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  1. Omega

    Onyx Farming guide Hey guys Back again with a 1-99 Farming guide. Hope you enjoy it and find some useful info I will be splitting this guide in 5 sections : I - Bonus xp sources II - Useful farming items III - Training guide IV - Patches locations V - Sources for seeds I - Bonus xp sources Before anything I'll be listing below the different bonus xp sources that you should try to get in order to level as fast as possible. 1- Voting bonus (+10%) Pretty straightforward, make sure you've voted in the past 24 hours to get an additional 10% xp boost whilst training. This bonus doesn't apply to extreme accounts. 2- Wishing well (+25%) The wishing well is activated when someone donates to the server You can check the quest tab to see whether the wishing well is active or not and how long is left until the boost runs out. This bonus doesn't apply to extreme accounts. 3- Bonus xp weekends (+25%) Bonus xp weekends start every Fridays at midnight server time (you can check server time in quest tab) and last until Sunday midnight server time. This bonus doesn't apply to extreme accounts. 4- Donator ranks Every rank from Sapphire and up gives you an extra 10% bonus xp (2% for extreme) up to 50% for Onyx (10% for extreme). II - Useful farming items 1- Magic secateurs These can be bought from the skilling guide at ::shops. They increase your yield when equipped by 10%. 2- Ectophial The ectophial can be bought from the skilling guide at ::shops. It provides you with a teleport to the Ectofuntus which is pretty close to a herb/allotment patch. 3- Explorer's ring 4 This ring can be bought from the Survival Expert at donator zone. It teleports you very close to the farming patch south of Falador. III - Training guide 1- Crops These are decent experience but you could stop doing them after level 15 (oak trees) since trees give way more experience. It's still experience regardless and if you want to get 99 farming asap you may aswell do them. They have a growth time of around 30 minutes. Level 1 to 5 : Potato Level 5 to 7 : Onions Level 7 to 12 : Cabbages Level 12 to 20 : Tomatoes Level 20 to 31 : Sweetcorn Level 31 to 47 : Strawberries Level 47 to 99 : Watermelons 2- Herbs These are pretty bad experience considering that you get less yield than crops but I still would recommend planting them because you'll end up needing the herbs to level Herblore. They have a growth time of around 30 minutes. Level 9 to 14 : Guam Level 14 to 19 : Marrentill Level 19 to 26 : Tarromin Level 26 to 32 : Harralander Level 32 to 38 : Ranarr Level 38 to 44 : Toadflax Level 44 to 50 : Irit leaf Level 50 to 54 : Avantoe Level 54 to 62 : Kwuarm Level 62 to 67 : Snapdragon Level 67 to 73 : Cadantine Level 73 to 79 : Lantadyme Level 79 to 85 : Dwarf weed Level 85 to 91 : Torstol Level 91 to 99 : Fellstalk 3- Trees These are massive experience and I would recommend doing them as soon as level 15. They take around 2/3 hours to grow. You need to plant the tree seed in a plant pot in order to get a sapling that you can plant. They can be bought from the farming store in Catherby (can tele there with ::farmingpatch2). Level 15 to 30 : Oak Level 30 to 45 : Willow Level 45 to 60 : Maple Level 60 to 75 : Yew Level 75 to 99 : Magic 4- Fruit trees / specials These are also very good experience and I would recommend doing them as soon as level 27. They take around 7/8 hours to grow (12 hours + for calquat). Level 27 to 33 : Apple Level 33 to 39 : Banana Level 39 to 42 : Orange Level 42 to 51 : Curry Level 51 to 57 : Pineapple Level 57 to 68 : Papaya Level 68 to 72 : Palm Level 72 to 99 : Calquat IV - Patches locations 1- Crops / herbs 2- Trees 3- Fruit trees V - Sources for seeds Herb and allotment seeds These can be pickpocketed from the Master farmer in Draynor market. To get there, simply use Blue portal > Skilling > Draynor Market (3rd page). This requires 38 Thieving. Tree and fruit tree seeds For these, I recommend doing Giant Mole because you can turn in the mole claws/skins at Wyson the Gardener to get bird nests (found in Falador Park). Finally, bosses are also a great way to obtain seeds, such as Zulrah (calquats/palms) - Phoenix (avantoes) - Kree'Arra (dwarf weeds) etc. I also recommend doing slayer because most monsters have herb/tree seeds in their drop table. That concludes my farming guide Hope it helped you even a slight bit Feel free to ask me any questions / submit suggestions here or in game.

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