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Found 2 results

  1. DUNGEONEERING GUIDE Preface: Dungeoneering (shortened as "DG"), combines all RS skills into engaging, replayable, team-based content. Although the most complex skill, DG does not need to be a chore; in fact, Dungeoneering can be A LOT of fun! Know that "Onyx DG" (our clan, pm Soulgazer for access) was created to be the premier DG resource for all players on Onyx. *Short* Version — The TLDR: *Long* Version — Get Good:
  2. I want to preface this guide by saying that I take no credit for the content provided within this post. This guide was originally posted on the XP-Waste forums. There was, and still is, this clan in Runescape known as Dungeonsweepers or DGS for short. DGS has been around for as long as I can remember, and they really started the mentality of speed running dungeoneering floors for both max efficiency/experience and just for fun. DGS created this incredibly in-depth guide in hopes that more players would learn the META of dungeoneering. Every bit of information in this guide can be found at https://xp-waste.com/official-dgs-guides-and-other-resources-t2328.html Unfortunately, parts of their guide were updated for the Evolution of Combat, so things like DPS strategies/tactics are no longer available for pre-EOC. And before people say it, yes I realize this is just a private server where really just want to do the skill to get their chaotics and get out. But this guide will help you when running both group floors and solo floors. I also plan on running floors after I max, and the more people are able to contribute, the faster getting chaotics will be! Here is a very large list of dungeoneering acronmyms commonly used. People abbreviate and shorten certain words so that they can focus on the dungeon itself rather than fully typing out every single word. It is a lot easier for someone to say 'cco g8' than it is to say 'crimson corner gated'. The puzzle acronyms is not really important, and from my experience on this server, you can't even get certain puzzles.....I might just delete that section. ACRONYMS Colors of Keys: Go - Gold Gr - Green O - Orange B - Blue S - Silver C - Crimson Y - Yellow P - Purple Shapes of Keys: Co - Corner Cr - Crescent D - Diamond P - Pentagon T - Triangle R - Rectangle S - Shield We (or sometimes W) - Wedge Combinations: You need to quickly be able to figure out the key combinations that the keyer is ordering. Examples would include Br - Blue Rectangle and Got - Gold Triangle. It's important to distinguish the difference between the Gold and Green keys, don't just leave the letter at G. The same goes with the C shapes, Corner and Crescent. Important abbreviations: Gd - Guardian door Gt/ggs - Group tele / group gatestone Gate/G8 = Gate, i.e. drop your personal gatestone at the blue corner door = G8 bco Pgt = Personal gate tele / personal gatestone - i.e. when someone unlocks the door to your path and they want you to continue the path Gtgd - Gate tele, and clear the guardian door Hgt[boss, keycombo, room name, player] - Hold the group gatestone until the path you are on denks or the keyer tells you to bring it to your gate. Mgt [ Player or key door] - Move the group gatestone Cgt - Carry gt as you explore Dgt - Drop gt: rarely used, not recommended Gte - Group tele end Gdm - Gd mark Gtl - Group teleport lever room Ht - Home teleport (Base) Fork = A fork in the path, if you're idle and/or free gate you should gt to help explore Sgt - Sell gt, take the ggs somewhere useful dumb0 Bgt - Buy gt, drop the fkn ggs so i can pick it up Gk[Key] - Got key i.e Blue Rectangle Room name > [insert room] - This phrase is used to let others know what is after a room. I.e. Gd > Dd (Guardian door to a regular door) Fg - Free gate Nfg - Not free gate Wyg - What's your gate? De - Dead end Denk - Dead end no key Dewk - Dead end with key Gto - Group tele and open, this response is usually said to the keyer to open a key door. Otherwise "Gto -keyname-" or "Gto -RSN-" Rq - Ragequit (This is disallowed in dgs floors unless prediscussed) Weapons: Hex/hhb - Hexhunter bow Csb - Celestial surgebox Ccs - Celestial catalytic staff Pba/baxe - Primal battleaxe Ssb - Sagittarian Shortbow oh - off-hand mh - main-hand Random phrasology/acronyms: Tk - Toolkit Ragers - Blood rager pouch. Don't make these without scrolls ffs gh - got herb, ie "gh lyc" when you loot a lyc in gd, or "gh for con pot" nh - no herb, as a response. Ie: "101 con" "nh" nf - no feathers, used if you loot ess from the starting table vml - valerian/magebane/lycopus. Used to ask for herbs for potions. If val is not enough, can be shorted to ml. sww - sagewort/wormwood/winter's grip. See above. n - north e - east w - west s - south Crit - Critical path, the path that leads to boss Bonus - Any other rooms Preboss - room before the boss Enter(s)/Ent(s) - A door that is immediately openable. Floor types: DG/FL = All themes Fro = Frozen floor (f1-11) Ab1 = Abandoned 1 floor (f12-f17) Furn = Furnished floor (f18-f29) Frafu = Any floor (f1-30) Locc = low occult floor (f36-41) Necro/NF = Necrolord floor (f39-41) Flesh/FF = Fleshspoiler floor (f42-44) Hocc = high occult floor (f45-47) TF = Thunderous floor (f45-47) Abnd = abandoned 2 floor (f30-35) Banana = abandoned 2 floor (f30-35) Low warped = warped floor (f48-56) High warped = warped floor (f57-60) Room types: 3s - 3 statues crafting room 10s - 10 statues crafting room cfers - 5 colored ferret puzzle agil - agility maze barrels - broken barrel room blocks/blox - 4 colored vials and pillars books - 4 bookcases puzzle bridge - plank/rock broken bridge room cons stat - broken statue with extending bridge mining maze/cross - mining rubble and struts room door/dd/enter door - room containing a regular openable door empty - room containing a regulable openable door, or an empty gd room emotes/emo/mimes - 5 mimes emote room (nod = head bobbing up and down, shake = head moving left and right) ff - fishing ferret puzzle flowers/vines/wines/devil's snare - flowers woodcutting room font/fountain - 4 broken pillars with rubble frem - fremennik warrior cook/smith/fletch room gazer - room containing a soulgazer robot/rc construct - runecrafting magical construct room ghosts - multiple switching ghosts room grapple - rope and climbing hook room grooves - suspicious grooves trap room hunt fer/hfer - hunter ferret room levers/levs - 5 levers room lodes/lights - 4 lodestone lights room maze - maze with chest/key at center merc - mercenary leader room mono - monolith room polt/polter - poltergeist with herbs pond/skaters - pondskaters fishing room push stats/pull stats/pushpull - push and pull statues room ramo - ramokee combat familiars room riddle - enigmatic hoardstalker room seeker - seeker sentinels room skills - room containing a door/doors that requires a skill to open sliders - magic puzzle piece room slidy - icy pressure pad jumpy/lode/sphere - lodestone and crystal jumping gap room tiles/ rc tiles - runecrafting tile puzzle

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