I haven't even been to the donator zone, but from what I've heard, these "benefits" are rather demoralizing for the common players such as myself. I'm not entirely sure of the validity of these things, as I've never been there, and haven't experienced it myself, but they do bring cause for concern. According to rank 1 miner: Kojy - They recieved about 100 Diamonds via 99 mining through gem rocks. I for one have recieved: http://prntscr.com/gx0bgh 156 diamonds already from my 45-81 grind at gem rocks. Even if I had used a stealing creation pickaxe, I would only be 87 mining maximum having mined more than what he has. Sure he's a diamond donator, but if these statistics are correct he also has more than twice the experience rate than a normal player, once again I feel like this is quite a disadvantage, especially for the beginning of a server. How is one to compete with this? This is a lot to read, but unless something changes about these concerns soon - I will no longer be playing this server. My mother is a elementary school teacher, and no matter the age of her students, the first thing she teaches them is the word "Integrity": in·teg·ri·ty in?te?r?d?/ noun The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness. @Onyx when I joined you made many promises which so far I've yet to see you keep. You've been a nice guy for the most part, and sure you've been putting out plenty of QOL updates, but do you have any Integrity? I'm not trying to call you out, I'm just disappointed with the amount of falsity that has come thus far. In my last suggestion's post you did: https://prnt.sc/gx07cc As in to undermine my intelligence - basically telling me someone had already said this and yet... http://prntscr.com/gx0912 If you look at the creation date mine came first. Why show me that link as if I'm some sort of idiot? Yes I've seen the post since I've posted, but that's besides the fact that it was humiliation for no reason. Thank you for reading.
  19. Campbell

    Adding placeholders would be great, its a huge draw on p servers as most do not have it and it such a convient feature. Fix the insert option on bank as only swap works. Add the right click of jewelry equipped to see teles, e.g duel ring to show c wars for a 2 click tele instead of 3. Make an option to Pay 1k (not set price just placeholder suggestion) to insta tele instead of having to watch animation of loadstone, this is like vis wax in rs3. Make the ectophial a faster tele animation, as a 1 click tele this is for last second moments in pvm situations, would be good for it to insta tele or atleast faster as u can still get hit whilst doing the animation. I feel none of these in any way make the game op its just convienence that alot of rsps players play rsps's in general for.

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