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About Me

Found 3 results

  1. No longer selling floors for the time being ! Keeping the thread up incase I do again 😛 Do check out Rattfink's thread though here. Hey peeps, As some of you may know, I'm pretty passionate about the dungeoneering skill. I used to sell floors on the live game in the pre eoc days, which is very similar to what we have on Onyx, and would therefore like to offer my services to the community. I've probs sold over 1.000 floors on the live game (made around 6b off it) and accumulated around 40m tokens doing so. I currently charge 10M cash per floor or 200 donator shards per large floor. I can of course work out deals if you buy in bulk. I also have a refund policy : - if the floor time exceeds 20 minutes I will refund 100% of your money/shards. If you wish to have faster floors I can ask a few friends that also do speed floors but will charge more accordingly to what time you'd like to have the floor completed in. I also have 2 trusted sellers in the names of Gatestone 2/Hexhunter and Ronan v2/Yea Pizza. These two also have a lot of experience regarding dungeoneering and I will sell and have sold countless floors with them. The average floor time you can expect from my services if I am soloing is around 15/16 minutes for a large floor, it may vary depending on floor layout. For duo this drops down to 12/13 minutes and trio you can expect times under 10 minutes. I can also sell bind hunts (hunting for a certain piece of gear/weapon) and prices will vary depending on which item you wish to obtain. As for my time on Onyx, I have done quite a few floors on the 3 accounts I own: N G R : 27.2M tokens and chaotic set (worth 16M tokens) W G R : 35.2M tokens and chaotic set (worth 16M tokens) Ngr : 7.7M tokens Total : 102.1M tokens as of August 21st 2018 FAQ: - A chaotic weapon costs 1 million tokens which translates to around 30-35 large floors from level 1 (assuming around 600K base xp/60K tokens per floor) ; - Tokens don't benefit from ANY xp boost. They are based off ending screen xp (1/10th of that, rounded down); - Chaotics weapons are 100% when bought and cost 20 million gp or 200K tokens to fully repair; - I can fully solo a dungeon with a party of 3 members, which means you can hard afk for the whole floor. However, if the party exceeds that number, your assistance is required for levers room; - The random shit I type in public chat when dunging is key door locations / gates. You're politely asked not to use public chat when leeching as I may lose track on some of them. Wall of leeches: Down below are some of my fellow #leechsquad members (I may have forgotten some, if that's the case feel free to tell me) : To 200m dung : Ifuckdogs To 120 dung: Styles Nick Kcin (Nick's alt) Sam (99-120 in 36 hours! Including Breaks!) -- ❤️ you N G R! Roan Hector V2 See Corper Soldier To 1 chaotic (104 to 110 dung depending on boosts / rank) Xyno Binary K1ngmota The Rawrgasm To 99 dung: Cameron Frums Truambition Valneara Thank You Honorable mentions: Lorenzo2208 Hc Titan Thanks for taking the time to read my thread
  2. Just like in actual runescape the dungeoneering items should be destroyable for 50% of the token cost back. For example a Chaotic crossbow which is purchasable for 2m tokens, should be able to be destroyed for a 1m token refund. The refund amount can be lowered to 40% or even 30%, but some of us have duplicate 2m token items that are useless currently.

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