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Found 2 results

  1. Onyx Username: Kraken Head Discord ID: Kraken Head Requesting Rank: Diamond Proof:
  2. Hello Friends of Onyx! Myself and the Staff Team of Onyx are excited to bring you a Huge Hide n Seek Event this Thursday, October 4th, at 5:00pm Server Time. The rules are simple, myself or another staff member will hide somewhere around the world of Onyx and will give up to 3 clues in the friends chat as to where we are. The first person to both Find and Trade the staff member hiding will receive a prize. Current Prizes Available Sapphire Donor ticket (non donors only) Emerald Donor ticket (non or sapphire donors only) Polypore Staff, Vecna Skull, Occult necklace bundle Eternal Boots Ring of Wealth (i) Dragon Claws Robin Hood Hat Dragon Hunter Crossbow Cash Prizes ranging from 20-100M Party Hat Set compliments of Nick Mystery Box x 2 Extreme Mode Prizes Armadyl Boots Bandos Godsword Ranger Hat Bandos Warshield Amulet of Fury Ahrim's Staff Karil's Top Staff of Light Abyssal Whip 100 Dragon Bones 20M Cash Prize x2 50M Cash Prize Big thanks to Rawr and Classed for donating most of the Extreme prizes *And more to be added leading up to the event* Hope to see everyone there and good luck in your searching!

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