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Found 2 results

  1. Welcome to the low requirement guide for crazy archeologist. 1.First of all the gear set up Red is recomended (ignore the shield I coloured it wrongly) - Im wearing proselyte armour for good prayer bonuses - it can be obtain from the old man at fally park Green is you can choose the best item for that slot (example: you could use dragons scim instead of a whip) -im using team cape, whip, anti-dragon shield, barrow gloves and rune boots Orange is optional - Im using ring of wealth which can be obtain in the G.E or crafted yourself 2. inventory setup I recomend 6-8 prayer pots. I bring along 12 food. You can use the highest healing food you have, it doesnt have to be sharks. I personally bring super attack and strenght potion, Dareeyak tele tab and another tele tab to teleport out in an emergency. Dareeyak tele tab bring you directly to the crazy archeologist and is available at donor zone. You could skip the super pots for some extra profit too. 3. Getting there For non-donor you could use this path Teleport to edgeville loadstone and walk all the way to the ruins. You may see green dragons on your way to there too. 4. The fight You must pray range and I recommend to use stat boosting prayer such as piety You have to pay attention to his moves, when he says "Rain of knowledge!", he will throw explosive books and is avoidable by moving away. 5. The loot I did a couple of kills and got some unique drops and rare drops along with the common drops I have gotten -Malediction shard 2 -Fedora -216 onyx bolt tips -75 dragon arrows -1k silver ores -151 anchovy pizza -189 red dragon hide -Estimated of 500k in coin drops I have sold some onyx bolt tips for 30k ea but prices may vary but it is still a good way to make money for beginner players dragon arrows go for 1k each in the grand exchange. Fedora was sold for 250k and the common drop + cash got me 595k (sold to general store). Thank you for reading this guide, please leave some feedback as it is my first time making guide. I would love to improve my guide making skill.
  2. RiddyP

    Welcome to venenatis guide 1. Gear setup Recommended -: Full royal d'hide/ black d'hide armour Rune crossbow with diamond bolts (e) 99 range cape/ avas accumulator/ avas alerter Glory / Fury Any shield and suitable aura can be used Stats wise its good to have 80+ range, 80+ defence, at least 44 prayer Note: Diamond bolts (e) are a must as it can piece through venenatis's high defence. Thus you can get faster kills and save on supplies. However if you dont mind have slow kills, you could use other bolts too. 2. Inventory set up Recommended -: 1-2 antiposion potion 1 ranging potion 6-8 prayer pots a games necklace to get to the boss a slayer ring to get out of wildy ( works until level 30 wildy ) rest of inventory fill with food 3. Getting there First use games necklace to teleport to corperal beast cave. Exit cave and proceed with the route on the map above. 4. The fight Pray range and activate stats boosting prayer for range like rigour. I recommend standing between the trees you see on the map as you can avoid melee damage. Pay attention while fighting the boss as it can use special attack twice in a row to KO you. Be sure to be above 600-700 hp to avoid being combo-ed out. It is also a multizone, be careful of pker. 5. The loot 550k coins drop in total 300 red spider's egg 500 unicorn horn 180 onyx bolt tips 1875 dark crab bait 400 diamond bolt (e) 800 magic logs 500 gold ores 1200 blood runes 300 super compost 30 uncut diamonds 600 death runes 22 super restore potions 28 antipoison++ 1600 chaos runes 50 limpwurt roots 40 uncut ruby Venenatis spiderling aka the venenatis boss pet (4th kc drop)

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