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  1. Matez

    Viking's Cerberus Guide Cerberus Cerberus is a level 318 hellhound boss located in Taverley dungeon. Fighting Cerberus requires the player to have 91 Slayer. Cerberus is famous for dropping the Primordial Crystal that can be turned in to Primordial Boots by using the Crystal on a pair of Dragon Boots. Cerberus also drops Pegasian Crystal and Eternal Crystal. Pegasian Crystal can be turned in to Pegasian Boots if used with a pair of Ranger boots. Eternal Crystal can be turned in to Eternal Boots if used with a pair of Infinity boots. Cerberus also drops a Smouldering Stone which can be used to upgrade a Dragon Pickaxe or Dragon Hatchet to Infernal Pickaxe/Hatchet. Cerberus is weak to Melee attacks and highly resistant to Ranged and Magic attack but also Slash attacks. Recommended skills: 91+ 85+ 85+ 85+ 70+ Recommended Gear: NOTE: I dont have very good gear so i dont have a High-level Armour setup to show you. But i'd say just grab the best melee gear you can find. Inventory Setup: Make sure to bring a special attack weapon for faster kills. Keep in mind: Your inventory setup is optional and i suggest you try out different ones to find out which suits you the most. (Copy from Pvm) Getting There: To get to Cerberus you use the teleport at home. When you get there you enter the cave and follow one of the 3 paths. At the end you will find a Gate and next to it is a Iron Winch that you have to use "Turn" on to get to the boss room. The Fight: When you turned the winch make sure to pot up and put protect from Magic on. When Cerberus is below 4000hp she will howl "Aaarrrooooooo", causing 3 summoned souls to appear from the skull. Each of these skulls have a different attack style and they do heavy damage. In order to protect yourself from them you have to switch prayers really fast. Blue Soul is Magic Red Soul is Melee Green soul is Ranged Exactly when you see the soul do his attack you have to switch to that protection prayer. This goes very fast so you have to be on point. The order is random but will always go from West to East. The souls cannot be attack and will only attack a player once before vanishing. When Cerberus is below 2000hp she will growls "Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" Throwing out 3 exploding markers on the ground, One under the player and two nearby. To avoid getting hit by these you simply move away from them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3tzRxFHyY0 This is my first guide so if you have any suggestions please feel free to tell me! Hope you find this helpful! -Matez/Viking Inspired by Pvm M4st4 PS: Yes i forgot to turn off my music during the video >.<

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