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Found 2 results

  1. Out Classed

    1-99 Hunter Guide Hunter is about as repetitive of a skill you can train. Throughout your entire journey to 99 you will be using traps to capture wild animals while in the process brutally ending their lives. V sad F in the chat. This skill can be beneficial in many ways which will be shown through this guide. This guide will be displayed through three different categories. I - Bonus Experience / Important Information II - Leveling 1-99. III - Alternative Training Methods. I - Bonus Experience: Please note most of these experience buffs do not affect Extreme mode. Hunter is an extremely slow and boring skill starting off so it is very important that you start with as much bonus XP as possible when beginning. 1 - Voting Voting is not only beneficial to the servers growth, but it also provides a 24 hour, 10% XP boost for skilling. 2 - Donator Rank Similar to voting, donating not only benefits the server greatly, but benefits you in your skilling journey, providing a specific XP boost based on your donator rank. Sapphire - 10% Boost Emerald - 20% Boost Ruby - 30% Boost Diamond - 40% Boost Onyx - 50% Boost 3 - Wishing Well Whenever the wishing well is activated (Through store donations or depositing in game gold) you will receive a nice 25% XP boost while skilling. 4 - Weekends Every Weekend the server provides bonus XP for skilling. This boost is, like the wishing well, another 25% XP boost so skilling during the weekends is mad gainz. 5 - Sacred Clay Butterfly Net Obtained through the Stealing Creations minigame, the sacred clay Butterfly Net provides DOUBLE XP for the Hunter skill for however much xp is left in the tool. This tool is extremely useful so I highly recommend a few Stealing Creations rounds before starting Hunter. ::Topic 1063 for Stealing Creations guide. Important Information: Traps Level 1 Hunter - 1 Trap Level 20 Hunter - 2 Traps Level 40 Hunter - 3 Traps Level 60 Hunter - 4 Traps Level 80 Hunter - 5 Traps II - Leveling 1-99 Before starting with the Leveling you will need both Bird Snares AND Box Traps so teleport to ::Hunter and Trade Ayleth. Very Cheap. Levels 1 -19 - Crimson Swifts Location: Teleport to ::Hunter and run a few steps North Requirements: 1 Hunter and a Bird Trap Levels 19 - 43 Tropical Wagtails After teleporting to Red Chins under the Skilling Section of the Blue Portal, run south and a little west to find Tropical Wagtails. Location: Southwest of Red Chins Teleport in Skilling Section Requirement: 19 Hunter and 2 Bird Snares Levels 43 - 77 Falconry Use the Blue Portal > Skilling > Falconry Levels 43 - 57 Spotted Kebbits Location : Falconry Field Requirements : 43 Hunter Levels 57 - 69 Dark Kebbits Location : Falconry Field Requirements : 57 Hunter Levels 69 - 77 Dashing Kebbits Location : Falconry Field Requirements : 69 Hunter Levels 77 - 99 Grenwalls Location : Blue Portal > Skilling > Grenwalls Requirements : 77 Hunter and Box traps Better Locations for Grenwalls : Donator Zone Location: ::DZ and run South Requirements : Sapphire Donator minumum (15 USD), 77 Hunter and Box Traps Diamond Donator Zone III. Alternative Training Methods : Optional Training Method: 39 - 43 Wimpy Birds I personally don’t use this method since I’m lazy and would rather get 43 Hunter at Tropical Wagtails, but this is more XP if you want to make the journey. Danger: You will encounter aggressive level 69, 86, and 99 Ogres when walking here. Again, teleport to Red Chinchompas under the skilling section of the Blue Portal and run South to Oo’glog. Make sure you run AROUND the West side, don’t have to go through the city. Location: South of the Red Chinchompa teleport, past Oo’glog Requirements: 39 Hunter and 2 Bird Snares Optional Training Method : 63 - 77 Red Chinchompa Location : Blue Portal > Skilling > Red Chins Location : Blue Portal > Skilling > Red Chins Requirements : 63 Hunter and Box Traps Alternative Training Method : 73 - 77 (or 99) Black Chinchompas Location: West of the Corporal Beast Cave. Teleport to Corp using Games Necklace or Blue Portal, leave the cave and run. Keep in mind this is in 33 Wild so this entire area is Dangerous Location: 33 wildy west of the Corp cave. Requirements : 73 Hunter and Box traps Better Location : Diamond Donator Zone Location : Diamond Donator Zone Requirements : Diamond or Onyx Donator status, 73 Hunter, and Box Traps Alternative Training Method : 1-99 Implings Baby Impling - 17 Hunter Young Impling - 22 Hunter Gourmet Impling - 28 Hunter Earth Impling - 36 Hunter Essence Impling - 42 Hunter Eclectic Impling - 50 Hunter Nature Impling - 58 Hunter Magpie Impling - 65 Hunter Ninja Impling - 74 Hunter Dragon Impling - 83 Hunter Lucky Impling - 89 Hunter All these Implings can be found inside of the Puro-Puro Minigame! Location: Teleport using the Blue Portal > Minigames > Puro-Puro Enter by clicking the center of the crop circle as shown below Once inside you can trade Elnock Inquisitor for some cheap butterfly nets and Impling Jars. That's the guide, I hope you can all use this well and truly become a hunting master. Cya around (=
  2. So, Alex, we can't craft granite 5kg and 2kg . We need it for summoning cuz we can make "granite lobster pounch" only with 500g granite stone . Thx . i offer fix or code Hunter traps, cuz net trap, deathfall trap is not working. . Puro Puro is to booring. So hunter dead now for my ;/. Gl .

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