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Found 2 results

  1. Hey guys, I'm offering my services to complete fight kiln / inferno / horde minigames for you. I've done over 400+ kilns Pre Eoc (back when uncut onyxes were worth something 😂) and a fair amount of fight caves. As for my time on Onyx I've done atleast 5 of each for my accounts and more in the vouches below. If you can't reach me on my Ingame account named "Extreme" please dm me on discord at : Omega#0582. The price for the kiln cape service is 3K donator shards or 300M cash (instead of 6.3K donator shards in donator shop) The price for the infernal cape service is 4k donator shards or 400M cash (instead of 11K donator shards in donator shop) The prices for the Horde minigame service are: 1. You keep the aura if it's received from The Horde. Price: 5.5k donator shards or 550m coins 2. I keep the aura if it's received from The Horde. Price: 3.5K donator shards or 350m coins I will also provide all gear/potions necessary for all my services. I also offer a 10% discount to all players who bought services from me in the past. Requirements for my services are the following : For Infernal cape : Have a fire cape in your bank For Horde minigame : Have 97+ slayer Feel free to contact me ingame for any questions regarding this matter. I do not currently offer Fire Cape services but I will do Jad's for free should you do the waves. Infernos completed: Kilns completed: Fire capes completed: Hordes completed FAQ: Q: "I'm interested in the service, how do we proceed?" A: Firstly reach me Ingame on "Extreme" or throw me a direct message on my Discord : Omega#0582. Then, I will give you times when I would be available to complete said service (usually after 2/3PM server time or on the weekends). I will also give you a quote for the services you want done. Should you agree you will then give me your account information in order for me to do the services. Q: "Giving you my info? I can get scammed!" A: I do understand this reasoning as I have been scammed a few times on Onyx myself. However I do advise all potential customers to transfer all valuable items they own on an alt account (with login/pass different from the one I'm doing the services on) to secure all your items. Also, for the remaining untradable items I also advise you to take screenshots/vids of your bank before and after the services are done. This way ensures that nobody gets scammed as you can easily reach a Staff member (which I've been part of as an Administrator) should any item go missing. As said previously, I will be transferring my own gear/pots/food for any service I get done so I literally do not need anything from your bank either and it will remain intact (apart from certain untradables like gloves/capes usually are which will be put back in your bank). Q: "What are the rewards from the services you offer?" A: The rewards are the following: From the Fight Kiln minigame : A choice between the Tokhaar-Kal (stats +preview below) or an Uncut Onyx. Also 1/50 chance to get the TzKal-Zuk Pet (Shrimpy). From the Inferno minigame : An Infernal cape (stats + preview below) as well as a 1/50 chance to get the Inferno pet (Jal Nib). From the Horde minigame : - 100% chance to get the Ava's Blessing 2nd best in slot range cape, right behind Elite Completionist one (stats + preview below); - 50% chance to get the Wrath of the Horde aura which gives a 5% damage boost whilst activated. It has no cooldown unlike most other auras and can therefore be activated whenever; - 10% chance to get the Zio's slave pet which gives a 10% drop rate boost (best in slot). Q: "What if my account gets a pet/drop during the services? Are they mine to keep?" A: Indeed they are. Unless agreeing on otherwise before starting the service, all drops/pets received during my services are yours to keep, under no condition. This includes all drops during the Horde minigame which will be sent to your bank as I'm using an Infinity Necklace, aswell as the Wrath of the Horde aura (50% chance on Horde completion).
  2. THE ORIGINAL KILN/INFERNO SERVICES ARE REOPENED! It's simple, all you have to do is contact me in-game or on discord, we will discuss the price (depending on gear available and stats, prices will vary), once you're happy to pay, I'll tell you when I'm available to log onto your account, you will pay before-hand, or give the money to a staff member to hold as a middleman. Once the service is done I will log out, and your inferno/kiln cape will be yours to enjoy. *Disclaimer - Once the service has started, allow for it to finish before trying to log back into your account again. If you log into the account mid-service and happen to die you will not be refunded and you will have to re-buy the service* So why buy an Inferno cape? 1. It's the best offensive melee cape, behind the completionist cape 2. It is a requirement to get a inferno cape as a completionist task (Kill all bosses Once) 3. It looks cool af So why buy a Kiln cape? 1. It's the 3rd best offensive melee cape, behind the completionist cape and inferno 2. It is a requirement to get a kiln kc as a completionist task (Kill all bosses Once) PACKAGE Buy both an Inferno and Kiln Kill for 10,500 Donation Shards! Inferno Service PRICE : 9,000 Donation Shards - Prices can vary - Kiln Service PRICE : 3,000 Donation Shards Preferred - 99 Summoning + 92 Prayer (But not needed) *Fight Caves Service *I will do free Jads* Meaning if you get to wave 62, i will finish the fight caves for you Finished Services Jads Fight Kilns Infernos

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Onyx strives to bring the best service and experience any RSPS can offer! Here at Onyx we offer triangle based equality, balanced combat, high-quality updates, a supportive staff team that will cater to your every need. We're driven by the suggestions of our valued player base. We want YOU to decide what we need to add next.

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